Backseat Brazilian Heat


This is a story I’m happy to share with all of you; despite not crossing off a list item. I matched with a beautiful Brazilian girl who she has asked to be called ‘C’ for this story. ‘C’ and I began talking and after a week of sexual back and forth we decided to meet. We met in a small town that was a halfway point for both of us. We decided to meet at McDonald’s since there were limited options – hence it was a small town. I waited out front for her; unsure which side she would walk up, I leaned against my car and waited. Suddenly from around the corner in front of me walked ‘C’ sporting a Brazil jacket.


From the moment we saw each other we both had a smile plastered on our face. She walked up to me and hugged me; casually greeting one another before entering the restaurant. Inside we waited in line and immediately we were feeling comfortable around one another. As we waited ‘C’ leaned up against me and rested her head back on me as if we had known each other forever. We ordered drinks and sat down with not as much awkwardness I have experienced before on first meetings.


I asked about her tattoos and she started to show them to me before turning around to reveal one on her back. Her shirt was still covering her tattoo so I reached out to pull it down, but instead knocked over my full drink; pouring all over the table, to the floor and hitting both of our shoes. What an embarrassing way to start a first meeting, but as I cleaned it up an employee came over and ‘C’ joked around apologizing for me on her behalf. It was cute and funny how she handled it.


We sat there for a few more moments and ‘C’ mentioned how she wish we were sitting closer. The table was still sticky as well and she suggested we either moved to another table or maybe go sit in my car to talk. I decided the latter would be much nicer and private to get to know each other better. I sat down in the driver’s seat and her in the passenger and she turned to face me as we began to talk. ‘C’ was concerned I may not like her in person as I have online, but as it turned out she was better than I could have ever imagined. She was funny, smart, beautiful, sexy and that Brazilian accent had me melting. The way she looked at me was like no one had ever before; there was something intimate about her and I felt such a strong connection and comfort around her after having only met in person for less than an hour now.


At one point she leaned in to fix my hat; we were face to face; only a few inches apart. Her lips looked so tempting and I didn’t want to waste another second; I leaned in and kissed her. ‘C’ kissed me back and we made out right there in the parking lot; despite many people walking by. I couldn’t help but stop to look around, only to return kissing her inviting lips. For a while we just talked and took moments in between to kiss. I asked her to say something in Portuguese to me and she thought for a moment before saying something I clearly didn’t understand. When I asked her what it was, she leaned in and with her lips next to my ear whispered “I really want to fuck you.” It was one of the sexiest things a woman has ever said to me and the way she said it gave me goosebumps.


I placed my hand on her neck and she moaned a bit so I explored that further by brushing her hair back and kissing her neck. ‘C’ moaned even more and told me I was giving her goosebumps and when I looked down, she showed me her arm riddled with them. I continued to tease her by touching her neck and kissing it any chance I got. I was getting lost in her eyes as we stared at one another; again, it was a connection I didn’t realize I could have so quickly.


The sun had set and we were still sitting in the parking lot of McDonald’s.


“Would you like to go somewhere more private?” asked ‘C’. “Maybe down a side road or something for a bit?”


I wasn’t about to say no because there was nothing more I wanted than to have even the slightest bit more privacy with this stunning woman. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot; immediately I saw a school on the other side and we both agreed it would be a great place to park. I stopped in the empty lot and we kissed some more, but ultimately decided it would be best to take it to the backseat of my car. I pushed the drivers seat up for more space and we got into the back. Immediately ‘C’ jumped me and forced me down onto the seat as we kissed. Then we had to stop because three kids were wandering by; we waited until they left. ‘C’ rubbed my hard cock through my jeans until we positioned ourselves so that she was sitting on my lap.


I looked up at her and still couldn’t believe how beautiful she was; I felt like the luckiest man in the world. We kissed some more; aggressively biting my bottom lip. I moved my hands up her shirt and under her bra to feel her breasts; rolling my thumbs over her nipples. I badly wanted to kiss and taste every bit of her body so I lifted her shirt and began sucking on her nipples; nibbling a bit with my teeth. I was in heaven. ‘C’ hopped off me and sat next to me once against before unbuttoning my pants and sliding her hand down the front to feel my cock through my underwear.


“Can I put your cock in my mouth?” said ‘C’.


The way she asked me felt incredible.


“You can do whatever you want,” I said.


“Yeah?” said ‘C’.


I pulled my pants down; my cock springing out before she leaned down and took me in her mouth. It had been a while since I’d received oral so it felt phenomenal. I ran my fingers and nails across her back while stroking her hair with my other hand; feeling her head bob down onto my cock. I sat back and just enjoyed it while trying to feel as much of ‘C’ as I could. She came back up and kissed me and I knew exactly what I wanted at that point; I wanted to taste her.


“My turn,” I said.


“Your turn?” said ‘C’. “Is that how it’s going to be?”


With the limited room we had to situate ourselves out first but soon enough she was sliding her pants off; revealing her sexy thick thighs. I was eager to bury my face between them as I attempted to help her take her panties off. The smell of her sex hit my lungs; she smelled amazing so I was sure she was going to taste just the same. I grabbed onto her thighs, spread her legs and went right in. I nibbled on her inner thigh a bit, but couldn’t take it anymore and licked her pussy. She tasted really good; it felt as though I was waiting to find some kind of issue along the way, but there was nothing. This girl was perfection.


I rolled my tongue over her clit before sucking on it. It wasn’t long before she started moaning and becoming the most vocal girl I have ever been with; which was so appreciated. ‘C’ told me early on she could orgasm quite easily so the louder she got the more I realized it was true. She grabbed onto my head and the clutched onto my hand that was holding her thigh tightly. I slid my fingers in ‘C’ and curled them; rubbing the inside of her pussy as I sucked her clit.


“Oh my god,” ‘C’ moaned.


Her entire body tightened up; her thighs wrapped around my head and her pussy around my fingers. When it was clear she had reached orgasm, I stopped for a moment and looked up at her. Another one of the sexiest moments of my life had just taken place in the same night. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to cum again so quickly, but I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more. I went back down on her, doing the exact same thing I had before for a few minutes until she came again. Two orgasms in ten minutes, I was feeling on cloud nine and once again I didn’t want to stop.


I went back down until there was a knock on the window. We both quickly looked up, it was one of the kids; he wasn’t knocking on purpose he bumped into the car while on his scooter. Did he see anything? Maybe it was quite dark though. We sat still as the three kids returned and slowly passed by. ‘C’ placed my hand on her clit and I rubbed her. I got distracted by seeing where those damn kids were going that it took me a moment to realize I had stop and it was ‘C’ using my fingers to rub herself like a toy.


“I really want to ride you,” said ‘C’.


I really wanted her to ride me too, there was nothing more I would have wanted but we knew we couldn’t without protection. I suggested going to the store again, but now it was too late; she had to leave soon. Instead she hopped on top of me and began grinding her wet pussy against my hard cock; it felt incredible. We were so close to that connection we desperately wanted, but the tease was just enough to satisfy for the time being. Again I did my best to feel every part of her; squeezing her ass cheeks in my hands.


Once we couldn’t take it anymore she climbed off and bent over to reach her glasses; her ass was presented to me and I couldn’t resist. I spanked her cheek, not too hard but enough to make her moan again. She turned back at me and with lust in her eyes said “if you do that again, I’m going to be reckless and ride you.” It took everything I had not to do it again, my hand was almost trembling. Then something happened neither of us expected.


Seemingly out of no where fifteen to twenty kids appeared. It was a small town, I guess there wasn’t much else to do then to hangout at the school parking lot. We sat as still as we could with both of our pants off. ‘C’ asked for my jacket so I took it off and handed it to her so she could cover up a bit better. Our luck they decided to gather at the front of the car and just talk to one another. None of them even looked towards or inside the car so I assume they didn’t have any idea, but who knows. We were stuck there for the time being.


We just sat there until ‘C’ grabbed my hand and placed it back on her clit; I rubbed her slowly as we desperately tried not to get caught. The whole situation got amplified by the chance of being caught.


“Is this bad?” said ‘C’.


“Maybe,” I said. “But it just got a lot more exciting, didn’t it?”




I rubbed her a bit more until the kids finally started to walk to another part of the parking lot, but still weren’t too far off. I didn’t want to get out of the car because the lights inside would come on. I maneuvered into the front seat, started the car and got the hell out of there. Driving around with an almost naked sexy women in my back seat was something I didn’t expect to be doing that night. We pulled over on a side road and got ourselves clothed and back to decent. We kissed a bit more, neither of us wanted the night to end but it had to. We discussed that we would both really like to see each other again and then I drove her back to her car and we said goodbye, not before a long kiss to hold us over until the next time.



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