#86 Sex On A Car

This is my second story involving a car and things worked out better; surprisingly much better. It all started when “J” and I were hanging out at the beach with my friends as the sun set. It was a beautiful night and we all ended up having a good time. Once the sun set, we all went out separate ways with “J” and I climbing into my new Ford Fusion and by “new” I mean new to me because it is a used car. I’m getting a bit away from what you really want to hear about, but detail is key and it’s important to know what car it was because of the curvature of the roof. We’ll get to that in a moment.


“J” and I took the back roads home, no reason except we were enjoying the drive. Suddenly she reached over and began rubbing my crotch; my cock growing hard with anticipation. Unbuttoning my jeans as I drove, she guided my erect cock out of my fly and slowly stroked me. The back roads we were on were lined with rich homes on the beach so there are many stop signs along the way. One particular stop there was a couple walking along the side of the car and “J” did her best to cover me with her hand but it was still obvious what was going on. Luckily I drove off before they could get close enough to look into the car. We both laughed it off and she immediately went back to playing with me.


The road has no street lights; the moon and the odd house light were the only sources of illumination after my headlights passed. I couldn’t take it anymore; I wanted more than just a handjob. We came upon a street with a no exit sign and followed it right to the end. It stopped at the start of the beach and we were in between two large homes; both in the dark. I turned off the car and began kissing “J” with her hand still tightly gripped around my cock. I began to tug on her black tights, trying my best to get them off from under her ass. “J’ helped and slid her pants off and of course she wasn’t wearing any underwear.


I rolled a condom on, lowered her seat back and climbed on top of her in the passenger seat. I tried my best to work my way inside her but was failing miserably thanks to the limited space; plus I felt like I may have been suffocating her. That’s when the idea sparked; it was dark so why not try crossing something off the list. I told her to follow me and opened the car door. Unfortunately that made the light come on and if anyone had been nearby they’d see my bare white ass backing out of the car. Once we were both out and the light had dimmed we made out; the two of us both pants less but still with our tops on.


“J” grabbed my cock again and guided me towards the beach. We considered crossing off sex on the beach but it wasn’t meant to be that night. I brought her back to the car and bent her over my hood; her bare ass and cunt presented to me under the moonlight. I quickly forced my way into her and began pounding into her. My cock slid between the lips of her cunt while the clap of my thighs against her cheeks rung out into the quiet night. There we were in the middle of a residential area fucking. Every now and then I would slow down as headlights passed a few streets away.



Having “J” bent over was working fine, but it wasn’t technically “on” the car. I told her to turn around and sit on the hood. I helped her up as she planted her bare ass cheeks onto the hood of my car – I could think of no better way to christen it. She laid back, her head on the windshield and her legs spread. Little did we know that the hood of my car was angled perfectly for sex. I slid my cock back inside her with ease. We began fucking again; her head was tilted backwards with her eyes nearly closed. I watched her breasts bounce inside her top and quickly lifted her shirt up. Her breasts were riddled with goosebumps in the cooling night air. I grabbed onto her breast while my other hand clutched onto her thigh to ensure she didn’t slide too far down on the hood.


“J” eventually came; sometimes you can’t tell when she’s orgasming because she’s quiet. This time I could feel how wet she was as her cunt contracted around my shaft like a heartbeat. After a few moments of catching her breath, she wasn’t done with me. We climbed into the back seat and sat on my lap facing me. We continued to kiss, our tongues pressing against one another in a battle of dominance. She reached down and guided me back inside her. “J” begins moving her hips, grinding on me while I was balls deep inside her. We were dead center in backseat, so she leaned back between the driver and passenger seats. She looked amazing with her body stretched back as she continued riding me.


Once the two of us were covered in sweat and breathless we came to a stop. My lap was drenched in her juices, just how I like it. We both got out and changed right there in the street; it was much easier to do so and wasn’t the worst thing we did on that street. The experience still remains strong in my memory as I’m sure you can tell from the small details I can still remember from something that took place nearly a year ago. If you have the right kind of hood, I highly recommend trying this. “J” and I have discussed doing this again this summer; that’s how much we liked it. Get out and try it! Let me know how it went for you and maybe we’ll feature the story on the blog.


Until next time, Happy Fucking,


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