#22 Sex On The Beach



I’m going to be honest with you, the readers. Amy and I already crossed this list item off about a month ago. It was a good experience under the boardwalk in the sand, however I’m not going to tell that story because before I had a chance to write that post, we had an even better experience with sex on the beach last week while attempting to cross off a different list item. In fact, once we had finished and gotten back to the car Amy said “this was too perfect, people may not believe it actually happened”. If you choose not to believe the story because it sounds like something out of a movie or book, that’s fine because this is a memory the two of us will share forever. With all of that being said, let me get into a list item that I’m sure if on everyone’s Fucket List; Sex On The Beach.


Amy has just spent the entire day with my family and it went really well, but by nightfall we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. When everyone was winding down, the two of us decided to take a drive down to the beach. I joked that we could cross off skinny dipping, but like always Amy was down to do it. We took a quick walk around the shops and the carnival that was there for two weeks before heading back to the car.


“Should we give it a try?” I asked.


“Yeah, lets do it,” said Amy.


We left our valuables in the car and grabbed some towel from the backseat before walking along the boardwalk. We were at the main beach so there were still quite a few people walking around, but the further you walked down the boardwalk, the more dead it became. We stopped nearly at the end and walked down to the water. It was dark so I was looking around to see something major we could remember. I’ve learned that a lot of the times when you go in the water you drift a bit and lose track of where you left your stuff and if it was gonna be our clothes, the last thing I wanted was to be wandering around on the beach nude trying to find it.


I was surprised to see someone had dragged a picnic table all the way up to the water; it was the perfect spot to remember where our clothes were.


“Let’s do this,” I said.


I stripped down and placed my clothes in a lump on the bench of the picnic table. I stood there naked; feeling the soft breeze between my legs. Amy pulled off her bikini and we walked hand in hand to the water. To my surprise it was cold, there were small waves coming in and splashing us; it seemed even in early July, the water hadn’t quite warmed up enough yet. Amy would like to make this clear, that it was I who didn’t want to go skinny dipping because of the water temperature and she would have gladly done it. In my defense, the summer is long and we’ll have plenty more opportunities for that.



We walked out of the water, still no one in site. The life of the beach a good 200 yards away as the glow from the carnival lights were in the distant sky; the Ferris wheel the only part of it visible. Amy looked great standing there in the buff, I knew what I wanted and I was going to take it. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her body; pressing my growing cock against her ass cheeks. I leaned in and kissed her neck a bit before running my finger down between her legs and teasing her clit. I looked around to make sure no one was there, as well as to find a spot I could bury myself in Amy. I had a great idea – or so I thought – grabbing her hips, I directed her towards the edge of the picnic table.


“Where are we going?” she asked.


“Come with me,” I said.


We walked towards the picnic table; feeling the sand between our toes. I laid the towel down on top of the table and helped her up. She sat there as we kissed and I pressed my hard cock between her thighs. I slowly pushed her back until she was laying on the table and I immediately went down on her. I eagerly tasted her as I had wanted to do all day. Rolling my tongue over her clit she began moaning. I couldn’t help but look and see if there was someone near in between laps of my tongue. I loved the feeling of the breeze brushing against my hard cock and dangling testicles with my knees sinking into the sand.


I stood up and moved towards Amy’s spread legs with cock in hand. However it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped because the table was a bit too high for that to work. I thought, “fuck it, we’ve come this far,” and climbed onto the table with her. She moved back and I slid inside her missionary on the top this picnic table next to crashing waves. I looked into her eyes and slowly thrust inside her before kissing. I ran my fingers through Amy’s hair, but yet again this was not an ideal position. My knees dig into the wooden table and began to hurt only after a matter of minutes.


“I have an idea,” said Amy.


I climbed off the table and she followed, directing me to take a seat facing away from the table. I sat down and she immediately dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her wet warm mouth was even more apparent in the cool night air. Again I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling every bob of her head as I was engulfed in the wet heat of her mouth.


Without a word, Amy stood up and turned around; her ass in my face. She sat down in my lap and grabbed a hold of the base of my cock to direct me inside her again. It took a moment but I finally was back inside her. She twerked a bit on my cock before I popped out again and then we struggled to get it working. It seemed like we may be doomed but alas I had one final idea; the original plan before we even knew we’d have a picnic table to play with. I grabbed both our towels and laid them in the sand before laying down on them. I looked up at Amy seemingly thrilled and knowing that this would work since it was one of our favourite positions.


“I want you to ride me,” I said.


“Okay,” she said.


Amy stood over me; I look up at her pussy, eagerly waiting to feel those lips wrapped around my shaft again. She sunk down on my cock and I let out a subtle moan. She moved her hips; grinding on top of me. I stared up at her; she never looked more beautiful and it was one of the most romantic moments I have ever experienced in my life. The breeze was blowing her hair like a commercial ad for shampoo; everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. Behind her were the waves crashing into shore, the moon and stars shining in the sky; it feel like a scene straight out of a movie. I was already in love with her, but it felt like it was happening all over again.



She sped up her pace and rode with purpose now. I could tell she was getting close.


“Babe, I’m going to cum,” she moaned. “Can I cum?”


“Yes babe,” I said. “Cum all over my cock. Give it to me.”


I spanked her a few times to bring her over the edge and suddenly her riding cane to a stop as she quivered atop me. I kid you not, at the exact moment Amy came, fireworks went off over by the carnival. It was magical and we chuckled at the impeccable timing. She continued riding me and orgasmed one more time before she asked what I wanted.


“I want to cum for you,” I said.


“Yes, baby,” she said.


“Get on my face.”



Amy rode me a bit more, unwilling to stop the feeling of me inside her right away. She eventually gave in and turned around and sat on my face as I buried my face between her legs and she sucked my cock. The heels of my feet dug into the sand with each pleasurable swirl of her tongue and each suck of her lips. I was close, so I pulled out and started stroking myself as I continued to eat Amy out. I started to tense up.


“I’m going to cum,” I said.


“Cum for me baby,” she said.


As soon as I felt the cum explode from the tip of my cock, I felt Amy’s lips wrap back around as I filled her mouth with my excitement. I let go and allowed her to drain me as my face remained buried between her thighs. It felt great as she cleaned me up with her tongue and swallowing everything I had to give. She stood up and I laid there for a moment reveling in the ecstasy. Fireworks were still going off as we got changed and walked on the boardwalk back to the car. We walked hand in hand as Amy turned to me.


“This is a moment I’ll never forget,” she said.




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