#47 Sex In A Chair


We made it! This is officially the final list item from the past I need to write about! From here on out, all list item stories will be new! Since this item did take place nearly a year ago, I am a bit hazy on it, but I do remember the best parts. Let’s skip over all the boring details and get right into it, shall we?


J‘ came over to my house and we were fooling around in bed – our clothes had already been stripped off. We were discussing what list item we should attempt – this was during the time we were crossing things off left and right. I suggested sex in a chair would probably be easiest. She agreed and we made our ways out into the living room. In the center of the room I have a leather lazy boy and it seemed fitting for such an act.


“How are we going to do this?” she asked.


“I’m not sure,” I said. “There are plenty of possibilities.”


J‘ directed me to sit down. The cold leather riddling my bare body with goosebumps as I sat down.  I had always wanted to try having sex sitting while my partner faces me, but the chair was too small to do that this time – trust me, we tried. ‘J‘ turned around and I stared at her round plump cheeks staring back at me. Backing up, she sat down in my lap and I was feeling ecstasy before entering her. Grabbing onto her hips I felt my cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass; it was warm and inviting.



Lifting herself up, ‘J‘ raised her ass and grabbed onto the base of my cock before guiding me inside her. She looked stunningly sexy in that position, just the way her back was arch as my lap was immersed in her flesh. She began riding up and down my cock; there wasn’t much I could do thrust-wise so I scratched my fingers down her back as she moan with pleasure. I kept doing it until I grabbed back onto her hips and stared at her as pouding down against my waist. It was a lot of fun, but could only last so long in that position before ‘J’s’ legs became tired.


I wasted no time as she stood up and directed her to the side of the chair; bending her over the arm. ‘J‘ and I were both really into it; it was a perfect position. I pressed my hips against her; making her feel every inch of my cock between her cheeks. Teasing her with what was to come. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to be back inside her. I slid in with ease as she had become increasingly wet. I began pounding into her; the sound of our skin smacking together echoed through the living room.


I watched ‘J‘ with her face pressed against the chair; her eyes squinting with each thrust. She reached down between her legs to rub her clit. Her thighs tightened up, I knew I couldn’t stop now and kept up at the same pace. Her breathing became rapid and I felt on cloud nine in that moment. She quickly pushed me away to stop as she become too sensitive after her orgasm. I stood there watching as she remained bent over with her fingers on the pulse of her clit.


We ended up going back to bed, laying down and fooling around some more. That was the same day she had trouble walking. I joked that she looked like a baby deer on ice when she walked and never felt more proud. It was a real confident boost and not something I’ll ever forget. Even though this item is crossed off the list I’d still like to try having sex sitting up and facing my partner… maybe a couch would work better next time.


Until next time, happy cumming,





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