Fetish Friday: Feet


The Fucket List continues to expand and with that comes new content. Fetish Friday will be where we explore people’s fetishes – pretty self-explanatory right? I would have liked this to be a weekly article, but the time and effort it takes to put into it; we’re aiming for every other Friday. If you’re familiar with these fetishes or not, I’m sure you’ll find it quite interesting and insightful. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have any fetishes that I can think of and that is what intrigues me and where better to start than with arguably the most infamous fetish of them all – feet.


The Foot Fetish was something I just didn’t get prior to working on this article. I couldn’t understand why someone would be attracted to a foot. I had seen foot fetish videos online before and although it didn’t freak me out in any way, it just didn’t peak my interest, but that is the great thing about fetishes – you don’t have to. Everyone’s tastes are different and I would never judge someone’s fetish if that is what they like. Life is too short not to enjoy what you enjoy! That isn’t quite a Hemingway-esq quote, but I think it fits perfectly.


Since I had no prior in-depth knowledge of the foot fetish, I recruited some men who do share that kink to discuss what it is all about. This particular fetish is more prominent in men, so I felt we’d be okay going without a female voice this time around.


Let’s start from the beginning. When did you first discover you had this kink?

Duke (26, Florida): I was 20, in college and I had found a local BDSM club (Most would call it a dungeon). I made some friends, two of whom played around with foot stuff. I decided to give it a try and worshipped the girl’s feet while she stepped on my crotch. I knew right then that I enjoyed both.

JJ (30, Georgia): I’m not sure. I’ve always seen feet as private parts, even before puberty.

FucketList: Is that because they were generally covered up? Rarely seen, that made them much more intriguing to you?

JJ (30, Georgia): I don’t think so, breasts are usually covered up and they do nothing for me sexually.

FucketList: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man say that before. What is your sexuality if you don’t mind me asking?

JJ (30, Georgia): Yes, really. I don’t think I’ve heard it before either. I’m bisexual.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): I think I was quite young when I discovered that I liked feet in a aesthetically pleasing way. I remember I must’ve been six-ish and I had a nice friendship with the girl next door, we were about the same age and it was summer. We played for hours together and we’d make footprints on the patio slabs with our wet feet. It was fun, of course nothing sexual in it we were just kids. But I think the association of fun and with someone of the opposite sex and it’s relation to feet, maybe started there? Then of course as you go through school you have the classic stereotype of teachers in nylons or teachers in heels, still an innocent curiosity at that time. In terms of this being something sexual gotta fast forward to my early teens when women in general were becoming something I was sexually attracted to! I think maybe at that point it was perhaps a nervous thing, to look down when talking to women/girls, its a confusing time when you’re 13/14 and testosterone is kicking in, you want to talk to these girls but you don’t know how to. I remember my first big jaw dropping experience had to be when I was sixteen-ish? German class, I and a few friends of mine were sat on a desk that was at right angle to the rest of the class looking left to the board at the front, and ahead and to the right to see the rest of the class. I remember it was summer time very hot in the room and all the pretty girls were sat third row back in the classroom, they had all either taken their pumps off or were busy dangling them to try to get cool air to their feet,some had no socks either suffice to say, I really struggled to remain concentrated on German in that lesson and I’d keep stealing glances down and to the right where they sat.


What is it that makes you like feet so much?

Duke (26, Florida): I like the aesthetic and I enjoy worshipping bodies/body parts that have an appealing aesthetic. When I’m feeling submissive, I enjoy being beneath or lower than my partner and feet are as low as you can get. There’s also this unique sort of intimacy about them, that part I can’t explain.

JJ (30, Georgia): I don’t know what makes me like it.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): There’s a certain allure to them, they’re something not normally seen day to day (unless it’s summer). There’s a certain intimacy to them, you ever seen Pulp Fiction? Some good dialogue in that about the meaning of a foot massage, Tarantino gets it (he’s one of us by the way if you’d not guessed). Feet are fun to play with, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and in the right circumstances I’m fairly certain they produce pheromones. I like to see feet as quite a feminine thing, they’re delicate and beautiful.



Describe to me in your opinion, what makes a sexy foot?

Duke (26, Florida): Clean, soft, well taken care of. Not terribly chubby, somewhat slender without being boney. No long nails (scratches).

JJ (30, Georgia): Obviously I like when they’re taken care of, but just because they are, it doesn’t mean I’ll find them sexy. They don’t have to have nail polish, because I think I like natural nails mostly. I definitely prefer an arch over flat feet and I don’t like short toes as much as I like when they’re a bit longer.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Hard to say really, in terms of seeing the top of a woman’s foot I prefer toes to follow a diagonal uniform line from the big toe down to the little toe. There are of course exceptions to that rule, I remember one of my exes had really cute toes, they followed a more square shape; almost a straight line from the first smaller toe across to the little toe. I like no nail polish fine on some women, but dark reds or blues are awesome especially on paler feet they really stand out then. For darker feet I prefer a lighter colour to the nail polish, white or pink for example. Across the top of the foot I prefer less veins and definitely no hair hahaha. As for soles, nothing is better than smooth skin there, no cracks. I don’t really get the stereotype of going for wrinkles here on the sole, I prefer less wrinkles and more smooth skin given the choice.


Do you prefer feet over a woman’s butt or breasts?

 Duke (26, Florida): That is a very difficult question to answer. I am pickier about feet than I am the other two… so yeah. I am bisexual and I prefer male butts over feet; male butts over male feet, female butts over male butts and female feet over all.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Prefer is a strong word. For me I have always treated it as something on par with boobs and butts. It’s all beautiful.


Do feet related things turn you on? (Socks, shoes, etc.)

Duke (26, Florida): I like the look of fishnets on feet but in general, no. I prefer bare feet, easier to do stuff with.

JJ (30, Georgia): They don’t, unless I’m watching socks being taken off, or taking them off myself.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Not really, personally I don’t get shoes as a sexual thing, and socks are great when coming off 😉 Anklets are cute as fuck though 🙂



Do things like rings or nail polish attribute to sexy feet?

JJ (30, Georgia): Probably not. I do think they’re sexy, but I like bare the most. They’re covering feet up, the more vulnerable and exposed they are I suppose.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Ahh I kinda answered this one earlier, yes and no. No nail polish can look incredible, sometimes nail polish can equally look incredible it varies from woman to woman I think. I’ve never really seen toe rings in person, I can imagine they’re uncomfortable to wear? They don’t really do much for me anyway.

Duke (26, Florida): While I prefer bare feet with naked toes, decoration is always nice at times. There are certain colors I like and they change based on skin tone. I also really have a thing for foot tattoos.


Have you ever received a “foot job”?

Duke (26, Florida): Yes I have. It’s a nice change of pace. You can apply more pressure with feet than hands. They can step on your cojones at the same time or put one foot in your mouth while stroking your cock with the other. It’s difficult to cum from though for me. They really have to get the pressure and rhythm right. I more like it as a teasing thing. But when done right, having a soft sole rubbing up and down the bottom of your dick is pretty nice. I’ll take it over a handjob any day.

JJ (30, Georgia): I have, but I don’t particularly enjoy them. It feels a bit silly and cumbersome. I’d much rather have feet in my face.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): I’ve had many footjobs in the past! The first one was an experience! A little awkward because she hadn’t done one before it was only short though because she didn’t feel too comfortable which was fine! Several months later, with a lot of practice she was a pro! Footjobs are incredible, I don’t know if its because I naturally find them very sexy but it’s a completely different feeling to a handjob, the grip is firmer and if they look after their feet the soft skin feels amazing!



How else do you work feet into your sex life?

 Duke (26, Florida): Mostly foot worship, cock and ball torture (CBT), stepping on pressure points. Every now and then I’ll put coconut rope between someone’s toes cause it’s really scratchy and uncomfortable.

JJ (30, Georgia): I guess I don’t have a lot of variety. I like licking feet and sucking toes during sex and masturbation, whether with the girl’s feet or my own. I don’t care for other guy’s feet even though I’m bisexual. My girlfriend also likes licking and sucking my feet and I also get her off with my feet.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): I enjoy kissing soles and in the right circumstances the smell. Don’t misinterpret that though there’s times I find smell unbearable, I prefer clean feet. A light amount of smell though that isn’t overpowering is like a viagra effect! I remember my ex would love it when I played with her feet, she’d let me do it every night, it actually helped her to sleep. So win, win! I remember I was rubbing her soles and taking the odd sniff and it was amazing, it came to eventually that I was just breathing this in through my nose for about five minutes or so, kinda made me drunk almost, but insanely horny drunk, and I actually got myself to cum in this state, I was not touching myself at all and it was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. Then I had to stealthily get out of bed and change out of the boxer shorts I was in, then stealthily get back in bed. I’ve always been fascinated by licking a sole but my ex found that disgusting so I only did that once and there was one other woman who was very open to things but had very ticklish feet, she said she would be fine with it but equally didn’t want to accidentally kick my nose off! So she advised against it. I eventually found a solid technique to give her a foot rub so it didn’t tickle and she said she loved it. Foot massages themselves are a great way of relaxing your partner even if it’s not inherently sexual, hell I enjoy giving them anyway. I could rub feet for hours if allowed 🙂


Do you enjoy having your own feet played with?

Duke (26, Florida): I do! Having my feet licked and toes sucked is… an interesting sensation. And it feels like I’m degrading the person doing it so it’s fun that way.

JJ (30, Georgia): I do. Very much so.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Honestly I have no idea, not something anyone has wanted to do. I do have quite ticklish feet myself so maybe not?


How did you bring up your interest in feet with your partner?

Duke (26, Florida): My partners have all been on Fetlife (Social network for BDSM, Fetish and Kinky community) so they know about my fetish pretty early on in meeting me. When I want to engage them in that fetish, I usually started with a foot massage.

JJ (30, Georgia): She told me it was on my OkCupid profile. I don’t know how we started talking about it, but I got her into it.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): The first time? Was a bit nerve wracking! first real girlfriend, she’s going into detail over Skype chat of the sexual things we were going to do that weekend when we met up, and she asked me is there anything else you want me to do? I said we’ll, there is one thing but I don’t know if I should say it She said, what is it? You can say anything I don’t mind I said would you, use your feet? She said “how do you mean?” I said, like a footjob? She said “well I’ve never done that before, but of course I’ll do it for you!”

With the next woman a few years later I was much more mature in it and I’d accepted this already so it was easy to say, look there is one thing you should know, I do have a fetish She said, what is it? (clearly a little nervous) I like feet She said “really?” I was like “yeahh” not really sure of her reaction She turned to me and said “thank god it’s just feet!” and laughed “I thought you were going to say you were a furry or something!” So we had a laugh about it and that was that.

Then the last one I felt very confident, we’d talked a lot about sex and we were more friends than anything but she was super accepting of kinks and fetishes. Hell she told me once with an ex of hers she’d been asked to wear a mouth mounted dildo and fuck her ex in the ass with it, so me having a thing for feet was nothing, no big deal at all.



Best/Worst reaction you’ve received from someone?

Duke (26, Florida): I get a lot of ewwww… I had one male submissive putting me down for liking feet as I was licking a girl’s feet at a dungeon. Best reaction is when they ask for or offer foot worship instead of waiting for me to ask; makes me feel more like they like it instead of them just tolerating it.

JJ (30, Georgia): I don’t think I’ve had any memorable reactions.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): I’ve not really had a bad reaction yet? Though law of averages I think it’s bound to happen Best reaction though was when one woman I was talking to full on embraced it, started teasing me through the day on snapchat sending photos of her feet with different nail polishes and angles mixed with boobs and other photos, she said I could take screenshots of her feet just never anything of her face.


What celebrity has the best feet?

Duke (26. Florida): Eliza Dushku.

JJ (30, Georgia): You’d think I’d have a response to that already. I usually notice faces and body types first, then feet. I’d be into the feet of actresses like Daisy Ridley and Emma Watson and singers like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez whether or not I’ve seen their feet already or not. As for porn stars, most of them who do foot fetish content.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Tough, tough question, but it has to be Alison Brie


I’m going to show you a photo of my feet and I’d love to hear how you’d rate them.

Duke (26, Florida): I’d give them a 1 out of 10 with 10 being the best.

JJ (33, Georgia): Sure. You’re a male right? I probably won’t care for them.

(After seeing the photo)

I guess they’re not bad for a guy. I don’t like hair on my feet, so I always keep them shaved and the top of feet don’t do much for me.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): You might get downvoted to hell if you posted it on a foot fetish subreddit XD Urm they’re not really my cup of tea, sorry 🙂


What would you say to someone who might be a closet foot fetish person or someone who is interested in getting into it more?

 Duke (26, Florida): If you’re honest and genuine about it without being creepy and pushy, you’ll find people are more open to it than you would think. And it’s worth it when you do find it. Also, it’s my experience that submissive littles are usually the most open to trying it out.

JJ (33, Georgia): If you want to have fun with someone’s feet, you have to let them know about it. It’s not just going to happen because you want it to. I wish I wasn’t so ashamed and embarrassed about my fetish for so long. Bring the topic up casually and don’t make a big deal out of it or be a creep.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Do it, embrace who you are because from my experience, hating yourself because of it gets you nowhere. And since I came to terms with it I’ve had a lot of fun with it, if you’re nervous about bringing it up with your partner trust me she will be understanding and if she loves you she’ll at least give it a go. I’ve lived out a whole bunch of fantasys I honestly thought I never would because I was honest about it.



Finally, to the people who may be reading this and think you’re weird for having this kink. What would you say to them?

Duke (26, Florida): Your kink is not my kink and that’s okay.

JJ (33, Georgia): I’d say I stopped caring what you think a long time ago. Everything is weird to someone, and worrying about other people’s opinions has never made me happy.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): People like boobs, people like asses, boobs are mainly for feeding babies and asses are mainly for pooping yet these things are normal and ok to be sexualised? Why can’t feet be? Some people get their kicks (no pun intended) from feet, its just another area of the body. That’s how I like to portray it when I’m describing this fetish, it’s just another part of the female form I can love. Plus it’s a known erogenous zone, the sole, seriously do it right and she’ll be turned on, can confirm from experience 😉


Any final thoughts?

Duke (26, Florida): If you’re interested, try it. If your partner is interested, give it a shot. You very well might be surprised. And it’s okay if you don’t follow the stereotypes. You don’t have to like dirty, smelly feet and socks. You don’t have to pay women to degrade you just for liking feet. You don’t have to be submissive to like them and do stuff with them. You do you and fuck the rest.

JJ (33, Georgia): No, nothing else.

Matthew (26, Nottingham, UK): Final thoughts, feet are fun. Women all over the world spend a lot of time making them look pretty with nail polish and anklets and rings and looking after the skin of their feet, may as well sit back and enjoy it. If anything it’s gotta be nice that there are people who appreciate the effort you’ve made?


A woman’s body to me is admirale and why shouldn’t we love every aspect of them from head to toe – emphasis on the toes in this case. Sure, I’m not going to rush out and get a footjob, but I can understand where the fetish comes from. Just as these men stated, if you’re curious about a fetish – try it! There will always be someone else who has the same kink or at least someone open to trying it. And I want to thank Duke, JJ & (Insert Name Here) for taking the time to openly discuss their fetish.



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