My First Orgasm (Embarrassingly Hilarious)

We’ve all been there, the pubescent hormone ridden preteens/teens unsure what these new feelings are. For me I was twelve years old when I first discovered the little joys of pressing my hard cock up against anything and everything. Before we get to the moment of my first orgasm I want to discuss some really embarrassing things I did before discovering masturbation. Oh god they’re embarrassing but I think we’ve all been there. I’ve always been open and honest with my readers so why pump the breaks now.


The first time I decided to be a little deviant was in the bathroom. I can’t remember what sparked this sudden urge to be naked, but it was a thrilling feeling. I stripped down and sat on the side of the bathtub with the porcelain between my legs. The tub was cold when my testicles first touched it, then I pressed down my hard cock onto the side of the tub before leaning forward to put all my body pressure on my throbbing cock. I was in puberty bliss.


The most embarrassing moment of all was the stuffed bear incident. One night after everyone went to sleep I had a “date” with my stuffed bear. Now I’m not talking about a small teddy bear, this was one of the large ones you could win at a carnival. I remember climbing out of bed on the dark and going into my closet to find it. I brought it back to my bed and fucked the shit out of it and that isn’t a figure of speech; there was stuffing everywhere. I fucked that bear in every position I could think of and just the friction against the head of my cock was enough to make me happy. Strangely I clearly knew what sex was, yet I had no idea what cumming was yet. That discovery would come not too long after.


It was years ago and I can’t remember where I discovered masturbation. I’m sure I just realized that tugging on my genitals was doing much more for me than any stuffed bear or bathtub could ever do. This is one moment I remember vividly. I was tugging away when suddenly this strange alien like feeling came over me. My chest tightened and I panicked! I stopped what I was doing and waited to calm down. I was terrified I thought I was going to have heart attack and I’d be found dead in a compromising position. Little did I know I was on the brink of my first orgasm. I touched the tip and felt precum. Idiot me thought that must be the cumming we learned in sex education. I figured the precum was the grand finale.


The next day I was sitting in my bean bag chair. I was big into the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) at the time. I was reading through a magazine and the last page always featured a diva – “divas” were what they called the women’s division at the time. There was Christy Hemme in a bikini with pie on her ass. My heart was racing and maybe this is where my infatuation with asses began? Funny enough I came across this magazine under the stairs. I took a photo and attached it below. It wasn’t much, but at that age it was more than enough as I felt myself grow hard.



I made a commitment in that moment, I didn’t care if it killed me; I was going to push past the “heart attack”. I was prepared for the little bit of precum that might come out again. I had a tissue on my stomach and I began masturbating with an end goal in mind. That feeling came upon me again. I felt worried again but didn’t stop. Suddenly my ass clenched and my testicles felt like they were lifting inside of me as I dug the heels of my feet into the rug. Like a shot of lightning I felt the release I had always wanted yet didn’t know existed. I came and I came hard. Streams of cum shot onto the tissue as I held it up to catch everything; nearly ripping right through the thin material.


I had discovered the pleasures of orgasm thanks to Christy Hemme. A few years later she posed for Playboy and I got plenty of use out of that magazine. A whole new world had opened up for me and I kept it a secret. In this little world I figured I was the only person doing it when in reality nearly everyone was doing it – especially those of the same age. I felt like such a deviant as if this was my rebellious phase; boy did I have some learning to do. I still remember the first time I discovered I wasn’t the only one with this secret and I remember the first pornographic video I watched, but that is a story for another time (plus some research, maybe I’ll be able to find that scene). Masturbation is one of the few things I enjoyed doing when I was younger that I still enjoy doing now.


Until next time… Happy cumming,


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