Hot Woman Of The Week: Amanda Seyfried

This week The Fucket List pays tribute to the beautiful Amanda Seyfried. First seeing her in Mean Girls, who would have thought the “dumb blonde” would go on to be such a successful and talented actress. Enjoy some pictures and gifs from her sexy career so far.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

I’ve never actually seen Mamma Mia! because I’m not a big Abba fan. However, I remember seeing trailers for it and thinking she looked amazing. I don’t know if we can thank the cinematographer this one, but it showcased her larger than life eyes; piercing straight through the camera lens.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)


I saw this film in theatres… I know what you’re thinking, why? Well a friend wanted to go see it, so I’ll blame it on him. It ended up being pretty bad and much like every other teen at the time, I had a thing for Megan Fox. She was the hottest woman on the planet. I never pieced together at the time that the girl she was making out with in the film was the same girl from Mean Girls, but hey; I sure as hell know now.


Chloe (2009)


This movie just got added to my download list… I mean watch list. A film that centers around infidelity and sex with a naked Amanda Seyfried, count me in. Plus it also features a lesbian scene between her and who I think is one of the hottest older women on the planet – Julianne Moore. I always said that the oldest I would ever go would be whatever age Julianne was!


Lovelace (2013)


I was forced to watch this film at the time for the film magazine I was writing for at the time. I did a review and I don’t remember it all too well, but I do know it wasn’t as bad as I expected. You can expect a lot of titillating scene with Seyfried playing the infamous porn star Linda Lovelace.


The Way We Get Back (2015)

That’s about it, but I’m sure there will be more to come as she continues to dazzle on and off the screen. Amanda Seyfried truly is one of a kind.






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  1. Wow. Amanda looks really hot in the pics. And I say this as a woman lol.
    Thanks for sharing!


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