Hot Woman Of The Week: Kate Mara

I wanted to pick a woman this week that had a Halloween feel to it; however I had Kate Mara in the back of my mind for a while now. Well Kate Mara was in the first season of American Horror Story, so take that! I know Isla Fisher was last week, but I never meant to have back to back red heads, but like Charlie Brown I too have a special place in my heart for ginger haired girls. Happy Halloween and please enjoy this compilation of hot photos of the stunning Kate Mara.

Shooter (2007)

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen the Shooter, mainly because I can only take so much Mark Wahlberg. However, I could not disclude this gif of her in the film with Kate showing off her darkened nipples through her tight white shirt. She is a petite woman, but doesn’t lack depth when it comes to her body and that will be proven in the next little bit.

House Of Cards (2013)

The first time I saw Kate Mara in anything was Netflix’s House Of Cards. She had this look about her that exuded sex, just the way she looked at Frank in the show had me melting.

She quickly became one of my favorite women on television and thus I started to seek out some of her other work. Nothing lived up to these scenes in House Of Cards and I’m forever thankful to both the director and casting director.

It was the scene above that she revealed my favorite feature of hers – her plump bare ass being revealed almost hitting the camera as she bends over to remove her underwear.

The ‘just fuck me’ look she gives Frank (Kevin Spacey) as he takes photos of her opened up hoodie leaving just a bit more to the imagination. It was a well shot scene that not only showed off Kate’s near-naked body for the first time, but it really said a lot about both characters.

I included this above photo because who doesn’t want to see a girls “O” face?

Finally, this photo on Frank’s phone is the only chance we get to see her bare breasts and nipples – which don’t disappoint. Again with that look… god damn!



Many of you may know Kate’s sister the Academy Award nominated Rooney Mara for the film Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Clearly talented actors runs in the family.



One thing you may not know about Kate is that she is the descendant of the owners of the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, claiming to be fans of both teams. She has gotten to see both teams hoist the Lombardi Trophy, while I’ve never seen any of my teams win a thing…



House Of Cards… One More Time

Why not end with my favorite role of her again. I know I included many photos and gifs or Kate in House Of Cards, but really it is the epitome of her sex on screen. I’m really glad this Halloween I could offer you the treat of Kate Mara.



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