#39 Face Sitting

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love a nice ass. There is just something about two beautiful round cheeks coming together to meet at the top of a woman’s thighs. It looks good, it feels good and it tastes good, but I digress. For me, face sitting is the epitome of my fetish. Who wouldn’t want to bury their face in between something they desire the most? For a while all I had done was watch other people participating in this act in porn, never being able to try it out myself until I met ‘J‘.


This story took place over a year ago and I’m going to do my best to remember what happened. It all started when ‘J‘ came over to my house one afternoon. She was wearing… alright I don’t remember what she was wearing, but I do remember we sat on the couch and watched a movie under a blanket. Part way through, ‘J‘s’ hands wandered and she snuck down the front of my pants; grabbing a tight grip on my quickly growing cock. The movie became secondary as we began to make out.


Slowly we took turns removing each other’s clothing. First I removed her shirt and then she removed mine before unlatching her bra; her bare breasts pressing against my chest as we passionately kissed. I ran my fingers up her back; feeling her naked flesh. I was aching for her body at that point and rolled her to her back on the couch. My hard cock pulsating against the inside of my pants. I looked down at her navel, just above her still buttoned up pants. I was salivating to get them off her and wasted no time pulling at her waistband.



Her underwear slid down over her thighs with her pants in one graceful swoop to reveal her glistening cunt; already damp from anticipation. I slipped my fingers over her clit just to feel the warmth between her legs before she reached down the front of my pants and grabbed a hold of my cock again. Moving forward my now unbutton pants slid off my ass until she pulled me right out of my pants by my cock. We stared into one another’s eyes as she stroked and teased me by squeezing my testicles.


“Want to take this to the bedroom?” I said.


“Okay,” she said.


We got up leaving our clothes scattered on the living room floor and headed into the bedroom. The kissing continued onto the bed until she positioned herself on top of me. I felt the wet lips of her cunt on my shaft and she slowly grinded her body atop me; massaging my cock with her warm, wet cunt. She teased me even further by pressing my cock to her entrance; the tip slowly entering and the being pulled out again. My body was aching for her to slide down despite the fact I wasn’t wearing a condom yet.


“What do you want to do?” she said softly.


“How about you get on my face?” I asked.


It was a strange way to put it, but I had never asked a woman to sit on my face before and wasn’t sure if there was a right way to ask. We had been together for a while at that point, so we knew a lot about each other’s sexual fantasies. We even discussed our Fucket Lists before the incarnation of this website; she clearly knew I want to try face sitting and she into it as well. ‘J‘ agreed to indulge me and she turned around and backed her ass up. To better position herself, she squatted over me and as her ass lowered to my face, my heart raced with excitement. The smell of her sex wafted down into my welcoming lungs. Then it happened, she sat directly on my face.



My cock pulsated up and down on my stomach as I was immersed between her cheeks; the familiar smell of her anus literally pressing against my nose. My breathing was restricted, but I didn’t care; I would have been a happy man had I suffocated in such a way. I dipped my tongue into her cunt; lapping my tongue between her lips, I gripped onto her thighs before moving back to her ass. Whenever I needed to breathe, I spread her cheeks apart to catch some air. It wasn’t as good as I expected, it was better. THere have been sexual acts I’ve wanted to try and they just didn’t live up to the hype I had built up in my head – or they were visually pleasing, but not ideal. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality, but that wasn’t the case this time.


She could have stayed on my face all day for all I cared. ‘J‘ did play with my cock a few times, but I was enjoying myself even without being touched. I’d like to tell you I moved further south and gave her a rim job from that position, but it seemed to be a bit difficult to reach with my mouth from that position. Maybe I’ll have to give it another attempt? 😉


I also wanted to mention this part because technically it is face sitting. ‘J‘ turned around to face me while still sitting on my face. This position had it’s benefits as well. For one I could reach her clit much easier, I could grab and squeeze her ass easier and I had this amazing visual of looking up her body to see her ‘O’ face peeking just over top of her jiggling breasts. She looked really hot from that position, especially when she starts quivering and holding onto the wall for support as I viciously suck her clit. I could be wrong, but I think the longest I’ve ever gone down on ‘J‘ (or anyone for that matter) was when she was on top of me and it was pure bliss. She knows she can use my face as a seat anytime she pleases now.



I hope you enjoyed this story. This wasn’t the last time we worked facesitting into our sex life and won’t be the last; when it benefits everyone involved, it is a no brainer to continue doing what makes us feel good. I’m sure it will come up in future stories as well. I’m getting chills just thinking about it right now… I better get going.


Happy cumming,


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  1. Love this writing, I recently encountered a young lady that wanted me to sit on her face for hours. 1st I thought to myself she was being extra but then I started to worry because I felt she was not breathing properly.

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