#24 Give A Spanking


Amy likes to be dominated and told what to do, so I’ve been working on getting better at that recently which is what actually sparked this story and list item being crossed off. Sure I’ve spanked women before, but it was more in the moment of sex. This was the first time I dedicated time to the act and therefore feel it can officially be crossed of The Fucket List. I hope you enjoy this story of giving a spanking.


Sunday night I went over to Amy’s house; I remember it was Sunday because I came over to watch the Game Of Thrones finale with her. We had time to kill before the show, so she invited me up to her room. We began to kiss on her bed; I undressed her until she was completely naked and I fully clothed. I kissed down her body until I reached her thighs and nibbled on them a bit as Amy’s head tilted backwards with a deep exhale. I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to taste her again. I rolled my tongue over her clit as she quivered; I slid my fingers inside her and began rubbing inside Amy’s pussy as she moaned. I watched as she arched her back and came for the first time that night.


“Please fuck me,” said Amy.


I stood up and pulled off my shirt before undoing my jeans and pulling them off – along with my underwear – in one motion. My cock sprung loose; already hard from tasting Amy’s sex. I made my way back on to the bed between her spread legs and buried my cock inside her. I softly thrust inside her as we both stared into each other’s eyes. When I started to move faster she closed her eyes and turned her head; giving into me. I grabbed her wrists and pinned her hands down above her head. The feeling of her legs wrapping around my waist only further encouraged me as I was entrapped in her lust. Her breathing sped up and I could tell she was getting close again. I wrapped my hands around her neck and choked her a bit.


“Harder,” she said.


I choked her harder; her face turning red as she came almost instantly. She pulled me in as I let go over her throat and bit me on the shoulder hard; leaving a mark for the rest of the night. We weren’t finished, but Amy had to grab something from downstairs so she tossed on a sundress and left. This is when I had the idea to try something different and be more dominant and demanding for her. I sat on the edge of the bed and when she walked back in she immediately pulled her dress back off.

“Come here,” I said pointing at my lap.


She wasn’t sure what I was referring to and started to get on my lap as if to ride me.


“No,” I said. “Bend over my knee.”



A devilish smirk played across her face and she did as she was told. I looked at her; so sexy as she was bent over my knee. The way her back arched and her ass was up, ready for me to do whatever I wanted. I spanked her hard and then began to bite her ass cheek. She moaned and I knew to keep going. I spanked her some more; over and over again while grabbing a handful of her flesh each time – squeezing as hard as I wanted. I spanked her until her ass was bright red and then I reached around and moved my fingers between her legs; back inside her wet pussy. Amy let out an even louder moan and I began to finger her. I spanked her a few more times while fingering her but saw her long hair just resting on her back and couldn’t resist. I grabbed onto her hair and pull until he face was pointing upward at the ceiling. Here I was pulling her hair with one hand and fingering her with the other as she squirmed on my lap. This all became too much and it wasn’t long before I had Amy cumming once again. It was an amazing moment that I’m sure we’ll do again.


Just a quick PSA for anyone reading this and thinking of trying any of it with your girlfriend or boyfriend; make sure to ask them first. Amy and I have had many open conversations regarding being rough and choking with safe words in place. Don’t just go for this or it may not be received well and something your partner may have enjoyed can be ruined for ever from one bad experience. I’ve said it time and time again, communication is key to having a fulfilling sex life.


Happy cumming,





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