#104 Valentine’s Day Sex

Roses are red, violets are blue… You know I never understood this because violets are actually purple. Anyway I’m getting off track here. Back again nymphs and with a much larger readership than last time. I’m glad all of you are enjoying my stories as much as I do writing them. I only recently added sex on various holidays a week ago and without realizing Valentine’s Day was right around the corner. Like every year, I planned on spending it alone but the stars aligned this year and I made plans with “J”


This would be the first time ever I had a Valentine for the day of lovers. On my way over to “J’s” house I stopped off with the plan to get either flowers or chocolate. It wasn’t until I saw a single teddy bear sitting on the shelf that I was reminded she wanted one. I immediately scrapped the flowers/chocolate plan and got the teddy bear. “J” was waiting for me at the front door so I wasn’t able to hide the bear, but she loved it. The two of us made our way up to her bedroom and we snuggled in the bed while watching Netflix.


“J’s” fingers began to wander and slid down my pants. She played with me as we continued to watch television. As I grew hard we began to make out and the fact I came over in the morning meant neither of us had showered. We made our way into the bathroom, stripped down and climbed into the shower. Once we took turns washing each other’s bodies she slowly kissed down my body until reaching my hard cock. Her warm mouth was inviting as I tilted my head up towards the ceiling; giving into the pleasure of her swirling tongue. I ran my fingers through her wet hair and look down at her head bobbing while the shower sprayed my back.


“J” made her way back up, kissing everywhere on my naked body before our lips locked. The water spilled down our pressed bodies. I maneuvered my way to the other side and asked her to turn around. I sunk to my knees until I was face to face with her ass; covered in beads of water. As I spread her cheeks she bent over revealing her anus to me. I dove in face first and dipped my tongue between her crack. Rolling my tongue over the rim of her anus, the water flowed down her back restricting my breathing; it was like the world’s greatest waterboarding. She realized I was inhaling a good amount of water and had me stop even though I would have happily continued eating her ass.


We dried off from the shower and skipped getting dressed and instead wore towels back into her bedroom. I dropped the towel and laid in her bed watching her continue her hygienic ritual in the nude. Finally she finished, climbed into bed and covered our naked bodies with the blanket. Acting as the big spoon, I pressed my hard cock between her ass cheeks as we both tried our best to continue watching Netflix. I couldn’t take it any longer and forced myself on top of her as we made out.


Just as she had done to me prior, I kissed my way down her body until I reached her cunt. I could no longer see her head from under the blankets; acting as a tent and keeping the smell of her sex with me. I was staring at her spread legs and thick thighs. I moved in closer until I lapped my tongue through her slit before resting on her clit. She tasted good as always; I could feel my cock pulsate, pressed between my lower stomach and the mattress. Sliding my fingers inside I curled them while swirling my tongue around her clit. I was enjoying her cunt, but wanted to taste more of her so I began sucking and biting her inner thigh while continuing to finger her. Her breathing got heavier so I made my way back to her clit until I could feel her contracting around my fingers.


I moved back up her body and out of the blanket tent before kissing again. I could feel my cock resting against the lips of her cunt. “J” started moving her hips, grinding the head of my cock again her clit. She reached down and gripped onto my cock and began flicking the tip over her clit. Letting out subtle moans I realized she was using my cock as a tool to masturbate. I buried my face in her neck and kissed as she got herself worked up.


I lifted myself off “J” with my hard cock covered in her juices; aching to be inside her. I reached over for my jacket and pulled out one of the few condoms I brought with me. I specifically got a certain kind of condom that is by far both our favorite and I’ll go into greater detail about that in another post if you’re interested. I rolled the condom on and immediately buried myself inside her wet cunt. We fucked in the missionary position for quite a while and just as I began to slow down the doorbell rang. We waited and after no one answered, “J” through on her towel and answered the door as I caught my breath; the two of us laughed it off.



We relaxed and continued to watch Netflix (BoJack Horseman, in case you were curious). The whole time I kept the condom on and “J” continued to stroke me. I started to get that feeling again and suggested “J” ride me. She said she was thinking the same thing and climbed on top of me and rode my cock. I grabbed two handfuls of her ass with her breasts pressed against my chest. It felt amazing; I’m getting hard just writing about it now.


After a good amount of time, she climbed off me and pulled off my condom and started stroking me. “J” focused solely on my pleasure, staring at me as she gave me a hand job. Looking really sexy with her messy hair draped to the side and her ass sitting on my thighs. Now as you should all know now, I have trouble getting off and no one has ever gotten me off except myself. This was the closest I had come to having someone get me off; I felt twinges that only I had ever been able to induce. I wish I remembered exactly what she did, but I was too surprised and enjoying the moment my head was clear.


I asked “J” to turn around and sit on my chest so I could have her ass in my face as I got off. She did just that and I immersed my face between her cheeks as I stroked my cock. I felt her hands grip onto my testicles and squeeze. I had slight blue balls and there was just enough soreness and sensitivity as she squeezed – mixed with her ass in my face – that I was on the verge of cumming. I warned her and she sat back further one my face as I came; ejaculating all over my own stomach and hers.


In the end, Valentine’s Day Sex wasn’t really any different than regular sex but I suppose I can cross it off the list. I highly recommend it based on the fact whenever you can have sex – no matter the day – get it on!

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