“J’s” Perspective: Anal Sex

Hello fellow sex fiends, “J” here again!


Tonight for the first time we tried anal… Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed it.


At first it was tough and it hurt, but once Mike was able to adjust himself into me, it felt good. As he thrust in, I could feel my muscles from my thighs to my belly button contract, it was intense. As he slid out I could feel the head of his cock slide down my anal cavity – oh the goosebumps.


Eventually it began to sting a little so I had to slowly slide out, but it was a marvelous first attempt. I turned around and stood facing Mike, I could see the secretions from our previous act making the hair on his testicles stick together. That turned me on, so I did what any woman in my position would do, I grabbed his cock and removed our used condom, slid a new one on and pushed him down to the bed.



At this point I couldn’t keep my moans silent anymore, I wanted him so badly. Every thrust made me want to feel him even deeper inside my soaking wet cunt. And then he slowed down, “Oh No!” I remember saying and he began to fuck me in perfect rhythm. Making the walls of my vagina contract, I was about to have an extremely intense orgasm. I could feel the build up and he stopped. This time I begged, “no, no no” and held onto him. He slid his fingers inside me and furiously rubbed my clit and “g” spot.


I couldn’t contain it any longer. My back began to arch and I couldn’t muffle my sounds no mater how hard I tried. The build up was so intense I didn’t know what to expect. After my vagina contracted more times than I can count and I came over his fingers, I rolled over and collapsed. That was it for me… But not for him!


It was time for him to cum on me somewhere, but that part of the blog is for Mike and hopefully his interpretation of this evenings events.


Happy fucking, y’all,

– “J”

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