#34 Sex With A Foreigner


I’m sure anyone who reads my posts – at least my recent posts – knew this list item was inevitable after having met ‘C’ the sexy Brazilian. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest reading ‘Backseat Brazilian Heat‘ first, but it isn’t required for this story.


‘C’ and I agreed on our second date should be in her neck of the woods – a small city just forty minutes south of where I am. It is actually the closest city to my small town, so I go there all the time. I picked her up and we did some shopping I needed to get done by the weekend. On the drive there ‘C’ was affectionate; picking up where we had left off on our first date. She held my hand, rested her head on me as we drove. When we arrived at the book store I was finally able to kiss her; she was staring at me with those beautiful piercing eyes of hers once again. After a few moments of us both wanting to jump each other, we got out the car and headed into the bookstore.


We held hands as we walked in and made our way to the kids section – I needed to get a birthday gift. We walked in there and looked for the book, but ‘C’ stopped me between the shelves; grabbed me and kissed me. Eventually a employee came around and asked if we needed help. She began to try and help us find the book we were looking for; as ‘C’ walked before me I couldn’t help but stare at her ass in tight pants. I reached out and pinched her; she turned around with a big smile on her face. As soon as the woman finished helping us and left, ‘C’ turned around with lust in her eyes and pulled me in again. The tension was heavy and could be felt in every inch of my body.


My next and final stop before we could really start looking for somewhere private was a toy store – second birthday gift. I found exactly what I wanted to get and headed for the cash, but ‘C’ made a direct line towards the video game section. I followed her in and she started pointing out some of the Nintendo Switch games she had. We walked over towards some more games but were hidden behind a shelf. She bent over to read something, but then started pushing back towards my crotch as I grew hard. ‘C’ stayed bent over, rubbing her ass against my hard cock through my jeans. This playful nature – especially in public was something I wasn’t used to and I was loving it. She stood up and said “Let’s go” to which I had to readjust myself first to make sure my erection wouldn’t be showing when I went through cash.


It was starting to rain and once we got in the car we kissed again, we were on cloud nine – we needed to find somewhere private despite it being the middle of the afternoon. We drove over to a small mall – this was a nearly abandoned mall, but still had open shops in it. I figured we could check out the public bathroom and cross that off the list. Once we got there, we realized there was only one stall and there were three other woman coming out of the washroom. This didn’t seem like the ideal place to cross off that item without getting caught. We got back in the car and she began rubbing my crotch. ‘C’ took off her jacket and it felt as if she was ready to go right then and there. I looked up on my phone discreet places in the area and found a few. One at a nearby beach where there were private washrooms.


On our way there, I joked that she should just take her pants off right now. To which she said “Do you want me to?”. I had forgotten that she told me she liked to be instructed to do things when it came to sex; she was very much the submissive type. On that memory, I said “Yes.” Driving down the road she slid down her pants and underwear until she was sitting in the passenger side of my car bottomless; her thick thighs inviting me in. This was a two lane road and there were trucks driving up next to us, she covered herself with her jacket, but took my hand and slid it under the jacket and between her thighs. I felt her wet pussy again and it was an incredible feeling. I started to rub her clit as she moaned. We were nearing the beach and I had a random thought come to my head. “It is too bad there wasn’t any underground parking around here.”


“Oh!” said ‘C’. “There is a parking structure not too far from here. Want to check it out?”


She gave me the directions to the parking structure and we entered and drove all the way to the top where there was only one car parked. I saw the many security cameras on the roof, but still felt confident this was a good spot. We sat there for a moment, debating on what to do. She started to rub my crotch again, feeling my hard cock. Loosening my belt and unzipping my pants she pulled my cock out and immediately slipped it between her lips. I rolled the window down to hear if any cars were coming up and then just enjoyed the pleasures of ‘C’s’ mouth. I grabbed onto her bare ass and spanked her a bit while holding her head with my other hand. The wet heat of her mouth felt like an itch that needed to be scratched from the moment I picked her up.


I knew there were two things to get ‘C’ going and that was spanking her and kissing her neck; so when she came up to kiss me I kissed her neck as she purred. We both wanted each other bad at that point and tried to figure out how to do it. There was a camera directly behind us pointing into the car so ‘C’ took the toy I had just bought and put it in the back window to give us some privacy. We decided that doing this in the front seat would be best because if someone came, it’d be easier to look like nothing was going on then having to jump from the back to the front. However the steering wheel was in the way, so we switched sides. I sat down in the passenger seat and her in the driver’s seat because she kept saying how much she wanted to ride me. We sat there momentarily as we considered if this was a good idea or not.


“Do you want to try?” said ‘C’.


It seemed like we could be caught at any moment, but that made it more exciting. I knew that if I told her to come over she would do it without hesitation. I leaned over and kissed her bare thighs before sliding my pants down and rolling a condom down my cock. ‘C’ looked around and the quickly came over to me; grabbing my cock and sinking down until I was buried deep inside her. She stared deep into my eyes; her pussy felt amazing as she began to bounce up and down. I had never had that much eye contact before during sex and it was turning me on like I couldn’t believe. I stared deep into her eyes as she rode me; staring back at me with such passion in her eyes. I felt like the luckiest man in the world; she was stunningly beautiful in that moment with the one side of her hair draped behind her ear and her mouth slightly open.


There wasn’t much I could do from this position, but I did my best to thrust up into her from the seat. ‘C’ began to moan, still not breaking eye contact. The face she made was the sexiest I had ever seen anyone in person; it was incredible. I was experiencing sex on a whole different level. She started to move fast as she came close to orgasm; I did everything I could to help her along as I grabbed her ass and spanked her some more. ‘C’ started to tense up and let out a loud moan before she leaned back and tried to catch her breath. I loved that she could orgasm so easily. ‘C’ only took a moment before she started grinding on my lap.


“Should we go?” said ‘C’.


It did feel like we were pushing our luck, but it felt too good to stop. ‘C’ even lifted herself up, but just as the tip of my cock was about to leave her, she sat back down.


“I don’t want to go,” said ‘C’.


“We don’t have to yet,” I said.


‘C’ began riding me again and it started to feel really good, I knew if I just gave in she would have made me cum, but we still had more plans for that day. After another few minutes of riding me she started to moan louder again; I was impressed. I reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit to which she let out an even louder gasp.


“Oh fuck, baby,” she moaned.


Suddenly she started to shake a bit; I could feel her pussy contract around my cock as I just left pressure on her clit. She came again! I was impressed. Again we tried to decide if we should stop, but we didn’t. She continued to ride me and I knew I couldn’t take it much longer. Eventually we stopped just in time and she climbed off. My driver’s seat now wet from her pussy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We got changed – actually scratch that, I got changed and I told ‘C’ to keep her pants off until we got to the beach. On the way out of the parking lot her leg began to spasm; but that was most likely from the position she was in on top of me. However it was sexy to see no matter what.


Unfortunately that is the conclusion of this story because when we arrived at the beach, the public bathrooms were still locked for the season (even though the website wasn’t lying, it would have been a perfect spot). We did fool around a bit more in the car at the parking lot in the beach, but mostly just hands stuff. We didn’t want the day to end, but it had to. We’ve already made new plans, so you can look forward to many more stories involving ‘C’.

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