#65 Give A Naked Massage


Let me start  off by saying naked massages never last long; it always starts out innocently but ends with sex – at least from my experience. I’ve given non-naked massages before and even those lead to sex sometimes, but there is something sexy about having bare flesh pressed up against bare flesh that can really get you going. This is the story of the first time I gave someone a naked massage which happened to have been ‘J‘.


This happened a while back, maybe within the first three months of ‘J‘ and I sleeping together. She came over to my house and we had talked about the massage beforehand. ‘J‘ came downstairs and immediately whipped out a bottle of body oil she had brought with her thankfully, because I’m not the kind of person to just have body oils laying around the house. As soon as I saw the bottle there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do then test it out. I took the bottle of oil and lead her into the bedroom.


J‘ pulled off her shirt and unlatched her bra; allowing it slide down her arms to the floor. I stared holes through her breasts; looking at her darkened, already erect nipples. My mind went blank momentarily before she laid flat on her stomach atop the mattress. I pulled off my shirt as well and threw it to the side before climbing onto her back. I drizzled the oil onto her arching back before gliding my hands across her silky skin. I massaged up to her shoulders and down; only to realize I was missing one main aspect of her back.


Moving down onto her thighs, ‘J‘ was wearing black tights; her round rump awaiting to be unwrapped. I latched my fingers under her waistband; leaving oil residue all over the fabric, but that was the least of my concerns at the moment. I pulled down and her plump ass popped out with her cheeks hanging over the bunched up tights. I squeezed and spread them apart looking into her darkened anus; making my mouth salivate and my cock throb. After a few moments of revelling in her ass, I stood up at the edge of the bed and pulled her pants right off; leaving her body completely naked for me to grope massage.



She was naked, so why wasn’t I? Just one of the few revelations I have throughout the day. I unzipped the fly of my jeans and with my fingers gripping on to both my pants and underwear, I pulled them down with one swift swoop. My cock sprung eagerly; pointing directly at ‘J‘s’ bare body. This time I wanted to take my time with her; start from legs and make my way up.


I wrapped my fingers around her ankles and slowly moved up over her calves. Next was one of my favourite parts of her body, her thick thighs; I’m getting excited just writing about them right now. I rubbed her thighs up and down softly squeezing up to where they met her cheeks. My heart was racing and I could only assume she was feeling the same way. Further up I ventured; moving the palms of my hands over the hump of her ass. I felt her flesh between my fingers as I squeezed her round cheeks – she wasn’t the only one receiving pleasure from this massage.



Now I was back to where I left off, but this time we were both nude. I moved back to my position and sat down; our cheeks being pressed together as my dangling testicles came to a rest on her lower back. The oil and heat from her body could be felt against my genitals and I never experienced a comfier seat. ‘J‘ purred as I sunk my fingers into her back; caressing her. Pre-cum was dripping from the tip of my cock and onto her back; the position I found myself in came with a lust that was nearly unbearable.


I leaned forward; my chest pressing against her back and worked my hands around the front of ‘J‘ to squeeze her breasts. In doing so, her ass arched further and my cock was pressed between her cheeks. I began to thrust subtly; my cock slipping over top of her anus. ‘J‘s’ breathing continued to speed up as I continued to force my body on her; trying to get as close as I physically could. We had never done anal before and I never planned on just sliding it in; so after a few passionate moments of “dry” humping I slid back down her body.



I grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her back so she was propped up onto her hands and knees. I slid my fingers inside her cunt with ease thanks to how wet she had become and the leftover oil on my fingers. I kissed her cheeks before nibbling on them as I continued to finger ‘J‘ from behind. Her body was glistening from the sunlight peaking through the blinds.


It was long before I walked over and rolled a condom on. I slid my cock between the lips of her cunt and began thrusting; my powerful hips crashing into her cheeks. The sound of our flesh spanking together was amplified thanks to the oil. The position never was a great one for us; we always struggled to find a good rhythm in doggy style as much as we both enjoy it.



J‘ rolled onto her back with her legs dangling over the edge. I lifted her legs up and over my shoulder before burying myself back into her. ‘J‘s’ eyes were closed with her head tilted to the side as she revelled in every inch of me entering her. We fucked like that until she came; the two of us collapsing onto the bed in a sweaty heap. I held her in my arms and if I remember correctly, she fell asleep on my chest that day; it was a good day. I highly recommend giving your woman or man a naked massage; it will really get you both in the move and a spark like no other. Don’t just go into it expecting it to lead to sex either; focus on every aspect of your partner’s body as if you’re discovering for the first time.


Until next time, happy cumming,




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