Mia: From Molly Maid To Escort


Mia is a former high end escort, who is now starting out in the Pro Domme scene. She started by working for Molly Maid – providing a “cleaning” service in the buff – opening the door for more lucrative work. We were happy to talk to Mia about her past and discuss what’s next for the kind, genuine, intelligent, sexy girl from Michigan. Oh! And before you ask – yes, the photos were provided by her!


Which came first? The escorting or Molly Maid?

I Molly Maided first–actually saw a post on Craigslist and went that route; despite how dangerous it could have been, it was actually a great first experience! I began advertising on Craigslist, met a bunch of awful people, but some alright people. A woman messaged me after a year about getting into work that was safer–escorting.


While at Molly Maid, what exactly did you do? Was it sort of a naked maid cleaning service you provided?

Yes, naked or more often in lingerie. I would clean–poorly–and chat with my clients.


What did clients do while you “cleaned”? Were they allowed to masturbate?

They were “allowed” to, not that it was ever really discussed. None ever did, surprisingly enough! Most just followed me from room to room and chatted. I swear two thirds of my job is as a therapist!


Did you ever go the extra mile at Molly Maid?

Never. The way I was finding my clients back then (through Craigslist) meant I knew I had minimal safeguards in place to protect me.


Take me through your first gig at Molly Maid. You mentioned you were shy in high school, I’m sure your nerves must have been on edge considering you’d be stripping down in front of a stranger.

I was terrified! I’d never stripped around anyone besides my one high school boyfriend. The client helped me feel a little more comfortable by chatting for a while. I guess I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, because after that I was ready to go! I just continued chatting while I stripped and pretend “cleaned”.


I always pictured Molly Maid as older women coming in to clean your home. Is this more prominent in Molly Maid than we think? How does a regular guy find someone at Molly Maid to offer this kind of service?

I’m actually not very sure how prominent it is because I’ve never seen any other women offering these services! Escorts are pretty easy to find, but Molly Maid-ing services are pretty specific. If a regular guy wants to find someone, I would suggest contacting an escort, as I’m sure most would be very willing to provide the service for a reasonable price. Feel free to contact me too!

What lead to you working in the sex industry and at what age did you first start?

I started around 18 because I was broke! I had never felt that pretty throughout high school, never got attention from boys and I craved any attention I received.


What were you like in high school? Did you fall under any stereotypical cliques?

A total nerd! Like I was valedictorian with a 34 ACT kind of nerd! I didn’t talk to many people and was pretty shy.



Can you tell me about your first escorting job? What was going through your head?

My first escorting job, my friend coached me ahead of time–small dick, brings his own condoms, will orgasm within five minutes. We got a drink as I was nervous and he was touching my thigh, which was when I realized I might be okay with it.


What is your average demographic?

Men 30-50. I screened and wouldn’t accept anyone younger or older.


Why no guys in their twenties?

A couple of reasons. Men in their twenties usually didn’t make the money needed to see me. If they were seeing me they were more likely to cheat me (I had one bad experience with this). As well, men in their twenties were, as a general rule, disrespectful and would treat me like a blow up doll. This definitely wasn’t a hard and fast rule, but if you came to me at 23 asking to book a session, it would take some serious vetting on my part before I was ready to meet with you.


Have all of your clients been male?

Yes. I would love to have a female client! But, my theory at least is that female sexuality is so shamed that women feel less comfortable seeking out these kinds of experiences.


Did you work for an agency?

Nope. I had a friend help me and I met with her clients.


What were your rates?

I may give away a bit of the business here–I was “high end” as I am well educated, petite, young and white, so my rates usually ran around $600 an hour. The part of the business I didn’t like so much is that my friend, in order to keep clients, would negotiate down my rates. That was something I wasn’t comfortable with.


Where do these sessions generally take place?

Nice hotel room–Marriots and the like.


What do you generally wear when escorting?

I always wore work wear (in case anyone asked, I was in the hotel for business, but no one ever did!). I wore hipster seamless underwear as that is what I was most comfortable in. Rarely lingerie, though my clients would beg for it, but they paid up either way 😉


Do you have any rules set in place for clients? If so, what are they?

Oh a million! Obviously there were things I wouldn’t do–anal, swallow, a few others. They had to respect that or they got kicked out. Never break the fantasy and try to “save” me from this life–that was a big one!


What were some of the things men promised you when trying to “save” you?

The number one was money! They would want a Sugar Daddy scenario where they gave me an allowance. I always thought it was so funny because they would offer me an allowance of, say, $500/week when I was making quadruple that easily! Then they would offer me a “safe home” to go to like I had been beaten or terrorized in some way. This isn’t to say that some sex workers don’t need this. Some do. And some clients were so nice for offering. But I find the prevailing stereotype that every sex worker is in some bad spot pretty insulting! I had the privilege to choose this lifestyle and I love it! I  don’t need to be saved. I don’t need to be protected. I am a woman with a career, nothing less.


What is the weirdest request you’ve ever received from a client?

Hm, a lot of race play (which I wasn’t comfortable with), a lot of requests to berate their small dicks. Honestly, to review their Match.com profiles, which I had a lot of fun doing!


Has a client ever fallen for you? If so, how far did they go?

All of my clients really understood the limits of this career, as the sites I advertised on meant I never saw any true “first timers.” I would have clients that fawned, that texted constantly (I ignored them), that tried to get to know the “real me.” But all my clients knew the limits of what I would provide.



Are you currently in a relationship? If so, what does your significant other think about what you do?

Nope, very single – so boys… 😉 I had an on-and-off relationship while I was working and he was never happy with it. Other than that, I’ve always been single during my work. I was always very honest with any of my partners because I wanted them to know the health risks, and I get tested monthly.


Considering where you live, have you had any legal issues in the past?

I have not, but I’m extremely cautious about my wording and I make it clear to clients that I am ONLY offering my time and nothing else.


How often did you work per week?

Usually once a week, as I didn’t really need to work more than that.


What is the best and worst aspects about escorting?

Best–meeting new people! I love stories and I love being able to talk with people. Worst–being so fucking sore at the end of the day sometimes! And so bored, honestly.


What was the best sex you’ve ever had while on the job?

A client with a medium-sized dick who knew all the right positions.


What is the worst sex you’ve had while on the job?

Oh god, where do I start! Usually it’s the client with the gigantic dick that makes me bleed after so I have to cancel the rest of my day. Or it’s the guy who thinks circular hip motions in missionary is a thing. Are they a thing?


Are orgasms a regular occurrence for you when working? How often do you fake it?

No, never and very regularly.


Time for the age old question; does size matter?

I honestly preferred tiny clients as it was easier. In my personal life, I do prefer someone with a bit of size to them, but hey, if you know how to use it, rock it!


What is your sex life like outside of work?

I’m pretty into the BDSM scene and group sex, so there’s that! I have my fun when I want to.



What made you want to get into the Pro Domme scene?

Turning a passion into a career 😉


Can you tell us a bit about the Pro Domme world for those of us who are unfamiliar?

It’s been so fun thus far! I am much more of a tease than a hard and fast domme. I love to play and giggle and laugh, while still maintaining absolute control. Some Dommes prefer the stern act instead. It’s really up to the individual, as well as catering to the individual client sessions. For me, most of my sessions include some degree of impact play (spanking, flogging, etc.), a lot of worship, bondage, as well as fun games to keep a client under my control. At the end of the day, everyone wants that release to know they are truly being taken care of, and I provide that.


What advice would you give a young woman who wants to get into your line of work? Whether it be Molly Maid or Escorting?

Think hard about what it would mean for you to be “outted.” Because it will happen. I’ve had many people over the years threaten to blackmail me. I am now out to my family and friends and I lost some people in my life because of that. At the end of the day I am happy with who I am and what I have gained through this lifestyle, but it took some time and personal growth.

Do your research to know what you can advertise and how you can stay on the right side of the tracks legally. Avoid Craigslist and Backpage.

Get a therapist! Or a best friend to talk to! You can’t do this alone. Don’t even try. You will find this will test your personal values and self-confidence. You need someone to check in with.

Find a mentor. Please feel free to reach out to me! Or another pro in your area. But be cautious and expect to pay many women for their time. And be prepared for cattiness. Be smart about the friends you make in the business because many women will try to “out” you to keep you from their clients. (Another reason why I never do duos!)

Stay on the outskirts of the lifestyle. Don’t get too invested in your clients or business and forget that it means to have a life outside of work. Have a separate phone (please be smart about this and get a burner phone!) and lock it away for set hours during the day. Don’t get so invested in the business that you forget who you are. The power and attention can be exhilarating but it’s a drug if you aren’t careful.


Any final thoughts?

I think that really sums it up! If anyone has any more questions feel free to reach out to me through this blog!




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    Hello, my gf is a maid and is in Toronto and Russian and 48. Im 35. She comes home sometimes from her clients homes very tipsy and she has weitd bruises on her sometimes.

    Is it possible she is having sex for money with them? She treats me really good but sometimes gets drunk and says mean stuff for no reason like “if you dont go for a walk with me ill go get the neighbor too”

    Im not the type to antagonize, i know you don’t really know the truth and neither do i…. I just have a gut feeling. But maybe she has an alcohol problem and likes to drink alone? Ive only known her for 8 months. It started hot and heavy and i like long term and she has had alot of men amd ive had like 3 gfs my whole life….
    She takes really good care of me and massages me, i do her dishes and cook and clean and shop for her and her daughter, she is a single mom…

    What should i do? Thanks.

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