#58 Receive Road Head


Just like the Sex On The Beach story, this item had been crossed off early on into dating Amy. However, it happened again in a much more exciting experience that I’m sure you will all get a kick out of. It all began when Amy was invited to a co-worker’s house warming party; I joined her as her plus one. Amy was wearing a sexy red dress that I was eager to get off her as soon as possible. We went to the house and had a lovely time, but she had an even better time drinking beer and red wine. Near the end of the night, she was a bit drunk and leaned over to me on the couch.


“Just so you know, red wine makes me really horny,” she whispered in my ear. “You know what I’m going to do to you when we leave? I’m going to suck on your cock and then I’m gonna make you pull over so I can ride you.”


We walked out back where there was a fire and talked to some people we had never met before while listening to music. One by one, they left and went back onto the deck or into the house until Amy and I were left alone. She stood in front of me and got close; grabbing hold of my crotch and kissing me. I was facing away from the party so no one could see how handsy she was getting. Then she stuck her hand down the front of my shorts and pulled out of my now hard cock; stroking me in the backyard with people only a few feet away. It wasn’t long until someone returned to the fire, and Amy let go; allowing me time to put my cock away.


The foreplay had already begun for us, and we were both chomping at the bit for one another. We stayed for another twenty minutes before saying our goodbyes and making our way back to the car. At the same time we were leaving, another couple was leaving, but that didn’t stop Amy. As soon as our car doors shut, she started pulling at my pants.


“There are people right there,” I said. “Shouldn’t we wait until I at least pull away.”


“No,” said Amy.


I looked around and helped her by pulling my pants right off; I was now sitting in the driver’s seat with no bottoms on. She immediately gripped her fingers around my shaft and went down head first as I started the car. Before I could even put the car in start, she was already sucking on my cock. Luckily there was no one on the passenger side of the vehicle because Amy’s ass was up in the window; it was thrilling to see how bad she wanted me.



I drove down the suburban road slowly as I felt Amy’s lips go to work. With my right hand, I grabbed a handful of her ass cheek; everything felt amazing as we headed home. It was just as exciting as I imagined it would be and it helped that we took back roads home, so it wasn’t as busy. Then Amy sat back in her chair and pulled off her underwear before quickly sucking me again; she wanted to give me full access to her ass. I placed my hand on her now bare cheek and squeezed; even going as far as pressing my finger against her warm anus. After a few moans, Amy stopped again and sat right back.


“Pull over,” she said. “I need you inside me.”


“But we’re in a residential area,” I said.


“I don’t care, find somewhere.”


I drove a bit further, found different places that I thought had the potential for some privacy, but everything was lit up. It came to a breaking point for Amy when she told me “right here,” as we pulled up to a stop sign. I pulled over to the side at the stop sign with houses surrounding us; we were right in the open.


“We can’t here,” I said.


“Yes, we can,” said Amy.


I wasn’t going to argue with her, and I liked her sense of adventure. I put the car in park and Amy made her way over to my seat. She was facing me, but there wasn’t enough room with the steering wheel in the way, so I suggested she turned around and sat in my lap. Amy did as I said and sat in my lap and directing my cock inside her. She began riding me with her head pressed up against the windshield; I knew it couldn’t have been comfortable, but she finally was able to get my cock the way she wanted. I looked around but despite being at an intersection, not one car passed by. The vehicle was rocking hard as she slammed down onto me. Her body looked stunning under the street light, but the uncomfortable positioning got to Amy, and she got back into the passenger seat. I put my hand between her thighs and rubbed her clit as I pulled away. She begged me to find another private spot, but we were only six minutes away from home. Amy gave in and grabbed hold of my cock stroking me some more. It felt great, and I was as hard as a rock.


“Oh, fuck it,” said Amy.


Amy leaned back over and started sucking my cock again; she couldn’t get enough. Thanks to the red wine, it felt as though my cock was crack to her. I finally pulled into the driveway, and that ended our road head adventure but was only the start of the night. I grabbed my pants, looked around, and ran into her house with my hard cock flopping around. We didn’t even make it upstairs as she pushed me onto the couch and road me. Then out back on the trampoline and then finally upstairs in the bed where she finished me off. We fucked so many places that night, and both woke up with big smiles on our faces.



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