BREAKING NEWS: It Finally Happened


It finally happened. After over a decade of touching myself; using my own hand to bring myself to orgasm, it finally happened. “J” made me cum without me having to touch myself once. It came as a surprise to both of us in the moment, but I have to say, it was quite the relief and hopefully a step in the right direction? It is ironic that it came – no pun intended – only a few days after I talked about my issue here on this blog. Let me take you through this monumental moment in my sex life while it is still fresh in my mind.


It was like any other night, I arrived at “J’s” place and she was waiting for me in the bathtub; naked and covered in suds. I’ll bet you know what happened next. Well don’t think that because you’re wrong, she dried off and we went into the bedroom – quite anti-climatic I know, but I wanted to get you slightly excited before the good bits happen. We had sex quickly and then snuggled our naked bodies together and watched a movie.


When the movie stopped we screwed around on the iPad before things began to get hot and heavy again. We kissed and she rubbed my cock that was quickly growing hard again. Her thighs looked so inviting, so I made my way down the bed and between her legs. I rolled my tongue over her clit before sucking on it. I took my time teasing her clit with my mouth before sliding two fingers inside her; curling against her pink fleshy entrance as she subtly moaned. I continued doing this with her fingers running through my hair and gripping onto either side of my head. She pushed me off but I kept the pressure on her clit with my fingers as she went through the motions of her orgasm.


We actually took another break after this because we were in no rush. While sitting watching television, I felt “J’s” hand wander over to my thigh before gripping onto my shaft. She began stroking me under the blanket until I rolled onto my back. Once on my back, she stroked even faster. It felt good, but still it felt the same as always. She squeezed and massaged my testicles and again it felt amazing as always, but there was no initial inkling that I was going to cum. “J” got an idea and pulled off the blanket to reveal my throbbing cock.


“Let’s try this,” she said.


“J” stood up, she was topless with tight pink underwear; it was a sexy look on her, but I digress. She grabbed a bottle of lube that I had thought we used up prior. Laying back down beside me she drizzled the lube onto my cock. This is where it started to happen; again it was a surprise because “J” had already jerked me off with lube in the past, but no dice.


I’m lying there with “J” stroking me; she switched back and forth from fast paced to a slow pace. At first she wasn’t gripping hard enough, but suddenly she hit a rhythm and I could feel it. I wanted to say something but I was so amazed by what was happening that I focused solely on my possible orgasm. I tried something I hadn’t prior; I tensed up my legs and ass, forcing my cock further outward and gave into the pleasure. I pushed a little, not too hard, just enough to add a bit of force and my god it worked. The stars were aligning and I felt like I was going to cum twice, but that feeling vanished. Then the third time I felt it, “J” worked me up to the point of no return.


“Here it comes,” I said.



Those words must have surprised “J,” but she didn’t miss a beat and it only encouraged her to stroke faster. Everything tensed up and cum shot up my chest; more spilling onto my stomach. She stroked me until every last drop was out; completely draining my balls. Suddenly she burst out laughing and I did as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy; she was ecstatic to be the first person other than myself to make me cum. I’ve got to say, it is a far better experience having someone else do it for you; being able to relax and feel the rush of pleasure overcome you and brought on by someone else. It was something I never experienced and thought I never would. I was reminded of the first time I came all over again. The challenge has been successfully completed! I feel like I should get “J” a framed certificate or something to acknowledge this accomplishment.


I’m glad I could share this experience with all of you and this is one of the reasons I started this blog; it was for stories and first time experiences. Let’s hope this won’t be the last time and I look forward to sharing many more first with you all soon!


Until next time… Happy Cumming,




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  1. I love these stories, don’t stop them from coming.

  2. Way to go, I can’t even imagine having sex without orgasm.

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