33. Sex With A University/College Student

The next chapter in my life has begun. It had been a rough few months to start 2022, but I’m getting back on track. What I didn’t expect was my next chapter to come in the form of a 22-year-old University student named Jessica.

Jessica and I began talking through a dating app a month ago. We started talking to each other every night until we passed out. I was still having trouble pushing myself to get out, but I finally did it the other night. I overcame my nerves and told Jessica I was ready to meet and drove over to her house.

When I pulled up, she was waiting for me on the porch. She was just as beautiful as in her photos. We greeted one another and then headed inside. The two of us sat and played games while talking for hours. We got much more comfortable as she leaned up against me on her bed while we looked at photos. The sun was beginning to set, and I was planning on leaving, but something was stopping me.

I finally just went for it and leaned in to kiss her, and she immediately kissed me back. Her lips were soft and welcomed after not having much human contact in the past few months. We continued to kiss, and I didn’t want to put on too much pressure, so I decided it was time to go. However, she had this look in her eye as she stared intensely at me. I was torn on whether I should leave or if she wanted me to keep going.

I grabbed my keys and stood up from the bed, and told her I wanted to see her again. That look was still in her eyes, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity, so I took it. I leaned in and kissed her even harder as she fell back onto her bed. Everything started heating up as we kissed like we needed each other to breathe. I ran my hand up the front of her shirt and under her bra to grab her breast and she moaned.

I pulled away a bit, but she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me right back in. We continued to kiss as I grew hard, my cock grinding between her legs. There was no turning back, and I kissed her neck, then further down her body. I pulled both her underwear and pants off in one quick tug. Kissing her inner thigh, I moved in deeper until I could smell the incredible aroma of her sex.

I lapped my tongue over her clit and slowly slid my fingers inside her. Her breathing became heavier, and I continued to eat her out as her heavy breathing continued. Suddenly her thighs clamped shut on either side of my head like a vise grip; it was a blissful feeling.

I pulled off my pants and kissed back up her body. She let out another moan as the tip of my cock met her pussy. I slid in with ease as she had become incredibly wet. I had never been with anyone who was that wet before, my genitals had become completely drenched in her sex, and I loved it.

I was thrusting inside her as we continued to kiss, our bodies becoming coated in sweat and sticking together from the hot spring day. She raised her legs up, and I grabbed onto her thigh to hold one up, and under her breath, she moaned, “yes.”

Jessica and I continued for a while in this position until I dove back down between her legs. I wanted to taste her again. I continued to eat her out while sliding my fingers inside her. I gripped onto her thighs and tasted how wet she was on my tongue. Her breathing was loud now, as she struggled to remain quiet with her roommate at home.

I slid back up her body and forced my cock back inside her. We continued to fuck as we kissed even more, her long legs wrapping around me like a boa constrictor; pulling me deeper in. I began to slow down as we came to an end, and I kept my cock buried inside her as we looked each other in the eyes and then kissed a bit more. Her legs were uncontrollably shaking.

I pulled out, and the bed was vibrating from her legs, visibly trembling. I asked her if she was okay, and she let out a breathless “yeah.” I had so much confidence watching her legs shaking the way they did. Once they calmed down, we kissed once more before saying our goodbyes. She came out to my car, and I waved goodbye with the promise of seeing one another again.

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