#25 Sex In The Shower (An Attempt Was Made)

Hey fellow sex enthusiasts,


It has been a while and I have plenty of things crossed off the Fucket List, but it is time to sit down and write about them. Sex in the shower is the most recent item to be crossed off, so why not start there. I wanted to be a bit upfront first off and tell you a little bit more about myself. My real name is Mike and no you won’t be getting my last. Over the past year I’ve had a partner in my sexual escapades who will be referred to as “J”. “J” is a year younger than me and not only know about this blog, but encourages it as we both attempt to cross off as much as we possibly can. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, on to the story.


This all started when “J” invited me over to her house in the evening. I told her I hadn’t showered today and would need to before coming over. She also hadn’t showered that morning and had the idea of the two of us showering together when I got there; I mean why waste water, right? I arrived at her house and we crashed on the bed with her cute little dog while watching YouTube videos (H3H3 Productions). After a bit of making out, “J” lead me to her bathroom across the hall from her bedroom.


We had recently picked up a package of condoms with different styles and tried to decide which one we wanted to use first. Once we picked one, “J” left the bathroom and came back with blue tooth speakers to connect to her iPad. She picked out a mix on Spotify and we began to strip down; placing the condom on the side of the shower. I had already grown hard and as she leaned over to turn on the shower I pressed my hips against her bare ass; my cock between her cheeks.


The two of us climbed into the shower and the warm water poured down my back. We switched sides to make sure the two of us were soaked in the welcomed flow of heat. It wasn’t long until we wrapped our arms around each other; our wet naked bodies pressed together as we kissed under the shower head. “J”s slick, silky skin never felt better and I understood the arousal brought form shower sex; having two wet naked bodies intertwine with one another was bliss.


Picking up the body wash the two of us took turns cleaning each other’s backs. She ran her hands down from my shoulders to my legs; as I did her. I got to feel up her sexy body; spending a fair amount of time squeezing and cupping her ass cheeks. While she washed her hair I stared at “J” with her arms above her head and the water flowing doing he curvaceous body. I never wanted her more than in that moment.


The two of us discussed what to do next because shower sex was a first for both of us. Immediately “J” said “Well I could go down on you.” I wasn’t going to argue with that and she slowly sunk to her knees; her lips only inches away from my now throbbing cock. Quickly she swallowed me up and I didn’t notice the wet heat of her mouth this time since we were both surrounded by it. I ran my fingers through her wet hair and felt her head bob each time she slid down my shaft. Another interesting fact was this was the first time I had ever received oral standing up, I’ve always been sitting or lying down. Reaching up she squeezed my testicles and tilted her head sideways to lick all the way up my shaft.



Once “J” had finished pleasuring me, she rose back up and we kissed some more; with her hand still wrapped tightly around my cock, she stroked slowly. I said I wanted to return the favor and sunk to my knees, but this was the beginning of when things started to go downhill. She lifted her leg and I tried to get under her, but it was nearly impossible. I told her to turn around and bend over so I could eat her out that way, but again to no avail. We agreed I could repay the favor later in her bedroom, but I was still a bit disappointed I wouldn’t get to taste her in that moment.


It was time to an attempt sex, but unfortunately that was all it would be: an attempt. Rolling the condom on it almost immediately became rubbery; not slick one bit. “J” bent over in front of me and we were trying to get a good grip with our feet on the tub, but just couldn’t find a good position. She even lifted her one leg onto the side of the tub and I think all I got in was my tip. I told her to turn around and face me I lifted her one leg up and tried to slide inside her again, but again I was barely penetrating her. This was when I made an attempt to lift her up against the wall which felt like I could, but she stopped me afraid my feet would slide under me. Last thing we needed was to go to the hospital. We ended up shutting off the shower, drying off and going back into her bedroom for some real fun (Which will be told in the next blog post, because another item was crossed off the list that same night).


Overall I would say showering together and the foreplay that came with it was well worth the attempt. However I don’t know how anyone can have shower sex with falling down. The shower factor isn’t worth the impracticability that comes along with it. So take it from me, foreplay in the shower: Yes! Sex in the shower: No.


Until next time,

Mike, your friendly neighborhood deviant.

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  1. Hmmm I guess your shower experience was failure? That’s strange because me and my wife loved having sex in the shower, although the architecture is different since yours was at her home whereas had ours in her student dorm shower.

    I’m not sure but it sounded like you attempted it in a bath tub, ours was in a shower room, big difference! A shower room is made to stand and walk about in, a bath tub is made to lay in, so it doesn’t have any of the special floor tiles for grip.

    Me personally would 100% recommend shower room sex, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t even feel the reload time I’m ready to go for another round as soon as I’m done. A quick bonus, I’m black, and most black people moisturise their skin after they bathe so we naturally moisturised each other which turns into more sex because it’s a massage, and girls (all girls) love a massage.

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