Hot Woman Of The Week: Cory Chase


That’s right, we’re going there! I figured why just do actresses, musicians or athletes when there are beautiful, sexy women in many other industries. One of the main industries that produces many hot women is in porn. There is no denying it and I doubt anyone here who reads my blog is a prude by any means. With that being said, it is time to introduce the first ever pornstar to grace The Fucket List’s Hot Woman Of The Week.


I previously did a list of my top fifteen favorite pornstars and this woman appeared on that list, but not in the #1 spot. However if I had to do the list all over again, I would move her up because we all go through different moods for our favorite in anything and right now my mood at the moment is Cory Chase! My love of older women has only grown stronger after my first time seeing this 38-year-old vixen. She has become more mainstream in porn and featured heavily on the various websites (you know which ones, don’t act like you don’t).


Cory has Hollywood looks with a body to die for. She reminds you of the Mother you wish your friend’s had; the kind you see in the movies. However in her case, you get to see everything without the subtle tease that leaves you with blue balls. Cory looks just as good with her clothes on as she does off; despite having seen her naked multiple times over, the anticipatory mystery in the clothes she wears still gets me (and many other guys… some women too) going. Who knew that I would agree with Ted Cruz on something, but he’s clearly got good taste in porn. There was so much content on this week’s hot women that it was hard just choosing what to include in this article, but damn did I have doing it. So, please enjoy the gorgeous and sexy Cory Chase!


Cory started her career in porn in 2009 being featured pseuo-insest videos playing the “mother” role.

Before she got into porn she was a dog sitter and worked in the catering industry.

The New Jersey native has now become more of a mainstream pornstar working with porn juggernauts Brazzers, Mofos, BangBros, Naughty America and Reality Kings just to name a few.

This year you may remember she was in the news after Texas Senator Ted Cruz accidentally “liked” one of her porn videos. It quickly became a viral news story to which Cory responded by saying “The like is not mutual”. Can’t blame her on that one.

She always provides AVN award-worthy scenes and is a hot talent right now within the industry.

From her voluptuous breasts, to her athletically tight stomach her body is a work of art. Cory’s body seems almost flawless with a plump ass that you just want to grab and squeeze.

Cory is able to make oral sex look elegant and tasteful (no pun intended). While making you envy every actor she has appeared with and gotten to feel just what her lips can do.

Cory Chase truly is the #1 MILF in America! Here is to hoping she doesn’t retire anytime soon. Congratulations to Cory for being the first pornstar to be our hot woman of the week.

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  1. I have to agree that Cory is #1 MILF, and certainly at the top of her field in all ages, in my opinion…

    A lot of criticism I see with her is people who don’t like the ‘incest’ aspect of many of her videos, but to me she plays them with humour -like all her stuff, it’s not that she is actually acting out a proper incest scene (in fact, a lot of the so-called incest are actually involving her as a step-mother or something, not really incest)…to me it is as if she is acting out a private fantasy in the bedroom, which are often more humorous than serious. I often find that Cory’s videos leave me laughing when the plot unfolds -the MILF-Glue one was freaking hilarious all the way through to me, and at the end when the stepson says he’s going to tell dad that Cory is stripped bare naked in the kitchen and glued to the table lol

    I do think her breast augmentation is a little too big, but her body overall is wonderful, she works out, and it shows, too many porn actresses have flabby or ill-defined abdominals, she is very pretty, I think, and even though I tend to find glasses a turn-off they aren’t with her!

    I agree completely with what you said about Cory being the kind of MILF mother that we all wish our friends had, I certainly had fantasies about some of my friend’s mothers, but none looked as good as her!

    I also agree that she looks great clothed or unclothed, and, like you, find myself being turned with anticipation when she starts to get undressed -or is stripped lol It is weird, even though I feel I can identify every part of her body, I never get bored of watching her disrobe.

    One final point, from me, is the fact that she has no tattoos or piercings, a HUGE turn-off for me, and I can never understand why other mostly younger pornographic actresses feel the need for ugly tattoos or bizarre piercings on what are otherwise wonderful bodies.

    Thanks for the page, it’s time Cory received some recognition out there lol

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