#16 Car Sex

The classic go to spot for teenagers who don’t have a place to actually go. The back seat of the car is synonymous for sexual activities and unfortunately I never experienced this during high school or in my teenage years. In fact, this took place over a year ago and was also the first time I ever had sex with “J”. What do you say we get right into this hot and a little bit comedic story that took place on a hot summer’s day.


“J” and I had met on Plenty Of Fish and we had fooled around before, but mostly the two of us getting handsy. We had been talking about sex for six months it seemed, before I finally agreed to meet up with her, but we still had no plan on where to go. I picked up “J” in the afternoon and she directed me right across from her street down to the bay where we found our soon to be go-to-spot. It was a narrow dirt road that had a wooden fence on one side and unfortunately a chain length fence into someone’s backyard, but we had wanted this for so long, the risk of being seen was outweighed by the lust we had for one another.


I parked my car the same way I had seen every guy do in nearly every teenage comedy. “J” wore a short dress with no underwear for quick and easy access in case we had to cover up quickly. Again it would be our first time so I was a bit nervous and I’m sure she was as well. I leaned over and kissed her before running my hand along her bare thigh. I could feel myself growing hard just by the soft touch of her skin. Reaching up her dress I felt her wet cunt and began rubbing her clit while every so often looking over her shoulder at the house who had a clear view of us.


Bear with me because it was a while ago so I don’t remember every little detail. One of us suggested making our way into the back seat. I unlocked the doors and we climbed out and into the back. One important detail you should know is, at the time I drove a 2004 Ford Taurus which I unfortunately had to say goodbye to a few later. Now for those of you who don’t know much about cars – myself included – the Taurus is a fairly small four-door car (I think you can understand why this detail is important).


We sat next to each other in the black car that was quickly turning into a sauna thanks to the sun beating down on it. I had mentioned I wanted to go down on her so I figured this was as good a time as any. At the time I was a bit worried because in the past I hadn’t had good experiences with going down on women, but that is a whole different story. It felt like a lump in my throat as I made my way down between her legs. There was no room; I ended up opening the back door and stretching my legs out so I could get myself in a better angle. To my surprise she tasted good and all my doubts of enjoying oral sex had washed away and I felt a sense of relief.



It had been a while since I had sex, so the smell of sex between her legs was inviting to my lungs. The two of us were starting to get a bit sweaty from the heat, despite the windows and one door being wide open. “J” positioned herself kind of on her back and she looked completely uncomfortable but never complained. I took off my pants as my hard cock sprung from my pants. I took a condom and rolled it on as I looked at “J” presenting her cunt to me under her sundress. She quickly took it off until she was completely naked and I did the same. The two of us were now completely naked in the middle of the day in the back of my car.


I was nervous about being caught and it I think it showed because I spent a good amount of time looking out the back window. One funny thing that came out of this was I positioned myself between her legs and stared out the back window. I rubbed what I thought was her wet cunt, as it turns out we both covered in a layer of sweat so I mistook her wet cunt for her wet anus. I don’t know exactly what she said, but I remember her expressing the fact that my fingers had gone further south than expected. The two of us burst out laughing and I was amazed I couldn’t feel the difference.


After our quick laugh we quickly got back into it. I guided my cock inside her and she sexually closed her eyes and I buried myself inside her. I began thrusting, but not too hard because her head was pressed up against the window. The whole situation was uncomfortable, but the feeling of us fucking was enough to overlook how bad car sex was in a small car. We eventually switched positions. I sat down and she sat down on my lap; gripping onto my cock and directing me back between the lips of her cunt. The sweat was trickling down her back and it only added to the overall sexiness and excitement of what we were doing. The sounds of her ass cheeks spanking down onto my thighs echoed through the car as our flesh peeled off each other with each movement of our bodies.


“J” came and I can’t remember if this was when I explained I had a tough time finishing or we had discussed that prior. Either way I enjoyed myself and we never got caught. I climbed out of the car, the slight breeze was greatly invited and swept between my legs as I tried putting my clothes back on as quickly possible. The two of us spent so more time down by the water before I brought her home.


Overall the experience was fun because who doesn’t enjoy sex with a hot, curvy girl, but as far as car sex is concerned … I wouldn’t be disappointed if it never happened again, but I’m not against it! Especially when it comes to sex ON the car, but that is a story for another day.


Until next time, Happy Fucking!


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