Hot Octopuss’s Pulse Duo Review


Foreplay like you’ve never experienced before. Worn by him, enjoyed by both, PULSE DUO delivers intense hands-free fun, turning foreplay into the main event. While one partner enjoys the stimulation provided by the powerful PulsePlate™, the other can seek delight in the intense vibrations emitted from the base of the toy. Let PULSE DUO do all the hard work, leaving you free to focus on climaxing together.




I decided to test this product solo first; it was built for a cock, so why not start there? It took no time to charge and I was impressed by the magnetic charging device; it’s a component I’ve never used before. I took the Pulse Duo into the bedroom and pulled down my pants. Turning on some porn I grew hard enough to place my cock in between the flaps of the toy. There was a moment of anticipation as I held down the power button only to be quickly greeted by powerful vibrations. It felt amazing!

Clicking through the different levels of vibrations, I reached the peak 6th level and my erection went from decent to throbbing in a flash. Using the remote I played around with the variants in vibrations. There were pulses, escalating vibrations, pumping, and many others. I went back to the original consistent vibrations and watched the porn I had put on for myself. I didn’t stroke myself with it, I just held it in place as an experiment. I’m someone who struggles to ejaculate so if this toy was able to get the job done without me exerting even an ounce of energy it would be incredible. I could feel a tingling sensation from time to time as my cock throbbed hard as if it was in a constant stranglehold. The sensation would come and go until I felt myself on the verge of cumming. Suddenly a string of cum spurted from the tip of my cock and on to my stomach; followed by a couple more shots. I can’t describe the ecstasy I felt from the actual orgasm combined with my pure shock. This was a first for me and any product that can make me ejaculate without putting in any effort on my part deserves the highest of ratings.




Ladies, don’t you worry, you can use this toy as well. I saw the Pulse Duo as a solo male toy, despite the box displaying otherwise. However, upon using it with Amy, I can say without hesitation this is great for couples as well; making it the most versatile sex toy we own now.

I did as I would if I was using the toy solo and wrapped it around my hard cock. Turning it on, I could feel the blood rushing you my shaft to the head of my cock. There are grooves on the other side of the toy for her pleasure. Amy climbed on top of me and sunk into the Pulse Duo and jolted momentarily from the vibrations like a shot of electricity running through her body. She began grinding on top of me as I not only acted as her toy, yet I had the powerful vibrations and the feeling of the toy grinding along my shaft as she moved her hips. Amy leaned in and kissed me as both our bodies experienced the same vibrations and pleasure. She came quickly but continued; I wasn’t far behind as once again I ejaculated almost violently between our pressed bodies. It was a sexy moment for both of us.



The fact that one toy can be used for both solo and couple’s fun already makes it incredibly unique to the market. Neither of us has experienced such blissful pleasure from a product as we did with the Pulse Duo. This is also a toy that we will continue to implement in the future. Many toys we’ve received have gone into our drawers, never to be seen again, but this one sits promptly on the end table next to the bed. The vibrations are the most powerful I’ve personally ever experienced and I can’t recommend this product more; it is worth every penny. Every man should have the Pulse Duo in their drawer, as well as every couple for an intimate experience you’ll want to recreate over and over again.


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