#108 Period Sex


The first time I had period sex was with ‘J’, however I only vaguely remember it and who wants to read a story with little to no details. Besides, I have Amy now and we’ve been jumping each other like animals in heat, so a little bit of blood isn’t going to stop us. Enjoy!


We discussed this beforehand as we do with most list items. Amy was a bit unsure about it because she said it was embarrassing and could be messy, but I reassured her that it’s fine by me; we just wouldn’t preform any oral. The next day she came over to my place and we cuddled up on the couch to watch some Netflix. The two of us started to get progressively more handsy with one another until we were no longer paying attention to the television and making out. I took off her shirt and bra before taking my shirt off so we could feel our bare skin pressed against each other.


“Do you want to?” I asked.


“You’ll have to convince me,” said Amy.


“Let’s do it.”




We laughed at how easy it was to convince Amy, especially now that we were both passionately lusting for one another. I slipped my pants off and she immediately went down on me as I laid on the couch. I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked on my already erect cock. This was the first time Amy seemed to be more in control than I was because of the situation. She stood up and slid off both her pants and underwear together. She didn’t want me to see anything and quickly hopped on my lap and slid my cock inside her. She began riding me and looking deep into my eyes.


“Aren’t you glad we’re doing this?” I asked.


Amy just smiled and shook her head “yes”.


“I love you so much,” said Amy.


She began to get more into it as her slow pace turned fast. I reached around and spanked her ass; grabbing a handful of her plump flesh. My nails ran down her back before resting back onto her thighs with a tight grip.


“I’m going to cum baby,” panted Amy.


“Cum for me babe,” I said.



Amy fucked me hard and fast until she let out a moan; her entire body quivering she came to a stop with my hard cock resting inside her. It was only a matter of second before she continued riding me. Suddenly something came over me; I felt it was possible for me to cum. Amy came a few more times riding me and then I felt it.


“I think I can cum babe,” I said.


“Yeah?” she said, her eyes lit up.


Any reached out and gripped onto the back of the couch and started to go hard and fast; it felt amazing. I watched her gorgeous naked body closely; my hands wandering all over. Then I felt it.


“I’m going to cum,” I said.


She kept going, not changing the pace that helped me get to this point when suddenly I felt my entire body tense up. The pressure in my cock because too much and I felt myself explode inside Amy. She slowed right down as I came; milking every last drop of me in her. I could feel many pumps of my fluid coat the inside of her and I couldn’t feel any better. We sat there there momentarily, enjoying the moment of being connected with our shared fluids smeared all over our lower bodies.


“Okay close your eyes,” said Amy.


“Why?” I asked.


“I don’t want you to see the mess.”


Amy reached over and put my shirt over my head to restrict my vision. She climbed off and made a deep exhale.


“Oh my god,” she said. “Don’t look.”


“Babe it’s fine,” I said. “It’s not going to gross me out.”


“Just don’t please, it’s embarrassing.”


I reassured her it was okay, but she was not budging on this and got the wet wipes and cleaned me up. Even though it wouldn’t have bothered me, it felt nice being cleaned up by her blindfolded and with my sensitive cock, each touch was more apparent. When I took off my shirt from my head, I was completely clean and got a glimpse of Amy sliding on her panties. We cuddled and watched TV, both happy we decided to have sex despite the possible mess.

Happy cumming,




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