#42 Sex Without A Condom


This particular list item has happened on more than one occasion. The first girl I was with “S” I had sex without a condom many times as she was on birth control. I could tell that story, but because she was my first and I already told the virgin story I want to tell you about one of the best time “J” and I ever had sex and the fallout from it.


Sex without a condom just feels better and I’m not bestowing insane revelations upon you; everyone knows sex is better without the extra layer of rubber around your cock. There is something about skin on skin, flesh on flesh that can drive both the man and woman crazy. However, don’t think this story is about not wearing a condom because twenty minutes of pleasure is not worth three weeks of paranoia. Plus it not only prevents accidental pregnancies, but also protects you from STDs. So remember that kids! I’m not sure how many kids are reading this blog, but I can’t pretend I wouldn’t have when I was younger. There is my after school special personal service announcement, now on to the story.


This took place in October of last year; I remember because we had an old episode of Goosebumps on Netflix in the background. We were in the basement of “J’s” Mother’s home and cuddled up in bed. Cuddling between “J” and I always turned into the stripping off of clothes piece by piece. First came off her shirt, then mine, then her bra and so on until we were completely naked under the blankets; spooning her with my hard cock pressed up between her ass cheeks. Suddenly it didn’t matter what was on the television and we kissed before she climbed up on top of me. I could feel the lips of her wet cunt kissing my shaft.


We continued to kiss; reaching around and feeling her tight ass in my hands. “J” began grinding on top of me; the juices of her cunt making it easy to slide all over my lap. Without warned she backed up and I popped right in; no need to guide myself inside her. The two of us stopped kissing and me knowing the answer asked, “am I inside of you right now?” She just shook her head “yes” and moved around a bit; feeling me inside her for the first time with out a condom. Unfortunately, she can’t take birth control so this felt like a huge risk, but it felt so good I could stop.


“J” began riding me faster and harder than she ever had before. I asked if we should keep doing this and she moaned “It feels so good”. Her ass bounced down on my thighs as I gave into the pleasure; feeling the inside of a woman’s vagina around my shaft for the first time in a few years. I began to get into it as the pleasure was overwhelming the concern; planting my feet down into the bed and driving up into her. The two of us worked like a well oiled machine; never before were we in such great rhythm.


We rolled over and I was on top of her, guiding myself back inside her no problem. For some reason when I wear a condom it feels harder to find her entrance, but without one I did it with ease. I thrust into “J” like it would be the last time we ever fucked. Slamming down into her, she wrapped her arms around my body and scratched down my back before grabbing onto my ass. She helped me fuck her by pulling me further into her before moving her hips into it. “J” began to cum and this time I could feel her insides clench around my throbbing cock. It was almost like a pulse as she let out a deep breath and I remained inside her.


At this point I said “fuck it, we’ve come this far”. I bent her over on the bed; she presented her ass to me on all fours. I grabbed onto her hips and what was usually a position we had trouble with; again I slid in without any issues. Fucking her in doggy style was just as good as I hoped; the ripples of her flesh going from her ass up her back each time I slammed into her. After a few minutes, “J” was already reaching orgasm again. I pulled out and laid next to her; her ass still presenting upwards.



She looked sexier than ever in that position; her curves highlighted perfectly. I slid my fingers inside her cunt and rubbed her g spot vigorously. With a few nibbled of her ass and thighs, I moved my other hand under her and found her clit. Using the juices she had created I rubbed her clit in a circular motion. She squirmed on the bed; collapsing down flat on her stomach. I was never this turned on for her; the way she moved on that bed as I brought her pleasure. “J” bit down on her pillow and came hard; giving me a confidence boost for my finger work any man would appreciate.


It wasn’t until later that night she told me she came four times during our session that night. I still don’t know if I believe her or not, but I’ll take it. Even though I do consider that one of – if not the best sex I’ve ever had, it didn’t come without a price. Being a guy who overthink things, the paranoia of what we had done set in. “J” informed me she wouldn’t be getting her period for another three weeks!  I didn’t even cum, but of course I decided to look up the stats online and even though it was virtually impossible for pregnancy, there was always that one story that went against all of the stats.


My paranoia made “J” paranoid and then I got even more paranoid knowing she was paranoid and it became a vicious circle for three long weeks. Of course this story has a happy ending and “J” and I are not new parents of a little bundle of joy. Let this be a lesson that a few minutes of pleasure are not worth weeks of paranoia or worse. Wrap your willy if you don’t have any other form of birth control! We do now and still have great sex.


Until next time, happy cumming!





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