Hot Woman Of The Week: Dakota Johnson


That’s right, despite never seeing or wanting to see The Fifty Shades Of Grey series, this week we celebrate the star of the films Dakota Johnson. The reason for this is because… well she’s hot and deserves a spot on here. The first time I saw Johnson was in the film The Social Network, I had no idea who she was or that she was Hollywood “royalty” (daughter of Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith). All I remember was she had a nice butt wrapped up tightly in some red Stanford underwear. That was literally the only scene of the movie she was in and it still stuck out to me over all the other women in the film.


Social Network (2010)

The next time I saw Johnson was in the short-lived television series Ben and Kate where she starred alongside Nat Faxon as siblings. The show wasn’t that bad and pretty funny, but like most FOX shows they cancelled it early. However this was the first time I got to see Johnson other than that girl in her panties (who I didn’t realize was the same girl until later on). There was something about the way she spoke that I found sexy, along with her bright red lips.


Ben And Kate (2012-2013)

Then it happened after not seeing her for a while, she was cast in Fifty Shades Of Grey. I was excited, not for the films, but the fact I was going to get to see her likely nude. Unless they planned on doing a PG version of the film. I’ve never seen the films, but you know I’ve taken a look at certain scenes.

Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)


Boy, did it deliver. Her body was just as sexy bare as it was covered. Johnson’s nude ass had my mind spinning; getting me to close to wanting to watch the whole film, but not quite enough. Then I found out there were gonna be two more? I knew there were three books, but I assumed they’d try and squeeze it all into one film, but I underestimated Hollywood’s need to make more money.


Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


Alright, you’re probably thinking I should have done this list once the third one was released, but I couldn’t wait. Plus there is plenty here, I don’t think her ass or breasts are going to look any different in the third one.



At only 28 years old, Johnson has a long career ahead of her and if The Fucket List is still around then; I guess I’ll just have to do a part two. I hope you enjoyed this weeks hot woman!




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