#73 Afternoon Delight


This story could have been linked to many other stories on this list, since they took place in the afternoon. However, I’m not going to recycle old material and want each list item to kind of have its own story. Despite this not being the first time I ever enjoyed some Afternoon Delight, it is the latest time ‘J’ and I had sex.


I showed up at ‘J’s’ house and she was dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She told me we had to go to the store first. When we got back I laid down on her bed, picked up her iPad and began playing some games as she got all sorted. Then she surprised me with something I had no idea was going on under those sweat clothes. I looked up to see ‘J’ standing in black lace panties and a see-through bra with vale draping over her mid section. When she turned around, the bottom of her ass cheeks hung out and she looked stunning. It was the first time any girl wore lingerie for me.


The iPad left my hand immediately and I began reaching out grabbing at her – anything within reach, which just so happened to be her thigh. ‘J’ climbed into bed with me and snuggled up beside me. Netflix wasn’t working so we had to put in a DVD, just something for background noise really. Once we settled in and the film started, I ran my hand up and down her back; ‘J’ in turn slid her hand down my pants and massaged my testicles until I was throbbing. I couldn’t take it anymore and despite how good she looked in that outfit, I wanted it off her.


I moved away from ‘J’ and her hand slid out of my pants. I began tugging at her underwear and she lifted her ass enough for me to slide them off. I tossed them out of the way; they wouldn’t be needed for a while. She immediately spread her legs for me; never shy to expose herself for me. I looked down at her cunt that was already glistening with a bit of wetness.


I laid flat on my stomach; my cock pressing up against the mattress as I pressing my tongue between her slit. ‘J’ let out a subtle moan and I gripped tightly onto her thighs; pulling them apart to go even deeper between her legs. I rolled my tongue over her clit, teasing her before doing what she really likes – sucking. I softly sucked on her clit and slowly sped my pace; building up the pleasure from my mouth. I could hear her breathing, which meant it was time for me to slide two fingers inside her cunt; curling them to rub her ‘g’ spot. Her body tensed up and she began moving her hips; grinding her wet cunt against my face. I did this for a while, just enjoying the taste and smell of ‘J’s’ sex.



About the time I finished, the afternoon sky was growing dark; the room was dimly lit – a storm was coming. We kissed; I rolled onto my back with her on top. The two of us passionately made out like never before. She was running her hands over my chest as I squeezed and massaged any flesh within grasp. I squeezed her thighs, ass cheeks and scratched down her back without our lips unlocking – it was bliss.


The rain started to fall from the sky and the sound of it hitting the ground through the open window was peaceful – only making the warm bed much more comfortable. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it to the side, ‘J’ immediately began kissing down my chest and stomach; my cock pulsated with anticipation, knowing what was coming next. Grabbing my waist band she pulled down my sweatpants to reveal my erect cock; springing out and slapping against my stomach almost comically.


J’ pulled her hair back and tilted her head and kissed my stomach again. Next she kissed the tip of my cock and all the way down my shaft to my testicles. There was a cool breezing coming in the window; washing over my bare body for a little added pleasure. Then I felt my cock get engulfed in the wet heat of ‘J’s’ mouth. I let out a moan, it felt so good. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, watching her devour my entire cock.


I moved my hands down to her head; running my fingers through her hair as she pleasured me orally. I grabbed on to either side of her head, feeling her head bob up and down in my lap. Clenching my ass I forced my hips upward so my cock stuck out even further. I found myself closing my eyes to enjoy the pleasure, but then re-opening to watch her enthusiastic lips slide down my shaft. It wasn’t long until ‘J’ reached over to the dresser and pulled out a condom. I didn’t have to do a thing as she opened the condom and rolled it down my shaft, but unfortunately she had forgotten something.


“Hold on a second,” she said. “Stay hard.”


I enjoyed hearing her demand to stay hard for her. ‘J’ got up and quickly put on her sweatshirt and sweatpants because her sister was home. I remained in bed stroking my cock awaiting her return. When she finally opened that door and came back I wanted her badly. I sat up and pulled her sweatpants off with one swift tug. She wasted no time either, stripping off her sweatshirt to get completely naked again.


J’ pushed me back onto the bed; forcing me down by kissing me. She put all her weight on me – our bare flesh pressed against one another. My hard cock rested between her ass cheeks before he straddled me and guiding the head of my cock to her entrance. I felt myself slip between the lips of her wet cunt as she sunk down. Then she leaned forward and began riding me.


I took a few moments to enjoy her body – her thighs wrapped around my waist. Then I wanted to really pound into ‘J’. I slid my feet up under my ass and positioned myself to drive my cock up into her. I did it slowly at first to build up momentum, but after a few minutes I really layed into her. Thrusting up into her I could feel my testicles bouncing between my thighs with the sound of our skin smacking together only heightening the experience. Then for the first time ever as we had discussed prior, I raised both my hands and smacked down on her ass – giving her a spanking during sex for the first time. As my hands hit her flesh, I squeezed tight with two handfuls of her ass cheeks. ‘J’ didn’t say not to do it, so I continued on fucking her until she couldn’t take it anymore.



Sometimes I can’t tell when ‘J’ has finished and that was the case this time. She quickly lifted herself off me – my now drenched cock slapping back down onto my stomach. I reached up and touched her clit, but she was too sensitive there and smacked my hand away. ‘J’ clearly needed a break and that was never an issue for us. She laid back down beside me, curled up under my arm and played with my cock. It wasn’t an attempt to get me off, it was just something she enjoys doing. To quote her “I don’t have my own cock to play with, so I like to play with yours”.


The two of us went back to watching the movie; trying to catch our breath. I gave it about twenty to thirty minutes before I began putting the moves back on her. I moved my hand between her thighs and she spread her legs back open – that was my sign she was ready to go again. I rubbed her clit and I don’t know what came over me but again we experienced another passionate moment because I so badly wanted her body.


I climbed on top of her, but this time I slid my fingers deep inside her cunt. We kissed as my cock grew hard again against her thigh. It felt so good against her skin that I began dry humping her leg like a dog in heat. ‘J’s’ chest was visibly inhaling and exhaling deeply and I could feel her hard nipples against me. I moved down and sucked on her nipples; moving back and forth to give them both the attention they deserve while still fingering her. The two of us were intertwined like never before and the passion ran deep. Unfortunately when she was playing with my cock, my condom came off.


“Should I get another condom?” I asked, still a bit unsure if she wanted to go for another round.


“Yes,” she said without hesitation.


I opened a condom and rolled it on quickly; I didn’t want to lose whatever it was we had going so right. I guided myself inside her and thrust into her quick and deep like a pulse. ‘J’ ran her fingers up and down my back; scratching me before reaching my ass. She gripped on tight and it felt great to have her hands all over me. I did the same, grabbing onto her thigh and squeezing as I sped up my pace. I buried my face in her neck and sucked as my fingers dug deeper into her flesh. It felt good and I began to grunt as I fucked her. I remembered reading somewhere that some women like when a man grunts during sex, so I figured I’d let me guard down and test out that theory.



We were fucking like champions and it felt good with everything that was going on. I was able to keep my pace up for a while before I grew tired. I could sense ‘J’ was close and didn’t want to disappoint. I pulled out and quickly went back down on her. Sucking on her clit and easily sliding my fingers back into her cunt. I was down there no longer than thirty seconds before she came and pushed me away saying that was enough.


I laid back down next to her and the two of us just stared at the ceiling. Once she caught her breath she wanted to recreate what happened last time and get me off for a second time. Unfortunately my cock was red and raw; it took a beating and the stimulation from her handjob wasn’t enough. I asked her if she wanted me to finish myself off and she said “yes”. We used the same lube we had last time and I gripped onto my cock and started masturbating for ‘J’ to show her the load she had built up inside me.


J’ isn’t one to lay idly by though. She leaned in and kissed me as I stroked and moved down to my neck. Her other hand moved up my thigh and gripped onto my testicles – massaging me as I jerked off. It didn’t take as long as it usually did and I immediately told her I was about to cum. She kissed me one last time before turning to watch me orgasm. A stream of cum shot from the tip of my cock, nearly hitting ‘J’s’ hair. Then more loads of cum spilled from my cock and all over my stomach and chest. It felt like such a relief even though I wish I could have kept going. We laid there a bit, ‘J’ with her hand wrapped around my shaft playing with my cum before she got me a towel. I always thought it was cute how playful she was with my cock and cum afterwards. That was not my first and not my last, but one of my best afternoon delights.


Until next time, happy cumming,





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