Pornstar Tribute: Sasha Grey

Years Active: 2006 – 2013

377 Porn Titles

Nationality: English, Irish, Polish, Greek

Birthday: March 14th 1988

From: Sacramento, California



Sasha Grey is the perfect person to start off our Pornstar Spotlight series. She has become a legend within the industry and is the best representation of the industry because of her talent and ability to use porn as a stepping stone to pursue other career opportunities. Since retiring from porn she’s become an actress, author, photographer, entrepreneur and DJ. However what we’re here to talk about today is her porn career and how she became one of the most notorious names in the industry.



In 2006, Sasha Grey began her porn career. Her sex positive attitude and enthusiasm in every scene is what made her a favorite with the fans. She didn’t look like the porn star you pictured when you hear the phrase porn; Grey looked like the girl next door who had a wild side. Her most famous genre was hardcore porn where she would do everything from rimming a guy, being slapped around and licking the occasional toilet; she was a freak – in the good sense of the word.


Scene From Sasha Grey’s First Porn Film Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge


Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge where she was involved in an orgy scene. Her legend all began here when she asked Siffredi to punch her in the stomach that she improvised for the scene. Word spread quickly of Grey, a kinky actress who was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.



The name Sasha Grey comes from the Oscar Wilde novel The Picture Of Dorian Grey as well as the Kinsey scale, a measurement of homosexual and heterosexual attraction because she sat right in the middle performing scenes with just as many women as men throughout her career.



For me personally, she’s one of my favorite Pornstars because of her enthusiasm as well as being a white girl with one hell of an ass! It is also a huge plus for me that she doesn’t look fake. I’ll take an all natural girl any day!



Grey is a multiple time award winner including AVN awards for Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Oral Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene and 2008’s Female Performer Of The Year to name a few.



Sasha Grey is a true legend in her field and deserves nothing but the upmost respect for what she has helped contributed to the sex industry. Today we pay tribute to the icon that is Sasha Grey!



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