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“I was forced to leave my old views behind and become more aware of my own body.”


32-year-old Olivia is originally from Brazil, now living in North America. A couple of years ago she made a living as both a cam girl on Chaturbate and a premium model on Snapchat. Despite being retired now, she happily sat down with us to discuss her time within the sex industry; this is her story.


Was there a reason behind you choosing Chaturbate as your platform over the others?

Chaturbate is one of the most popular platforms for that kind of stream. More viewers, so it’s easy to start there to build your followers.


Let’s jump back to the beginning before we go any further. How did you first get into streaming?

I was sick of working minimum wage jobs and getting nowhere. I wanted to be my own boss for so long, but I was married at the time and my husband wasn’t supportive when it came to me starting a business. He came up with the idea to stream online for fun and for extra cash and I jumped into it after the first stream, looking at it from a business point of view. I had a lot of fun and we made over a hundred dollars the first time with only one hour of work. To be honest I was so desperate to work for myself and get out of retail that I didn’t even think of the consequences. It seemed like the logical thing to do.


Were you doing mostly couple streams or solo work as well?

Mostly couple streams, but I had a Snapchat account where I sold solo private shows separately.



What was your first stream like?

It was fun! I thought it was going to be awkward as fuck, but people were so nice and surprisingly respectful. It boosted my self-esteem with thousands of people being there to see me and complimenting me, not only my appearance but everything about me. People were interested in what I liked to do and even my opinions as well. This was a bit of a shock; it’s almost like they are there to make a connection before taking care of business. Perhaps it’s more meaningful that way. That’s why I got hooked.


How often were you putting on shows?

At first, we were doing it twice per week, but then my husband didn’t want to do it as much anymore, so we started doing it every two weeks or sometimes even longer. That’s when I was moving more towards Snapchat and started doing private shows.


Where did you do these shows from?

Just the bedroom. Usually, we’d sit on the bed with a glass of wine, but there was enough room to show off in front of the camera too.


Were your streams on Chaturbate for an audience or just private sessions?

It was public. We had private sessions for sale as well. Usually, we had it all public until we’d get to our goal and then sell tickets to the private show. No more than fifty people would watch the private show. We also did some private for only one viewer outside of Chaturbate.


Were you faking it?

It was not fake. Before we started streaming I thought that I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but in fact, I enjoyed it more when it was on stream.



How did it affect your sex life?

It actually made it better. Something new and different. I wanted to save it all for the stream after a while. Because I enjoyed it more. I felt like I could be myself a little more too because that’s what’s hot and that’s what sells. People can usually tell when you are faking it.

Here’s how Chaturbate helped me with my sexual inhibition: yes I am Brazilian, and you’d think that Brazilians are more sexual people. And they are, but not openly. Brazil is still a sexist country and women who talk about sex there are considered “whores”. So you learn not to talk about it, even though it’s everywhere. There are naked women on open public tv in the middle of the afternoon, but there can’t be open conversations about your sexuality. That made me scared to put myself out there. To even say things that I want and enjoy doing in bed. On Chaturbate, you had to put up a show per se. If you have boring sex, you prob won’t be able to keep your viewers. So from a business standpoint, I had to come out of my shell if I wanted it to work. I had to. There was no other way about it. I was forced to leave my old views behind and become more aware of my own body.


How much were you making?

We made between $150-$300 per stream. It depended on how many tickets we’d sell on the private shows. Our goal was always at $150 to even start the tickets sale to the private shows. We’d usually get to that in 30 to 40 minutes and the private show lasted between 15 and 20mins, so we could be done in one hour. Anyway, that wasn’t a lot, but we only had like 3 thousand followers and we were doing more for fun then for income to see if that’s something we wanted to keep doing.


What were the weirdest request you’ve declined and the weirdest you accepted?

I didn’t have that many weird requests. One that I found interesting was a bubble gum video. Just a close up of my mouth making a bubble. It wasn’t really weird in my opinion, just different.


And did you do it?

No, but only because I didn’t have bubble gum.


Is there anything you refused to do?

We had rules on the page so we didn’t really accept requests like that. It was on a menu. The bubble gum request only came up bc I was chewing gum one day when we started the stream, other than that we did only what was on the menu.


What was your best and worst experience?

I don’t think I had bad experiences. We didn’t stream for long, and every experience was pretty much the same.



Did you keep this a secret from friends and family?

No. There’s no point in trying to keep it a secret. Our videos all got recorded and leaked in different websites, where other people would sell them for money. Chaturbate does little to protect your content. So if you are thinking about streaming and you intend to keep it a secret, try to hide your face. That’s my advice. Even hiding your face, there’s a risk. Just know that your entire stream will always get recorded and uploaded somewhere else!


Did anyone you know ever confronted you about it?



What were your average viewer numbers?

About 3 thousand.


Take us through what would happen during one of your shows?

We used this one method because it seemed to work the best. We had it all divided by goals, usually, I’d wear four pieces of clothing and he’d wear three. The goal was to get us both naked. Every time we’d get to the goal, we’d start the next. And we chatted all in between. Answered questions from our viewers and sipped on wine. It felt a lot like just being at a bar with friends. Haha! At the end of all goals, we’d sell the tickets to the private show. Even though it was mostly about sex, it never felt that way to me. I enjoyed the talking and connecting part more than anything. And I could be all flirty and sexy at the same time. It just came naturally to me for some reason. I got a lot of comments on how comfortable I seemed with myself.


Would you ever consider doing porn?



Did you use toys? Do you have a favorite toy?

I didn’t have any toys. I eventually bought one of those that the viewers can control, but I could never get it to pair up.



You had a premium Snapchat, how would that work and what would someone get from being a subscriber?

Anybody had access to my Snapchat, but there were two stories, the free ones – that’s how I’d try and get the viewers to sign up to the paid stories. I had monthly subscribers that got to see my premium stories. Which was a lot of masturbation and shower videos, also more provoking pictures. I would post a “clean preview” of what people would get if they paid for it. Or I’d post a photo and cover the best part with stickers as a strategy. A lot of girls only have paid Snapchat, and I think that’s a missed opportunity when you first start.


How much did you charge for the premium subscription? How many subscribers did you have?

I charged $10 per month, I only had Snapchat for a few weeks before I stopped camming, so I got 7 subscribers at that point. Nobody paid me for more than one month there before I quit.


Do you still stream?



How long did you stream for?

I think it came to 4 months total. I don’t remember exactly. It wasn’t for long.


What are the pros and cons of streaming?

Pros: Be your own boss. Make your own hours. Low-cost startup. Cons: You are “exposed”. It might take a while to start making consistent money



Do you regret it? Or think about going back?

I don’t regret it. Everything in life is a learning curve. I’ve learned a lot about myself from camming. However, it wasn’t something I wanted to do, to begin with, and for that reason, I don’t think about going back.


Any advice to whoever might be thinking about starting it?

Get a good cam, HD if you can afford it. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. On Chaturbate, it helped to keep all the “greys” from being able to talk in the chat room, because some of them can be disrespectful and pushy. No matter what people say, you don’t need to do anything for free just because you are starting. We’d get so many people saying that we should do and show more just because we were new, but we didn’t give in. They will say anything to get you to do what they want without having to tip you. But there’s plenty of people doing all of that for free. But, even though they’ve seen all of those other rooms and still chose your room and it’s for a reason, so don’t let them fool you!!! They seem friendly and they even pay for a private message sometimes with the excuse of trying to help you. Be aware! Also if you can sign up for Ambercutie’s blog, there’s a lot of useful info there and tips on what to do and how to set up your room. The admin you choose also makes a big difference. They can kill the chat’s vibe or make it more interesting. Chose wisely. A lot of girls can manage without one, but it takes time to learn everything you need to know about managing your room.


Lastly, is there anything you would like to add?

There are a lot of girls on there, of all sizes, shapes, and forms! This is something anybody can do. Don’t be scared of putting yourself out there. It might surprise you how good it can be for your self-steam! Also, there’s a lot of fetish of guys wanting you to tell them how small their dick is and make fun of it. This was something new to me, but it “became” so common so fast that I didn’t even think it was weird anymore. Lol

But like guys would come in every single stream and ask me if I’d fuck a guy with a tiny penis. Or if I’d be with a guy with a micropenis. Or anything of that sort. But a lot of times they were kinda making fun of it in a way.


So basically they get off by being told they have a tiny dick?

Yes. They loved that. Apparently it’s very common but I had no idea.


Is that any other particular thing that you encountered?

No.. I thought I was going to have a lot more foot fetish type people, but I only had to show my feet on cam one time. It was one of the options you could buy on the menu. But I have an aversion for feet and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do anything involving feet at all lol. Other than showing them.





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