#35 Skirt/Dress Quickie

This particular list item wasn’t my idea and came as a delightful surprise from ‘Z’. She mentioned hanging out and I wasn’t feeling too great. It was just one of those days where I was feeling down and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and watch a movie, but ‘Z’ was persistent. She told me she wanted to cross something off the list and had an idea for one, but wouldn’t tell me what it was unless I came and saw her. The Fucket List is so long at this point, I kind of forget everything that is on the list so I didn’t have a clue what she was planning. I agreed to come out and picked her up just before sunset.


When she got in the car she was wearing sweatpants and a jacket; I asked her if there was anywhere particular we had to go and she said no. She must have been excited because she rubbed my cock a bit through my pants. We drove around, grabbed some food and then went to this area that sort of looks out over the water. This was a public place, but in the winter there weren’t as many people generally. I pulled into a parking spot and we just sort of sat and chatted for a little bit. ‘Z’ took her scarf and placed it over my eyes; blindfolding me. I was even more confused by what list item this could be.



“No peeking,” said ‘Z’.


I remained still in the dark, my mind curious as to what was going on in the seat next to me.


“Okay,” said ‘Z’. “You can look.”


I took off my blindfold and looked over at her; she was on her knees on the passenger seat in a dress she got for her birthday. I was still a bit confused until she slid up her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath.


“Skirt quickie,” she said.


The sight of her dress lifted up and draping over her back as her round bare ass stuck out had me hard instantly. It was such a simple list item that I completely forgot about. She looked elegant and sexy; my heart was racing.


“Slide your pants down,” said ‘Z’.


“Right here?” I said.


We were in a public place and despite it being quiet, there was the odd car driving in and out of the area. We weren’t hidden away or anything; the lone car in an open parking area. She didn’t have to ask twice though, I slid my pants off and my cock sprung loose. After a quick look around, ‘Z’ made her way over on top of me in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately there wasn’t much room with the steering wheel in the way and my seat forced all the way into the back. I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my cock; I desperately wanted to be inside her, but the position we were in would not give.


‘Z’ climbed off and sat back in the passenger seat; she reached into her purse and pulled out some lube. I stroked my cock; watching her rub lube over the lips of her pussy. Headlights hit us momentarily, but luckily they were just driving by.


“Come here,” said ‘Z’.


I was skeptical, we had tried missionary in the passenger seat before but it didn’t work. I don’t know what it was, but I fit perfectly into place and was able to guide my cock inside her. I started thrusting; wasting no time – this was a “quickie” after all. I pressed my body against her and pounded into her. Suddenly another car’s headlights hit us; I slid deep into ‘Z’ and remained still watching the car drive by. She felt too good to stop now.


After a few moments of thrusting I went faster; it was possibly the most comfortable position we’ve attempted in the car. The faster I went, the more I started to feeling a tingling sensation. I couldn’t believe it, was I about to cum from sex for the second time? ‘Z’ had awoken something in me and the flood gates were wide open.



“I’m going to cum again,” I said.


“Are you?” said ‘Z’ seemingly excited.


I was lost in the moment, I really can’t remember what ‘Z’ said next but I’m pretty sure she gave me the okay to cum. I fucked her fast until I felt cum shoot from the tip of my cock and deep inside ‘Z’. It felt great; a release I needed. I continued to thrust a bit after; using my cum as lube; it really felt as though I could keep going even after having just ejaculated. I climbed off and we cleaned ourselves up.


We had a bit of fun on the way home and decided to drive pantsless back; even going as far as going through the McDonald’s drive thru like that. I mean I did use my jacked to cover myself up when we got to the window, but all the way home we were pantsless and it was nice to feel so comfortable with someone to be able to do that. For what I thought would be a dull list item, turned into another memorable experience.


Happy cumming,





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