#6 Sex On Webcam (w/ #78 Ejaculate On Stomach)

This is a list item we had attempted before, but never actually got to the sex part of it. All that happened on our end the first time was a little bit of nudity on Chaturbate. This was something that excited the both of us, the idea of having an entire audience of people watching us have sex. This time, we decided to forget about any “tip goals” and just have sex for the fun of it.


I set up the camera at the end of our bed and we kissed on the bed; a few people joined our stream and began watching. Amy and I continued to make out until we began shedding each other of our clothes. There was a certain thrill about just exposing ourselves to other people; something that was usually taboo to even discuss, we were doing live in front of people. Laying down on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge where the camera was placed, Amy sat on my face and gripped onto the base of my cock. Our audience grew larger as she wrapped her lips around my cock and I slipped into the wet heat of her mouth.


In hand, I had my phone so I could keep up with the chat. We had hit over 300 people in our audience with a close up of my saliva coated cock. Amy had me squirming with each swirl of her tongue. I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to taste her. I buried my face between her thighs and licked her watery pussy. The smell of her sex will never get old to me and I can almost smell it right now as I write this. We started to enjoy each other; it is easy to forget how many people are watching while you’re in an empty room.



The next time I checked the chat, there were many comments like “what a lucky guy” and “this is so fucking hot”. There were many requesting to see Amy ride my cock and she obliged. She turned so her ass was facing the camera which also got many comments. Sinking down on my cock it was the first time I was about to watch her ride me from the front and from the back via the stream on my phone. She looked like a natural, so sexy the way her back arched and her cheeks bounced. Suddenly we heard a bunch of dinging noises. We were receiving money. We were actually being paid to have sex. Does that make us pornstars now? Haha. Amy began to put on a show the way she was fucking; she had this burst of confidence and energy from all the positive comments.



Amy rode me until she was out of breath, a good 15 minutes and two orgasms later, I was not going to stop her. I asked if she wanted to switch it up, and she agreed. I bent her over in front of the now nearly 2,000 viewers and slid my cock back inside her. I slammed into her ass as she moaned. She had become more animated as we fucked, playing into the spectacle of it all. We had made $30 and it hadn’t even been an hour. I spanked and pulled her hair to the sound of more donations rolling in and our chat just rolling by with constant messages that we couldn’t keep up with.



I could feel myself getting close, which was odd for me because I generally can only cum while I’m on my back. I pulled out and directed her onto her back. Pulling her in close, Amy’s ass hung off the edge of the bed as I held her spread legs in place. Sliding quickly back in I began thrusting hard and fast. It was going to happen, I was going to cum.


“Cum for me baby,” she moaned after I told her.



I gave into my body and usually, I would cum inside her, but the audience got in my head. I wanted them to see what she was able to induce. I pulled out and cum immediately streamed out the tip of my throbbing cock and onto her stomach. I had just unknowingly crossed off another list item. There Amy laid naked in front of a camera covered in my cum and our shared sweat. Almost immediately we lost a good chunk of our audience, but I think they left satisfied. This was something fun and exciting that we may actually do again. In fact, if we reach our goal on Patreon, we plan on doing one for our Patrons! I don’t think you can keep either us away from the camera though.



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