Sexy Subreddits: /r/SnakeButt


We recently featured the subreddit /r/FrogButt on The Fucket List and it was brought to our attention that there is a subreddit that spawned from /r/FrogButt. That subreddit is called /r/SnakeButt. Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a love for butts, so the more the merrier I say. The Snake Butt is similar to the Frog Butt in that it is referencing a particular pose. Laying with one leg curled and the other stretched back out. I decided to go through /r/SnakeButt and pick ten of my favorite posts. The first one I’m going to start with is the post from the Frog Butt subreddit that inspired Snake Butt!


Don’t forget to comment your favorite one! Whether it be from my list or your own.


1. The First Snake Butt

The first Snake Butt from r/SnakeButt

2. By The Book Snake Butt

by the book snakebutt 🐍🍑[F] [23] [OC] [HQ from r/SnakeButt

3. Glistening Ebony Snake Butt

Glistening ebony SnakeButt from r/SnakeButt

4. PAWG Snake Butt

PAWG SnakeButt from r/SnakeButt

5. Your Fav View

your fav view🐍🍑 from r/SnakeButt

6. Happy Monday

🐍🍑 Happy Monday from r/SnakeButt

7. Just My Snake Butt

(OC) Just my snakebutt 🐍 from r/SnakeButt

8. Very First Snake Butt Post

Very first SnakeButt post 🐍🍑 from r/SnakeButt

9. Black Caramel Snake Butt

Black caramel SnakeButt from r/SnakeButt

10. Happy Hump Day

Happy humpday 🐍🍑 from r/SnakeButt




4 Replies to “Sexy Subreddits: /r/SnakeButt”

  1. Thanks for your humbled post, feels good to been seen 🙂

  2. This is such a cool sub!!! there really is a sub for everything haha

  3. those are some nice asses not gonna lie. i will subscribe.

  4. Stumbled onto your blogsite from a Reddit sub. Love this article on the SnakeButt, its a really cool community. Love the main mod there and the girls who post are exquisite.

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