Announcement, Future Of Website and a Thank You!


Hey everyone!


Mike here and I have stuff I’d like to share with the growing readership about the future of this website. Don’t worry, it is not going anywhere I want to get that out of the way first in case you clicked on this expecting an end to The Fucket List, but it is quite the opposite. We recently surpassed 300,000 readers and first and foremost I want to thank everyone who reads The Fucket List. The support and feedback I’ve received from you through social media, email, etc has been amazing and I love going through it all. This just started out as a random blog on Tumblr that I was doing for fun and it has become so much more than just my sex bucket list. I’ve been writing for nearly a decade and the sex community has been by far the kindest, most genuine people I’ve interacted with, so again thank you!


Now to the updates! If you’ve been reading my latest posts, you’ll know about ‘C’ the beautiful Brazilian. Well I’m happy to announce that we’re officially dating and you may be thinking “I don’t care, what does this have to do with the website?” Well we’ve talked it over and I’m happy to announce that ‘C’ is actually Amy! Amy is not only enthusiastic about crossing off list items with me, but will be joining The Fucket List to add a female perspective to sex because it takes two to tango… yeah, that was lame, but you get the point. You’ll soon be reading her side of sex stories as well as articles. In fact we’ve crossed off a few other list items, so you’ll have to look out for those coming soon! As well as an introduction from Amy herself.



The final announcement is something that may intrigue long time readers. Amy and I have decided to start using some of our own photos within the blog (Note the photo above). We will still conceal our identities, but see just about everything else including some photos in the act of crossing off certain list items. If a real photo is used, it will be indicated within the story. We hope this will add an additional realism to the stories by showing the real people behind them. We’re also working on so much more, but nothing we can announce at the moment.


Happy cumming,



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