#119 Mutual Masturbation


This particular list item was crossed off after Amy and I had sex, yet I hadn’t climaxed. She was on top of me and fell back and to the side of me after having come. I looked over at her, we were both sweating and breathing heavily. We were positioned side by side, laying flat on our backs but opposite to me where my feet were at her head and mine at Amy’s. I waited for her to recover; she had been on top and really pushed herself. The way she moves her hips and her enthusiasm are intensely sexy.



“What now?” I asked.

“Your turn,” she said.


I began stroking my throbbing cock, eager for more.


“Just give me a second,” panted Amy.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll just play with myself a little.”


I started masturbating because she looked so sexy; her naked body glistening in sweat from the sun glaring through the window. Amy had turned her entire attention to me, switched eye contact from my eyes to my cock. It was the first time I felt I was on display for anyone as I did something I had done since I was a teen. Masturbation was always something you hid, kept between you and yourself, but this felt exciting and erotic. I knew right then and there I wanted to cum this way.


“Want to watch me cum?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Amy, perking up.

“I want you to cum with me. Play with yourself too.”


Amy didn’t miss a beat as her hand sunk down between her thighs; rubbing her clit. Being invited into this personal activity of hers felt so intimate. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I looked at the passion in her eyes, her breasts jiggling with each movement of her arm and of course her fingers running through the wet lips of her cunt.



At first, I was masturbating almost in an attempt to put on a show, but as I began to feel the sexual rush, I started to stroke my cock the same way I would if I was alone. It takes a lot for me to cum when masturbating; I have to do it a fast pace that if you saw it, you’d think I was trying to ignite a fire. As my paces picked up, so did Amy’s.


“Are you close?” I asked.

“Yes,” she confessed. “Are you?”

“No, but I’ll get there.”


I stroked my engorged cock with strong intent; I wanted to catch up to Amy. I took my right hand (I’m left-handed) and ran it across her thigh. I was around by touch and sight, but I wanted much more. I maneuvered my head under her legs and could smell Amy’s sex and was up close and personal as she masturbated. The curvature of her ass cheeks leading up to her shaking thighs was enough to bring me to my edge.


“I’m going to cum,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes baby,” said Amy. “Me too. Cum for me, baby.”



I gave in to the electricity and felt my entire body tighten as a stream of cum sprayed from the tip of my cock all over my stomach and up to my chest. I could hear Amy moan as more cum spilled onto my stomach while her thighs quivered against my head. It was a relief that was unexpected but welcomed.


The two of us laid there momentarily on her bed. It felt as though I had just run a 100-meter sprint. In the back of my mind, I knew we had crossed off another list item, but I just couldn’t process it; the euphoria was overwhelming. There was nowhere I would have rather been than right there with this beautiful woman next to me; despite being coated in my own cum. It was an intimate moment that brought us closer together and is not only something I know we will do again but something I recommend all couples do together. Share in one of your first ever sexual experiences with your partner; after all, we all do it.



Masturbation Monday


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  1. Yesss. Mutual masturbation is among my favourite things to do with a partner. It’s so intimate to be that close to someone as they’re engaging in an act that personal, that private, that intense.

  2. Mutual masturbation can be SO hot! Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

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