Hot Woman Of The Week: Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly can be traced back as one of my first Hollywood crushes. My Aunt was a huge David Bowie fan and I remember watching The Labyrinth with her over and over again while developing a strong liking for Jennifer. This would have been in the late ’90s when I saw it and I would have been nine or ten years old. I hadn’t quite gotten to the liking girls stage of my life, but I knew I enjoyed seeing her on screen. She was only fifteen at the time she filmed that movie, so she was also technically my first older woman “crush”. It wasn’t until I saw Blood Diamond that I was reminded of her and came to realize time had been really good to her (and still has). This week we pay tribute to the naturally beautiful, ’90s icon – Jennifer Connelly.


The Hot Spot (1990)

With this particular film, I’ve seen this scene multiple times when searching Jennifer Connelly. It seems to be the most searched film of hers because of the full frontal nudity she displays. I’ve got to admit, it has intrigued me to watch them film, but for now I’ll just watch these gifs a few times. Her tight wet body, really is the epitome of her sexiness and it all came in her first nude scene – we truly are blessed.


Career Opportunities (1991)

Career Opportunities takes place in a Target – how could this not be a great film? Connelly develops a relationship with the overnight janitor. Her tight white t-shirt shows off the fact she doesn’t need a bra – her perky breasts looking phenomenal regardless. Let’s not forget the scene where she riding a mechanical horse; it looks like she’s riding… well, you get where I’m going with this.


Of Love And Shadows (1994)

Connelly played Irene; a magazine editor living under Chile’s dictatorship. She ends up falling for Francisco (Antonio Banderas) a photographer and sympathizer with a resistance group. This leads to some forbidden passionate encounters with the culmination of her sexiness being presented in the photo above. My god! Sometimes the sexiest thing about a woman’s outfit is leaving a bit to the imagination.


Mulholland Falls (1996)

This film I didn’t see, but that garter belt, round ass and hanging breasts make a remarkable case for watching it. This was our first look at Connelly in lingerie and it doesn’t disappoint – despite the scene being only a few seconds, we can’t help but become aroused as she positions herself on her hands and knees.


Inventing The Abbotts (1997)

In a film that also features Liv Tyler, Connelly steals every scene she is in. This scene in particular is by far my favorite sexual scene of hers. Unlike in Career Opportunities, Connelly is riding something other than a mechanical horse. It is the look she gives off camera that makes me melt. Her sinful smile as she continues to have sex while being watched is one of the sexiest looks I’ve ever seen.



Waking The Dead (2000)

Side boob! I know I sound childish, but who doesn’t enjoy some nice side boob? In this sex scene with Billy Crudup, Connelly doesn’t leave much to the imagination as their bare bodies rub against one another. Crudup plays a congressional candidate who questions his sanity after the love of his life – and presumed dead – suddenly emerges.

House Of Sand And Fog (2003)

Finally a close-up of her stunning round ass. Connelly may be known for her incredible breasts, but her ass is nothing to sleep on. The arch in her back as she is pulled closer in an embrace exudes lust.


Blood Diamond (2006)

There may be no nudity or even revealing outfits for Connelly in this film, but it displays her acting ability and beauty. Blood Diamond is my favorite film of hers and – as I mentioned earlier – was my reintroduction to her as a teen. Her flawless sun-kissed skin and piercing green eyes had me falling in love with her all over again. This was a reminder that she isn’t just a sexual icon, but a tremendous actress as well.

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

Her later films I never watched either – in fact I think Blood Diamond, may be the newest film I’ve seen her in and that was in 2006. Connelly only grew better with age like a fine wine – this scene makes that evident.


Jennifer Connelly At 46

For me personally Jennifer Connelly went from this 15-year-old girl I had a crush on when I was 10-years-old to a sexy, gorgeous, talented woman. The longevity of my “crush” has lasted for sixteen years and is truly proof of her stunning beauty. Congratulations on being this week’s ‘Hot Woman Of The Week’. To give thanks… call me…



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