#41 Sixty-Nine

Hello again you sex fiends,


Today I wanted to discuss something from the list that I’m sure everyone who is sexually active has done at least one. I know it’s ironic that I didn’t make “69” number sixty-nine on the list, but life isn’t fair sometimes! Since my first 69 experienced happened with my first partner and the fact it wouldn’t be much of a story I decided to take this post as an opportunity to compare and contrast the 69 position from when I first started to now. I can ensure you, things have gotten much better since my first time.


“S” was my first sexual partner as you know if you’ve been keeping up with the blog. Now, if I remember correctly we didn’t try the 69 position until the second time we had sex. I remember being thrilled about having fantasised about having a woman sitting so close to my face for quite some time. Unfortunately fantasies don’t always play out well in reality and this was the case. “S” had an interesting smell between her legs that I did not expect and when she lifted her legs over top of me I remember seeing her cunt glistening wet. I didn’t realise in order to perform oral on a woman in the 69 position I basically had to wear her as a mask and get right in there. I licked and tasted her, but it was not a taste I found appetising.


She began to suck my cock and it felt really good, so I grit and bared with the taste and smell; continuing to lick her. I always considered licking a woman’s anus in that position but soon found out it was nearly impossible for me to perform such an act. This only lasted a few minutes before we went back to fucking… or maybe we played some sex game on a phone app? I can’t remember, it’s all in the past now.



After that experience I worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the taste of a woman despite really wanting to. Move on to my next partner “E” and she didn’t like oral sex… I know, plus she ended up cuddling up to her ex-boyfriend which led to the end of that relationship, but I digress. Then I met “J”, a clear fan favourite on this blog. Our first time together I went reluctantly went down on her in the backseat of my car, but then something amazing happened. She didn’t taste anything like “S”, she tasted good! She smelled good! This was the smell of sex I had heard about all those teenage years. I devoured her and stayed down on her until my back got sore (it was a small backseat and I was contorted a strange way).


When “J” and I finally had a bed to have sex in I was thrilled to try the 69 position once again. I can’t remember who suggested it, probably me considering. “J” climbed up on top of me and this time I buried my face between her thighs with excitement not regret. Then I felt her grip onto my shaft and begin stroking me slightly before swallow my cock whole. It is hard to describe the amount of bliss I was in at that moment. Not only to have a sexy girls ass in your face as you pleasure her with your mouth, but the feeling of your hard cock being buried inside the wet heat of her mouth.


I think the lesson learned in this story is if something didn’t work out the first time, it could have been the partner you were with. Be open to trying things more than once because I did and it led to some of my favourite things including face sitting which is a story for another time.


Until next time, Happy Cumming,


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