#115 Sex Outside In The Winter (w/ #80 Ejaculate Inside Woman)

This is the story of two list items being crossed off and the near death experience that lead to it. Settle in because this is going to be a long one, but a worthwhile story that had to be told. This is a cautionary tale to make sure you have your phone charged at all times, a sexual moment that few – if any – have done and a first I never expected to happen. Enjoy.


PART ONE: A Nearly Fatal Failed Attempt


Tuesday January 29th, 2019; I usually don’t give out the dates that these events took place, but for this story that date is important. If you live in Canada or the northern United States (especially Chicago) you’ll remember that it was one of the coldest nights on record. For me personally in Canada, it was -13°C, that is not including windchill. I picked up ‘Z’ from the bus station and we decided what would be more thrilling than to cross of ‘#115 Sex Outside In The Winter’ than on top of a mountain; luckily we live about twenty minutes from a mountain that you’re able to drive to the top of. When we first set out, the snow was falling lightly, but nothing my car couldn’t handle.


By the time we reached the base of the mountain, the sun had set. We drove up with no issues and started to look for a private area to cross this item off the list. We went deep into the wooded area; down roads with no lights that weren’t paved until we found a spot. I pulled towards what looked to be solid ground, but fell through – my tire was just spinning in the covered up ditch. We got out to see what was wrong in the cold air and realized we weren’t getting out of there without some help. The wheel was just spinning; we tried everything we could.


Quickly we get into the car to get warm and I pick up my phone. There is only 6% battery left so I call my friend who has a pickup truck; I let him know we were stuck up on the mountain but not sure where we are and he tells me to ping my location. I hang up and just as I go to ping the location, my battery dies. I tell ‘Z’ to forget it, we need to get someone here quick and to call a tow truck; she is sitting at 4% battery and just as the phone rings, it dies. We have no charger in the car and I’m starting to worry; no one has come down the road in over an hour. There are absolutely no lights and lone behold it starts to snow hard; it turned into a blizzard in a matter of seconds. We’re both stuck on top of this mountain, deep in the forest with no cell phones, in the middle of a blizzard and -13°C which is probably worse because it’s windy and we’re on top of a mountain.



We sit a little longer, but still no one and now we know we’re going to have to walk. I went really quiet, trying to figure out any other options because I was not dressed for the weather. All I had on was a leather jacket, jeans and running shoes; luckily ‘Z’ was dressed a bit better for the weather. I grabbed a blanket I had in the back, wrapped it around me while ‘Z’ got bundled up with gloves and boots – gloves which she offered me knowing I was going to be cold. My stomach had turned at this point because reality was starting to set in that this may not end well considering how far we’d have to walk.


We start our journey through the blizzard and walk along the dark road. This area is known for coyotes as well, but at the time that thought didn’t even cross my mind because it was clearly not our biggest obstacle. The snow was pounding against our faces; my facial hair and eyebrows were completely frozen. I had never been more cold in my life and my energy was sucked out pretty quickly. I kept looking over at ‘Z’ who was quite the trooper; trying to be as optimistic as possible despite her forehead turning purple. This is the point in which I’m considering we walk back to the car or we’re going to freeze to death if we don’t find a house or something. I’ll tell you this much, it really put life into perspective in that moment; it felt like any problem in my life was minimal in comparison to what we were facing. We both stopped and discussed our options to which ‘Z’ suggested we keep going, there may be something over the hill. I mull the idea for a moment but ultimately agree.


‘Z’s’ Take: “When we were walking through the snow, I felt surprisingly good, except for my guilt and concern towards Mike. He was being very quiet, so I assumed he was really mad at me. In hindsight, I don’t think he was actually that mad, probably just processing things. For me, I was pretty excited. I love adventures and I love situations that feel kind of scary. That said, I was also aware that we could very possibly die or at least get very hurt, especially as one thing went wrong after another. I was also very worried about Mike being too cold because I knew he wasn’t really layered up and didn’t have a very heavy jacket.

By the time we were walking down the road, we had already been struggling for some time, so I was getting pretty tired. I couldn’t really feel the cold at that point because I was numb, but I could tell my face was very, very cold and I might be in danger of getting frostbite. I had weird purple marks on my forehead and cheeks for days afterwards, haha!”


Just as the two of us turn to walk, we see a light coming over the hill and I have this sudden burst of adrenaline rushing through me. Two snowmobiles are coming down the hill; I start waving the blanket over my head and ‘Z’ starts jumping up and down to get their attention. The first snowmobile zooms past us and my heart sank, but thankfully the one at the back started to slow down. I was never happier than I was to find someone else; anyone else. It was a kid and his Dad out on a night ride; I tell the kid what is going on and he goes to get his Father who thought we were just trying to tell him to slow down. We hop on their snowmobiles and they give us a ride back to the car and luckily the Father was fully prepared for a situation like this because he had a winch on him.


‘Z’ and I couldn’t stop thanking them as they wrapped the winch around a tree and slowly started pulling the car out of the ditch. We were still both frozen to the bone as we waited what took about twenty minutes to get out. They saved our lives that night and we’re thankful for them; I wish we had gotten their names. We got back in the car, turned the heat on full blast and drove back; staying in the middle of the road. ‘Z’ and I started to laugh and reminiscing about our situation. It wasn’t until later that night that reality really hit us that we may not have been coming home that night if it wasn’t for a Father and Son who decided to go for a ride on the coldest night this winter.


PART TWO: The Fun Successful Attempt That Turned Into A Memorable & Sexy Night


It was Valentine’s Day and ‘Z’ and I made plans well in advanced. It happened to be a bright sunny day and we were both happy the weather hadn’t squandered our plans. I picked ‘Z’ up just before sunset and we had a plan to cross off ’81. Sex In An Abandoned Building’ but once we arrived the doors to the place were nailed shut. We weren’t off to a great start, but made the best of it. It was ‘Z’ that convinced me we should go back up the mountain. It was a clear day, and had rained a few days earlier so the roads were all clear of snow. I agreed we could try, but I wasn’t going down any unclear roads if we came upon them.


We actually ended up passing the place we originally got stuck, but kept driving further. We found this original spot we fooled around in a while ago and parked on the road to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck. It was dark, no lights and again no cars driving past. ‘Z’ and I decided to just sit back and talk for a while. She suggested we go into the woods, bend over and we just have sex like that, but it felt like it was something many people had done and not that great of a story despite how much I’d love to take her from behind. ‘Z’ suggested we play truth or dare which turned into dare for dare. The first person to give up loses.


We started out slow; she dared me to eat a plum size of snow. I did that with no problem. Then it started to get more exciting; I dared her to strip down, go outside in the cold and stand in front of the car while the headlights were on for ten seconds. Without hesitation she got out of the car, took her clothes off and ran to the front of the car. I turned on the headlights and stared at the sexy body of hers that had become my muse. The way she covered her breasts; forcing them up into such luscious cleavage was a divine moment I won’t soon forget. She hustled back into the car with clothes in hand and sat down. Of course she dared me to do the same.


‘Z’s’ Take: “The funny thing about the “getting naked” dare is that I first dared Mike to do the exact same thing and then we realized we had come up with the same dare, haha. That was when we agreed to both do all of the dares, although I’m not sure if we even did any after that! I wasn’t nervous or anything because I was just excited to play truth or dare. Kiddy games like that make me laugh… they’re silly but can be fun if you’re creative (and sexy). I made Mike close his eyes because I wanted it to be a fun reveal. At first, the cold was extremely shocking! When Mike turned on the car lights I had to cover my eyes, but I remember I was giggling the whole time. It was funny and exciting to imagine him staring at me naked… I am kind of self-conscious, but I wasn’t really worried at the time. I was happy he was enjoying it. But god, it was so cold by the end.”



I got out of the car, took my clothes off and placed them on the back before running up to the front. I stood there freezing and baring all as ‘Z’ turned on the headlights. I couldn’t see anything around me; just the bright lights. She began to honk the horn a few times to mess with me before I finished counting to ten and got back in the car. We both sat there naked and this became more of a what wouldn’t we do. We both pressed around bare asses in a snowbank and ‘Z’ even fell into the snow when it was her turn so I had to run out of the car still naked to pick her up. We felt like teenagers again. We sat next to each other in the car and did some mutual masturbation until she reached over and started to stroke my cock which felt amazing inside the warmth of the car; just to have the touch of another person.


“Want to try?” asked ‘Z’.


I knew she was suggesting sex outside, but we still didn’t have a plan of what we were going to do. It had been nearly ninety minutes that we had been sitting there and not a single car had passed. She said what if we took the blanket, put it on the ground behind the car and had sex there; there wouldn’t be too many other people who could say they had sex in the middle of winter outside, in the middle of the road on top of a mountain. I agreed we needed to at least try it so we put on our jackets and just went outside bottomless; which surprisingly wasn’t as cold as you would think.


I put the blanket down behind the car and ‘Z’ got down on all fours. Her round ass sticking up; waiting for me to take her under the moonlit sky. It was one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen in my life. I got down on my knees and positioned myself behind her in attempt to enter her but we were having issues. The cold air was making everything dry up and getting inside ‘Z’ became problematic. We didn’t have any lube and it was clear that this position probably wasn’t going to work.


“What if I lay down?” I suggested.


‘Z’ looked at me a bit confused by what I was suggesting. The blanket was damp, but in that moment I didn’t give it a second thought. I laid down on my back and stared up at her; she climbed on top of me and rubbed my cock against her pussy. To be surrounded by the cold air; goosebumps riddling your thighs and to have your most vulnerable area be devoured by the heat between ‘Z’ leg was such a thrill. She tried working it in and finally I was able to slide into her, but it was still quite the grip. As she moved her hips beginning to ride me the wetter she became and the easier it was to fuck. Suddenly it was happening, we were fucking outside in winter, in the middle of a road; both of us on the lookout for headlights on either side.


I slid my hands up the front of her coat and squeezed her breasts as she rode my cock. Moving my hands to the back of her I cupped her ass and ran my hands down her cold thighs. I wanted to touch every part of her; I couldn’t get enough. I grabbed her tight and lifted myself so that I could thrust up into her. We were moving in rhythm the best we ever had and she was positioned perfectly it seemed as I slammed into her. After a few minutes something weird was happening to me; it felt as though I may actually be able to cum. I stopped for a moment but ‘Z’ continued to ride me and the feeling became much more intense.


“Do you want to go back in the car?” asked ‘Z’.


“I think I’m going to cum,” I said.


‘Z’s’ Take: “When we started having sex on the blanket, at first I was really worried because I thought I had seen a coyote. Obviously, my horniness outweighed my fear and I got into it pretty quickly. Doggystyle wasn’t really working out logistically, so Mike convinced me to ride him, which isn’t my favorite position, but seemed like a good idea for this occasion. At the time we were just trying to cross off sex in the snow, so it was nice knowing that we were going something, at least… we’ve been trying to cross things off for months and it never seemed to line up properly.

This time felt a lot different than most of the other times we’ve had sex. Usually, it’s still great, but I can never get super comfortable because we’ll be in the car or somewhere like that. Shockingly, the middle of the road is the most comfortable place we’ve ever fucked. It was great. We really got into a nice rhythm and I kept moaning almost in surprise because it was really something special and felt fantastic. Apparently Mike thought so too because after a shorter time than I would have thought, he said: ‘I think I’m going to cum…’ in kind of a confused voice. I was really surprised at this, but obviously pretty excited. I hadn’t even been trying to make it happen, haha. I was kind of proud at being your first in a weird way, haha!”


We were both surprised and thankfully ‘Z’ didn’t miss a beat; continuing to ride me at the same pace when suddenly I exploded. I felt my cum spill deep inside her as she came to a rest on top of me. The feeling of her warm pussy surrounding my cock as I relieved myself in her was exhilarating, but something I didn’t get to enjoy as much because of how off guard it caught me. More streams of cum came from the tip of my cock and I was in shock that I was actually able to cum for the first time from sex. ‘Z’ stayed on top of me for a moment before climbing off. My cum spilling from her pussy as she got up and stood at the side of the road bottomless.


I got up and grabbed some tissues from the car and we both cleaned up. I got my pants back on but ‘Z’ didn’t she was still walking around under the night sky bottomless. She put some music on her phone and placed it on the car. I told her she should probably get changed because I don’t want her to get sick; but I must admit, she looked amazing the way she was dressed with her ass cheeks and thighs turning a rosy red.


“Come dance with me,” said ‘Z’.


I walked over to her and we slow danced under the moon on top of the mountain.


“I didn’t go to prom,” she said. “Did you?”


“No,” I said.


We continued to dance and it was a perfect end to a Valentine’s Day night.

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