The 2019 Toronto Taboo Sex Show


Amy and I are were lucky enough to score media passes to this year’s Toronto Taboo Sex Show. I’d like to give a huge shout out and thanks to Bobbi at the show for hooking us up with those; we had a great time and was both our first ever sex expo. I can’t speak on behalf of all sex expos, but as far as the one in Toronto, Ontario Canada goes; it was a great time both Amy and I were happy to have experience and surely won’t be our last. Let me tell you a bit about our Saturday there with our own personal photos included!


We arrived in the afternoon at the International Center and immediately spotted people going to the show as we found a spot to park. How did we know they were going to the Sex Expo you might ask? Well there were some dedicated people dressed in short skirts, leather outfits and other scantily clad attire amidst the cold November weather here in Canada. For the first time in my life I felt like a VIP; skipping the long line at the entrance and walking straight in because of our media passes.


The first thing we see as we walked in was live webcam shows. A large booth with multiple laptops featuring some women completely nude. They really don’t beat around the bush; when that is the first thing you see, you know exactly what you’re in for. We were greeted by some staff and given a gift bag with promotions, condoms and lube. I’ve said it many times before, but this just proved it even further. Everyone we spoke to was genuine and kind; the sex industry truly is the friendliest and most welcoming community I’ve ever been apart of.



Walking past the multiple sex toy vendors, we made our way to the back where a stage was set up. As it turns out, our friends over at Oasis Aqualounge were about to put on a “fashion show”. If you’re wondering why I put that in quotations, that is because fashion shows usually consist of clothing, but there was little to be had here. Men and women took the stage to promote the Toronto Sex club and founder Fatima Mechtab (who we’ve interviewed) walked out covered in nothing but promotion material stuck to her body. After the show, Fatima hosted a fun contest with giveaways that consisted of a woman talking dirty to her, another giving her lap dance and a man giving his best effort to strip.



Amy and I got the opportunity to take a look at the latest sex dolls available.



Since neither of us have been to a sex club before; it was kind of surreal to see all the people who were so comfortable in their skin to go nearly or actually nude. At any given moment we could look left and see a topless woman or a bare ass. The photo above depicts one of those moments when we looked down to our right to see two women covered in oil grinding on one another to promote said oil.



We sat in on a seminar on spanking and stepped inside the BDSM dungeon. Unfortunately no photos were allowed in there, but it was a trip to say the least. Whips, leashes, leather and a man inside a suction case. We ended the day watching the Electric Circus performance; taking pole dancing to a whole new level. There is truly something for everyone there; male or female, gay or straight. We were both thrilled to experience it and plan on continuing to attend more of these events. If you’re a sexually positive person or just curious, I can’t recommend this enough. You get to share in something we all do; a place where sex isn’t a taboo subject matter and you’re surrounded by like-minded people. We’ll be back next year!





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