#82 Sex In A Public Bathroom



This list item came as a surprise as we hadn’t set out to cross it off. It came in a moment when I realized the area we were in might be a perfect opportunity for the two of us. ‘C’ and I went for a drive down to the beach to end the day together. It was foggy and becoming dark as we entered the public parking area; there were only two other cars in sight. I knew they unlocked the public washroom in May, but wasn’t sure if it was too early in the month. I mentioned it to ‘C’ and she was immediately interested; so we parked near the washroom and I got out. I walked up to the first door and it was locked, I was immediately disappointed that we may have hit a dead end. I walked over to the men’s washroom door and pulled and it opened. I peered into the dark washrooms then turned back to the car, holding the door open with my chest out with pride and excitement. It was as if I had broken into Fort Knox; when in reality I just opened a bathroom door.


I walked in a bit and the lights were motion triggered and the whole place lit up. No one had used it yet, the entire area was spotless and smelled like cleaning products. There wasn’t even a drop of water on the floor or counter. I walked out and back to the car and told ‘C’ it was unlocked as if she hadn’t already figured that out. ‘C’ parked the car not too far away and we both walked into the public bathroom. There we were with seemingly all the privacy in the world. She led me into the larger handicap stall and I forced her up against the wall; kissing her as soon as I locked the door behind me.


“Now what?” I said.


This wasn’t something we had planned and it felt as though we needed to figure out how to fuck in this bathroom stall. ‘C’ wasn’t sure either and I pulled at her pants until I slid them down and placed my hand on her clit; rubbing as we kissed. I tugged my pants off and looked around. The only option I saw at the moment was the toilet, so I sat down and pulled her towards me. She faced away from me and I grabbed onto her beautiful plump ass and pulled her down into my lap. She swayed her hips as I could feel my cock pressing against her pussy. The warmth between her legs much more apparent in the cold bathroom.


‘C’ reached down between her legs and grabbed the shaft of my cock to guide me in, but it wasn’t working. I got up, pulled my pants up and went to grab the lube from her car as she remained in the bathroom. I came back and she was waiting for me as I locked the stall once again behind me. I sat back down on the toilet and ‘C’ sunk to her knees; applying the lubricant to my cock as I sat back and enjoyed the feeling of her capable hands stroking my shaft. She stood up and sat in my lap facing me as she guided my cock inside her with ease this time. My back was up against a metal bar and she started to ride me. It wasn’t bad, but we definitely weren’t getting the most of each other so I suggested the floor. After all, it was obviously clean.



We got up and I threw my coat on the ground to protect me nearly naked body from the cold tiled floor. I laid down and stared up at ‘C’ as she lowered herself onto me and quickly buried my cock back inside her. ‘C’ began riding me while I ran my hands up the front of her shirt; forcing her bra up and grabbing two handfuls of her breasts. The sound of her heavy breathing was amplified by the echo of the empty bathroom. I moved my hands down around her ass and spanked her; sounding like a gun shot fire. The way she is able to move while on top of me is entrancing and feels even better. I could tell she was getting close so I reached up and wrapped my hands around her neck; choking her.


“Harder,” said ‘C’.


I squeezed tighter as her riding became much harder. I was still getting used to choking someone during sex, but I was finally starting to get a lot more comfortable with it.


“I’m going to cum baby,” she said breathless.


“Cum for me baby,” I said. “Cum all over my cock.”


Almost as soon as the words left my lips, ‘C’ moaned with relief and stopped riding; her legs quivering at my sides as she came. She leaned in and kissed me taking no break and started to ride me again.


“I could ride you forever,” she said.


“I wouldn’t stop you,” I said.


‘C’ rode me and I reach up the back of her shirt and ran my nails down her back.


“Oh yes baby,” she moaned.


I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled; forcing her face up to the ceiling. ‘C’ sat straight up and grinding on my cock; it was a sexy sight to see. I’ve never been with anyone who could ride as well as she does. I wasn’t lying when I said I’d let her ride me all night; it was like watching an artist at work. It wasn’t too long after that ‘C’ came again.


“Should we go back to the car now?” ‘C’ asked.


“Yeah, we can do that,” I said.


‘C’ stared deep into my eyes as she continued to ride me. She started to lift herself but then immediately sunk back down on my cock. We both wanted to make our way back to the car, but didn’t want to stop fucking. She rode me for a few more minutes before we decided we had pushed our luck. It was only a matter of time until someone noticed the lights on in the bathrooms and chose to investigate. We put our pants back on and made our way to the door.


“One second,” I said. “I have an idea.”


I looked out the door to see if the coast was clear and it was; there wasn’t a soul in sight. I walked over to her, placed my hands on her hips and turned her around.


“What?” she asked.


“Many people have had sex in public washrooms,” I said. “But how many have the opportunity to fuck right here at the sinks.”


I bent ‘C’ over; her face on the bathroom counter. Sliding her pants down; I just salivate at the view of her presenting her ass to me like an animal in heat. I guided my cock towards her, but yet again had trouble sliding inside her and we were low on lube. I knew it wasn’t going happen, but wanted to make the best of it. I leaned over her with my cock pressing between her cheeks and reached around to rub her clit. It was only for a few moments, but it was something I love doing to her. She stood up, turned around and kissed me once more before we both made our way back to her car where we folded down the seats into a makeshift bed and continued to indulge in each other’s bodies for at least another hour; culminating with me cumming as she kissed my neck and massaged my testicles while I masturbated. It was a night to remember.


Happy cumming,




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