#13 Tie Someone Up

This story involves my girlfriend at the time “J”. We both have high sex drives and was one of the inspirations behind The Fucket List. The two of us created our own list of sexual things to accomplish but unfortunately never got a chance to cross the majority of our list off. This one however we did get to do and was one of the first items to cross off our list.


I went and picked up “J” and brought her back to my house. She told me she had some “goodies” with her but I’d have to wait until we got back home. First things first we were out of condoms so stopped at the local drug store. The two of us picked out what condoms we thought we may enjoy and “J” wanted to get a toy while we were there. I’m not going to lie, I had no idea the drug store sold sex toys but you learn something new every day. She picked out a small pink vibrator which we nicknamed her “friend”.


Before we got into anything we watched something on television; a movie or show or YouTube videos? I don’t remember but that doesn’t really affect the story so I’ll stop rambling. “J”s hand began to slide between my legs and down my pants. Helping her out I slid my pants down and she stroked my cock while we watched whatever we were watching. Taking her new toy, she turned it on and began giving me a hand job with it; vibrating with each stroke and making my cock throb.


I couldn’t take it anymore and had no interest in what was on the television. I leaned over and kissed her; pulling her on top of my lap she looked down on me and kissed me as I ran my hands under the back of her shirt; feeling her he smooth back. “J” was wearing black tights so it wasn’t long before I ran my hands over her ass; tugging on her elastic band so that her ass became exposed. Stripping each other’s clothes off we continued to make out until I asked if she wanted to go to the bedroom; she agreed.


On the way into the bedroom, “J” picked up her purse and brought her bag of goodies with her. Inside she brought various fabrics to tie each other up that included scarves and curtain straps (We were making the best of what we had). Laying down on her back on the bed I began to tie her up. Connecting all four of her limbs to each end of the bed post so that she was spread eagle on my bed. Also in her purse was a blind fold which I put over her eyes. I stood at the end of the bed looking down at her naked body looking as sexy as ever; just giving herself completely with me; my cock began to pulsate with anticipation.


I started at her legs, kissing up the inside of them until I reached her thighs. I didn’t want to go right in for her cunt; I wanted to tease her a bit. I glided up her stomach; kissing all the way up until I reached her breasts. Licking between the crevice between her breasts I moved up and kissed her; my cock resting against her thigh. This was when I began my decent back down her body.


Once I reached her breasts again I took more time with them, kissing and sucking on her nipples. Her nipples grew erect and I nibbled on them with my mouth; looking up I saw her with her mouth wide open enjoying what I was doing. Further down I went kissing past her naval and to her inner thigh. I bit her inner thigh and began sucking on it as I could smell her titillating aroma from between her legs. I could wait no longer, I needed to taste her.


“J” was already wet from my teasing and I ran my tongue up her inner thigh to her clit. I could taste her juices and wrapped my arms around her spread legs as I dove in deeper. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she squirmed with her arms stretched above her head. I began to suck on her clit before sliding my finger inside of her; curling them to rub her g spot. “J’s” breathing sped up and I knew I should continue what I was doing so I did. Her head moved from side to side and I waited until she calmed down before coming back up.



The two of us kissed once again; the taste of her sex lingering in my mouth. I reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom from the box; kneeling between her spread legs as I rolled the condom on. Planting my one hand down into the bedding I used the other to guide my cock towards her cunt. Rubbing the head between her lips I pressed forward and slid into her with ease. Wrapping my arms around her I began thrusting; sliding my cock into her beautiful cunt. We remained in that position for a while until she came because to be honest there aren’t really any other positions to get into when your partner is tied down.


The two of us were breathing heavily when I pulled off her blindfold and kissed one more time. I untied her and laid down next to her on the bed. We were both naked, sweaty with her cum staining the bed sheets; leaving a memory of our time together. “J” liked to play with my cock, so I slid off the condom and she stroked and played with me as I rested.


This would be the first time I ever came in front of someone since I have that problem of not being able to cum during sex. Her stroking felt good and we joked calling my cock her little soldier. I asked her if she wanted me to cum and she said “yes” and I decided to try. I began stroking my cock as she watched on, but it was difficult until she ran her hand up my inner thigh and began squeeze and massaging my testicles. Immediately I felt like I would be capable of it this time.


I was close and I told her, but I was closer than I thought. She quickly lifted herself up and took a hold of my cock ready to put it in her mouth. Suddenly I came, shooting a stream of cum into her hair and onto the pillow next to me. Quickly she put my cock in her mouth as I continued to cum. Milking the rest out she swallowed my cum and the two of us laughed about my initial load that nearly hit both of us in the face. It was definitely a good experience; if you get a chance to tie someone up and play with them, I highly recommend it.

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