Hot Woman Of The Week: Eugenie Bouchard


It wasn’t until recently that I noticed I haven’t shown enough love to my home country of Canada. Home of universal health care and some of the most beautiful women in the world. No one embodies the phrase ‘Hot Canadian Women’ like Tennis superstar Eugenie Bouchard. The drop dead gorgeous blonde is a tremendous athlete and it shows in her fit sculpted body. This week we pay tribute to Canada’s sweetheart Genie.


Genie is twenty-three years old from Montreal, Quebec. She has a career singles tennis record of 225-157 with her highest ranking coming in October of 2014; reaching #4 in the world.


She looks like the girl next door despite being a world class athlete. Her pearly white smile, dirty blonde hair are just two features to make your heart melt. Genie is classically beautiful with a happy-go-lucky personality that sucks you in. Unless she’s on the court, then she becomes an intense competitor every great needs to win.


I don’t follow Tennis as much as I do other sports but I’ve always made it a point to watch Genie (and fellow Canuck Milos Raonic) when they’re in major tournaments or finals.


Only three years younger than I am, I feel I have a chance?


It wasn’t until her cover of Sports Illustrated that she showed off her tight body; with a fit figure you’d expect. I was going to write some more but I got hypnotized by the gif I posted above.


Genie dressed up as one of the women from Baywatch for this year’s Halloween. Proving to be the only redeeming factor to come from the 2017 film. Congratulations to Eugenie Bouchard on being this week’s hot woman! You can accept your award at my place or yours, I’ll have wine and flowers regardless.




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