#40 Sex On The Floor


I’ve been putting off this list item’s story for quite a while now. Not because it was a bad sexual experience, but because it involves an “ex” I’m not particularly fond of. You’re probably thinking, “Mike, an ex you aren’t fond of? Say it ain’t so?” and I would respond with, “I know Weezer, it kind of comes with the territory.” However she was the first girl I had sex with on the floor, so I’d be doing my readers a disservice by not sharing. This story involves ‘E,’ someone who has appeared on a past list item (phone sex), but I had no problem telling that one since it wasn’t a positive experience. Alright, let’s get to the story of the first time I got a bit of rug burn on my ass.


‘E’ and I met through OkCupid – the second girl I met from there. She lived two hours away so I wasn’t sure if we’d ever meet because I was going through a rough period in my life and the thought of driving there seemed impossible. Nonetheless the two of us Skype’d every day; she would even call me on her breaks at work. We got along great and I genuinely liked her despite a few red flags that I didn’t notice until I reflected on our time together. ‘E’ mentioned coming to meet me, knowing full well about my issues at the time. I told her anytime and we picked a day.


I live near a beach, I figured that would be a nice public place for a first time meeting. Unfortunately that day it was freezing and I pulled into an empty parking lot. I waited until I saw her truck pull in next to me. My nerves were at an all time high until she looked over and smiled at me. I quickly became relaxed and got out of the car. She too got out and we bother stood there with Tim Horton’s cups in our hand (the true staple of any first Canadian date). It started out pretty bad, we both were shy and the way our conversations came easy over the phone suddenly vanished in this more personable setting. Eventually it got too cold and climbed into her truck. She sat as far away from me as she could as if I was on the brink of attacking her – which I can’t blame her, she didn’t know me that well yet. It threw me off and just when I started to think this “date” was going to be over before it began she said:


“Is there anything fun to do around here?”


I couldn’t believe she wanted to continue spending time with me. I scrambled to think of something; anything. I suggested she follow me back home, park her truck in the driveway and I’ll show her around – no point in taking two vehicles. I ended up piecing together a nice first date. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, hit up a tourist famous candy shop and walked along Main Street where she reached out and grabbed my hand. We finally were able to talk to each other like we’d known each other for years. She seemed like a genuinely happy-go-lucky kind of person. She even forced me into singing Disney songs with her on the radio during the drive home.



I invited her in and she happily accepted. We made our way downstairs and put on a movie – if I remember correctly it was My Cousin Vinny. We sat side by side staring at the television screen. I wanted to make a move but I wasn’t sure how to initiate a move with my nerves making me question everything. Finally I grew a set and leaned in and kissed her. I had awakened something in her; she had clearly been waiting for me to make the first move because as soon as our lips parted, she leapt on to my lap and kissed me back.


I suddenly had this wild woman sitting on my lap, making out with me; she wasn’t holding back. ‘E’ grinded on my lap, feeling my hard cock in my jeans against her black yoga pants. I moved my hands up her back; eager to feel her bare skin. Immediately she pulled off her shirt and threw it on the ground. There in front of me was her sexy cleavage being held up by her purple bra. Burying my face between her breasts, her breathing was visibly speeding up. I reached around and unlatched her bra strap after fumbling around a bit (I swear each bra I’ve encountered has a different locking mechanism). Her naked breasts hung out as she slid the bra down her arms, but her main feature was her ass and she knew it; showing it off in the kind of yoga pants she had painted onto her.



I grabbed onto her thighs before moving back to cop a feel of her ass. She quickly began removing my shirt before the two of us went back to ravaging in one another. We kissed any bare flesh we could get our lips too; from our necks down to our chests. ‘E’ unbuttoned my jeans and promptly shoved her hand down my pants. After a few moments of maneuvering past my underwear, she grabbed ahold of my throbbing cock. We continued to kiss until I suggested taking this to the bedroom. ‘E’ continued to kiss me even longer before standing up and walking ahead of me into the bedroom without saying a word.


The next part if a bit hazy to be honest. I can’t remember if we helped each other get our clothes off or not, but we ended up naked in bed; continuing to passionately make out. I remember her saying she didn’t like oral sex – giving or receiving which was kind of disappointing and left me wondering if I should go straight into sex. Sex without foreplay was a new concept for me; I ended up rubbing her clit as we kissed.


“Do you have any condoms?” she asked. “I’ll try and be quiet.”


‘E’ had mentioned during one of our get to know each other conversations in the past that she was loud during sex. This wouldn’t have been an issue because the louder the better in my opinion, but unfortunately my parents were one floor above us. That’s right, I was trying to hook up with a girl in the basement of my parents house – those were the days. ‘E’ also told me she preferred to be in control and could really only get off when she was on top. I rolled a condom on and she climbed on top; slowly guiding the tip of my cock to the lips of her cunt and sinking down. It had been a while for me at the time and it felt so good to be back inside a woman.



‘E’ began riding me, fucking me in a grinding motion. I wasn’t really sliding in and our of her, but she seemed to like it and I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Her hips moved faster and much harder until the headboard began banging off the wall. She stopped, looked down at me and giggled.


“I don’t think we can do this on the bed without making noise,” she said. “Want to do this on the floor?”


“Hell yeah,” I thought, but my lips simple said, “good idea”.


She climbed off me; my condom covered cock was coated in her juices and smack down on to my stomach. We both stood at the bottom of the bed, she wanted me down on my back again. I layed down feeling the rough carpeting against my naked back. ‘E’ inserted me back inside her and grinded her hips on me just as she did moments ago without the worry of a squeaky bed. She was rough, rougher than anyone I had ever been with and I liked it. She planted her hands down on my chest and began fucking me fast and hard. The carpet was scratching up my back and ass, but it only added to the pleasure. There was determination in her eyes and I became a bit concerned about my cock ripping off or her hips going slightly the wrong way – that would be an interesting hospital visit.



I spanked her; looking up at her breasts jiggling as her cunt worked my cock. It was like I was her toy and I didn’t have to do anything at all. I was freed up to just play around with her body; squeezing her ass, her breasts, thighs and feeling her powerful hips thrust. ‘E’ began to moan and was getting a bit louder but able to contain herself; she was basically bringing herself to orgasm, using me just as a means to get there. Sweat was beading on her forehead with her hair getting stuck on it. Finally she came to a stop, her lips tightening around my shaft and I could feel her orgasming; I was in awe witnessing such rough sex I’d only seen in porn.


‘E’ knew about my issues with cumming, so after she let out a deep breath she collapsed on top of me; my cock still deep inside her. We layed in each other’s arms; our sweaty bodies pressing together. It was such a nice calm after the storm that we layed like that for a good fifteen minutes. There is a nice connection there when you embrace one another while still being connected. When she climbed off we continued to watch one another as we covered up our naked bodies. I was still feeling eager to touch her, so I made my way over and squeezed her ass, now wrapped in the yoga pants; kissing her on the neck from behind. I walked her out to her car and we said our good nights, excited to do this again; while my back was itchy for the next few days.


Until next time, happy cumming,



Conclusion To Relationship

I want to note here that this is how and why the relationship ended for anyone who is curious. I’m forewarning you in case you’re here just to read about sex. The sex bit has concluded so feel free to stop reading her if you wish to do so.


I figured I would get this out of the way since I’m sure many of you will ask what happened and why I’m not longer fond of her. We “dated” for two months and the reason I put that into quotations is because she continued to make it clear we weren’t dating. She also figured it was too soon to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She stressed this many times, even when I didn’t mention it. The sex we had after that was about the same as this story, luckily she didn’t help me cross off anything else off the list so this will be the final post about ‘E’.


‘E’ and I continued to talk on the phone daily and one night things changed. There was this guy, we’ll call him “Joey” because I honestly can’t remember his name. She told me early on she had thing for him, but he started dating her friend and he did something that made him an asshole in her eyes. About a month earlier she tells me Joey wants to go for a walk and says she’s going to do it for some closure – I’m still fine with it because some people need that closure. She informs me she is going to wear her yoga pants to show off what he’d be missing out on.


Fast forward a month or so and I’m sitting on the porch of my friends house, just enjoying a drink. She texts me and says “Joey” stopped by, they’re going to watch a movie. I’m fine with it because she hasn’t given me a reason to be concerned. I jokingly text her, “what, are you two going to cuddle?” and she responds with “Maybe.” Now I’m wondering if she is joking. I don’t say anything a twenty minutes later she texts me saying “cuddling has commenced”. She was dead serious and thought that was okay, and when I called her out on it she said she doesn’t like jealous guys. You’re cuddling with a former flame and I’m suppose to be okay with that? Just imagine if the roles were reversed.


‘E’ tried to turn everything around on me. My friends Mother and sister ended up joining us on the porch and I told them what was going on. They both agreed I wasn’t crazy and thought it was time to cut her off. So right there and then I ended things, knowing full well if this is how she is acting only two months in, I’m doomed. She also made it clear that her and Joey were just friends and he didn’t want her that way to which I laughed. Found out later on that they’re no longer speaking either because he made a move on her. I guess that is a little bit of karma for you. Fuck her.




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