The Condom Spark


I recently discovered a new turn on that I never realized was a thing – the condom! Okay, maybe I need to explain more because this isn’t a PSA about safe sex; you readers I’m sure (I hope) already know about practicing safe sex. No, this is about what the condom represents and a discovery I made thanks to a date I went on with a woman I’ll refer to as ‘L’ for anonymity purposes. Let me tell you the story of this sexual epiphany I had, but to do that allow me to start from the beginning.


I met ‘L’ online – I know, big shocker right? We clicked right away over our love of South Park and video games; a curvy girl with bleach blonde hair. We made plans to meet one afternoon and I found my way to her house. Things got hot and heavy and by “hot and heavy” I mean we laid on the couch and played Xbox. It was a nice relaxed first date that went as well as I could hope. However, during this date she teased something to me – she teased a certain item she bought at the store the day before. Unfortunately ‘L’ wouldn’t break and tell me what it was at the time. I assumed she got a new toy of some kind, but ended up forgetting about it for the rest of the night.


The next day we were discussing the date and she eventually confessed to what she bought. ‘L’ purchased condoms as a “just in case anything were to happen,” precaution. Immediately I was reminded that I in fact didn’t have any condoms on me; suddenly I was becoming increasingly aroused by the thought. I wasn’t sure why, but the fact she came prepared had me needing a cold shower. Here was this girl who I had only been talking to on my phone – set time out of her day to purchase something that would go on my cock in case she wanted me inside her.


I’m sure many will say “it should be the man’s responsibility to purchase and carry the condoms,” but this isn’t about that and hopefully it won’t spark some outrageous debate in the comment section. I do agree with that sentiment to an extent; I believe both parted should be prepared, but for something that goes on the male anatomy it is assumed the man would provide the condoms. This was something I never experienced before, every girl I had been with never had condoms on hand and I wondered if that was what was playing into my sudden arousal. I did something thinking about it and a bit of research in an attempt to dig a bit deeper into why I had this reaction.


The first thing I came up with was the desired factor. As I mentioned before, she wanted to or at least considered having sex with me. Women like to be desired, but I have a surprise for any women reading this – men want to be desired too. We rarely get a chance to feel desired – at least not as much as women do. This tiny gesture showed me the desire she had for me and ignited something inside.


The other thing I came up with was that I love a confident woman. Nothing turns me on more than a woman who knows what she wants with a sex positive attitude. She doesn’t fuck around to put it not-so-subtly. ‘L’ is a sexual person who has no issues or social restraints to express what she wants and how she wants it. In fact, confidence is probably the sexiest quality a woman can have in my opinion.


What I hope you get out of this is, everyone has different random kinks; some that may have yet to be discovered, but that’s okay. Women make your man feel desired – grab his ass every once in a while and men don’t forget to repay the favor. The last thing I’ll say based on my latest discovery is if you want something, take it! With consent of course! Don’t forget to express and communicate with your partner what turns you on; your love life will be all the better for it!


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