Fatima From The Oasis Aqualounge In Toronto!


I recently reached out to a nearby sex club here in Toronto, Ontario Canada called The Oasis Aqualounge. I was directed to the Marketing Director and Event Producer; the beautiful and lovely Fatima. As of March she can also call herself owner becoming a partner of the club. I was lucky enough to have a sit down interview with Fatima about Oasis Aqua Lounge where no questions were off limits. Enjoy!


Tell me a bit about your role at The Oasisaqua Lounge.

Fatima: My responsibilities are within the realm of marketing, events, socials media, promotions and public relations. In addition to events that I personally produce, I oversee all programming that is done by those on our marketing team. I also hire and manage our promotional team; the Oasis AquaFlirts. At the beginning of the year, I became the Creative Director for our clothing line Oasis AquaShop; meaning I oversee all promotions and designs relating to that area. I will be producing our 3rd fashion show, featuring current and upcoming designs at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Show in November, 2018. 


I also produce porn shoots, that happen inside the club, along with my director Jason Jones. In April 2018, three of our porn films were nominated at the Toronto International Porn Festival. We didn’t win but it was an honor to be nominated. I also spoke on a panel discussion about ‘Ethical Porn.’ Essentially those who want to explore the fantasy of making porn and/or those who are looking to get more exposure in the industry are encouraged to contact me; I love making wet dreams cum true!


Outside of special events, what happens at the Oasisaqua Lounge during a regular night?

Fatima: Sex, swimming (clothing-optional, if one prefers) and socializing with like-minded people in a non-judgemental, inclusive and diverse atmosphere.


What set of rules do you have in place for the club?

Fatima: We have an extensive waiver that is communicated to guests upon arrival. It outlines the rules and also proper bathhouse etiquette. We have some great YouTube videos that outline the information as well, for those who are curious but have not yet attended. While there are a lot of important rules, my favorite is ‘ask once and only once.’ That means if a guest approaches you to play (have sex) and you decline, they are not permitted to ask you again.



Are you in a relationship? If so, how does your partner feel about what you do?

Fatima: I am and she is great; very accepting and supportive. Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am very proud and excited about the work I get to do with Oasisaqua Lounge and within the sex-positive community. I am very grateful to have both a loving partner and a job that allows me to be myself, without judgement.


How do you explain yourself when someone new asks what you do for a living?

Fatima: I try to explain all of my various roles in the simplest way possible because I do some many things in a day. I currently emphasize the porn shoots because I am very excited about this particular project and it’s possibilities. Basically, I am open and honest; this is my life and I am proud to live it.



What would you say is your main demographic?

Fatima: Oasis Aqualounge is primarily a couples club. We specialize in couples relationship enhancement; offering the chance to people connect intimately and explore fantasies and desires. From Thursday-Sunday (Sunday 11am-8PM), we are exclusive to single women and couples. Many couples who identify as swingers know of the club but we welcome a variety of relationships; you do not need to be a swinger, nor are you ever expected to play with others. Everything at Oasis is optional; we provide a sexually-charged, clothing optional atmosphere but how you decide to participate is completely up to you.


Why are no single men allowed?

Fatima: Single men are permitted Tuesday, Wednesdays and most Sunday nights, after 8pm. Single men are also permitted on Mondays if the male guest is between 19-35. We have an age restriction due to our weekly student-themed Mondays ‘Sass After Class.’



How often do you participate at the club? If at all?

Fatima: A few years ago, I used to host all of the events I produced. At this point, my role is in production, communications and management. I am lucky to have an amazing, enthusiastic team who now executes my event plans. Personally, I visit with my partner when we have time to escape from our busy schedules. My favorite day to visit as a guest is Thursday because I like the laid-back, mellow vibe. I feel it is most conductive to intimacy. I also enjoy the club during the day; it is so nice to sit nude in the sun and enjoy the outdoor heated pool.


What is your favorite room?

Fatima: I love the Red Room; it is a large, narrow space that offers two-way mirrors. So you have no way of knowing if someone is watching you… but they could be! I like the element of mystery and I think the red color is very sexy.



You produce a sex school at the club. Tell me a bit about that.

Fatima: Sex school is a monthly event on the 1st Friday, starting at 10pm. I welcome different sex educators to present on a variety of topics. This can range from how to give a great blow job to sensual massage techniques to learning how to talk dirty to/with your partner. It provides great tips from experts and almost always includes some kind of live demo. Sex School also doubles as a great icebreaker for couples who are brand new to the club. For those who are still getting their bearings and taking in the space. Sex School provides something for couples to observe/absorb while they become comfortable in the space. While it is only an hour in length, no one is required to remain in the room. Also, we encourage couples to play if they choose, during the presentation, if the material ‘arouses’ them. It’s definitely not your average classroom!


Tell me a bit about your Swordplay event.

Fatima: Swordplay is a bi-monthly event for bisexual men and the people who love them. Within more hetero-focused sex clubs and/or swinger clubs, bisexual men are often overlooked, misunderstood or seen as taboo. This event gives space to bisexual men, allowing them to freely express their desires without fear of judgement. There is a specific pricing structure that allows MM couples to pay the same rate as MF couples, which is unique to this event.

Color coded wristbands are provided to any/all guests who want to participate. Any gender identity may wear one (or all of them!). Essentially, the wristbands offer the chance to express what guests are into and they also serve as a conversational piece as well. No one is expected to play if they are wearing a wristband. All it means is that you have a particular interest in some kind of activity and that you may approach (or be approached by) someone who has a similar interest. There is no pressure; it’s a non-verbal icebreaker.

The average range of guests are between 25-55. At first, the event attracted mainly single cis men (bi and/or otherwise) but the event is now attended by various gender identities; women, trans folk, etc. Both singles and couple come to Swordplay. In my opinion, it has become a lot more fun because there is a lot of diversity in who actually attends and plays!

The one rule is that solo folks (of any gender) cannot travel to the 3rd floor without a play partner(s). This is to discourage gawking (which was a big problem at past Swordplay events). We want all guests to feel comfortable at the club.

For every event, I schedule entertainment. I regularly book a boylesque troupe called ‘The Gentlemen’s Club T.O’ who perform sexy, cabaret-style performances which are extremely popular. Sometimes there are other features as well; games, b-themed porn shoots, etc.



Your club seems to have many fetishes and fantasies covered. Is there anything you haven’t covered that you’re working on or would like to do?

Fatima: We are always open to exploring various fetishes and/or sex trends provided they are consensual, safe and do not exploit other races, cultures, body types, etc.


I read that you enjoy to write erotica. What niche do you enjoy writing in?

Fatima: I started writing mostly about lesbian encounters (because I am queer, although sexually fluid) but I have also expanded to include stories about orgies and blindfolded gangbangs. I have a wild imagination and I like to flesh out fantasies that I may (or may not) make come to life one day.



How did filming porn at the club come to fruition?

Fatima: Oasis Aqualounge has always shown porn on the monitors inside the club, but we wanted to create our own porn that speaks more to our clientele; something more authentic and genuine, while still embracing erotica fantasies. So we decided to offer the opportunity to guests who might want to explore the fantasy of having sex on camera. At the same time, I also started to work with amateur talent who are newer to the industry and wanted more exposure. So the Oasis porn projects also serve as a chance for people who want a career in porn to shoot and create content at the club. For those how want their porn published online, we provide sharing rights and also add content to our own Pornhub Account.

There are various options for those who want to participate. We definitely respect the wishes of those who do not want their porn published; we also offer private videos and/or the chance to show their films strictly on the monitors in the club. A lot of these shoots happen during an event, which also serves as visual entertainment for guests. For example, I produce a monthly event called Money Shot which welcomes live porn shoots, cam models and/or erotic photography. It really speaks to both exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.


Does the club have women showing up to fulfill a gangbang fantasy?

Fatima: Absolutely! That is a fantasy for many women. Out current mainstream society doesn’t really support those types of discussions but at Oasis, one can speak freely about gangbang fantasies. Our monthly and very popular ‘Down To Fuck’ event encourages women in particular explore the idea of multiple partners. It is great because women can try this within a safe environment that encourages active consent.




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