#3 Give A Rim Job

Welcome back fellow sex enthusiasts for another item crossed off the list and the story behind it. This one is actually a continuation from the shower sex story, but can be read on it’s own. Let’s get into it (literally).


This was one I could have attempted earlier on, but never had the balls to follow through with. “J” and I had discussed anal play and rim jobs specifically for a while now, so I knew if I went for it, it wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise (Gentleman, remember that. Discuss these sorts of thing with your partner and don’t just spring it on them). In the past I had been in a perfect position to attempt this, but when I got near I would just kiss her cheeks and move on to her clit. The idea of having my face buried between a woman’s cheeks while she received pleasure turned me on to no end and finally I got to fulfill that fantasy.


After “J” and I attempted shower sex we dried off and made our way back to her bedroom. The two of us remained naked and laid out on the bed; playing some Family Feud on her iPad and turning on Back To The Future before getting a bit friskier. I’m not sure how we ended up like this, but she was laying flat on her stomach and I was beside her on my side; circling my fingers over her back. I looked down at her ass and figured we just had a shower, this was as good a time as any.


I laid on her back, kissing the back of her neck while my cock grew hard between her ass cheeks. Slowly moving down her body, I kissed and licked my way down. Once I reached her ass with my mouth I knew it was now or never and gripped onto her hips until she was on all fours with her face pressed against the bedding.


“Let’s try something new,” I said.


I knew “J” knew what I was referring to and she agreed. I spread her cheeks and looked at the tight brown hole that was her anus. I began to salivate and fought the urge to stop, I did one quick lick of her anus and to my surprise it wasn’t that bad. I licked again until I was lapping my tongue between her cheeks. Rolling over the rim of her anus before sliding my fingers inside her cunt.


“How does it feel?” I asked.


“Mhmm,” was all she could muster up, but I could tell she was enjoying it.


I moved back in, finally being able to bury my face between her cheeks without hesitation. Her anus was soften and more relaxed than I expect as I dipped my tongue in a bit. I curled my fingers inside her to rub her g spot and moved my other hand up to rub her clit. “J” let out subtle moans. I kept doing what I was doing as her breathing began to speed up, I always found joy getting a girl off at the tip of my tongue.



She began getting damper and damper until she was cumming on my fingers. Taking my face out from her cheeks I looked over her to see her eyes shut giving into the pleasure before I removed my fingers from her.


“How was that?” I asked out of curiosity.


“Oh yeah,” she said breathless and nodding her head.


I had given my first successful rim job and although I haven’t done it again, I’m sure I will try it on occasion. For anyone who is skeptical, man or woman; take my advice and try it. If one of you doesn’t enjoy it, just stop but there is no shame in trying something new.


Until next time,

Mike, You’re friendly neighborhood deviant.

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