Hot Woman Of The Week: Charlize Theron

When I think of the word “sexy,” my mind always went straight to this woman; Charlize Theron. There is just something about her that radiates sex. Her voice, her look, her body and everything in between. There are some girls you look at in Hollywood and they are just that, “girls,” but Charlize is nothing less of a woman. 2015’s Mad Max quickly became one of my favorite action films and she still manage to have sex appeal with a bald head and a robotic arm. This week we pay tribute to the sexiest woman in Hollywood, Charlize Theron!


2 Days In The Valley (1996)


Charlize is from South Africa and quickly became one of the most desired after women in Hollywood after this role in 1996’s 2 Days In The Valley where she showed everyone she wasn’t camera shy or willing to show some skin pulling off this famous Basic Instinct-esq scene that will leave your heart skipping a beat.


Devil’s Advocate (1997)


Like everyone featured in these articles, she’s more than just a pretty face. Charlize’s has some tremendous acting chops even earning herself an Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award for her role in 2003’s MonsterĀ where she went under one of the most drastic transformations in film history.


The Cider House Rules (1999)


The first time I saw Charlize Theron on screen was in the film Mighty Joe Young. When I was young I wasn’t into film as much as I am today, so it wasn’t until the film Hancock where she plays a badass superhero that I was reminded of her. I then started watching her other films and she quickly became one of my top ten favorite actresses – even though she was in the latest Fast and The Furious film…


Playboy (1999)


Alright, now that I’ve gushed over how much I love Charlize as an actress and more importantly as a person, this article is meant to be about their hotness. We’ve seen Charlize nude in many films, but it wasn’t until putting this articles together that I found out she posed for Playboy back in 1999.


Reindeer Games (2000)


Charlize does not have the kind of voluptuous breasts as last week’s Kate Upton but I love breasts of all shapes and sizes. Her darkened nipples contrast her body perfectly; making her look like a work of art.


Head In The Cloud (2004)


This scene is by far my favorite “sexual” scene from her career. Her wet, glistening skin as she wears nothing but a fedora and tie is so simplistic but so damn sexy. I have to praise the director for this scene, but Charlize really has the body to make this scene that much more titillating.


The Burning Plain (2008)


Charlize is an icon that really doesn’t get shown the kind of notoriety as many other women in Hollywood. She’s been a consistently good actress and a sex symbol for over a decade.


Fast & Furious 26 (Or Something Like That) Premiere (2017)


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