PALOQUTH Male Masturbator Cup


5 Stars


I have never used a male masturbator before so I was interested to see how they feel in comparison to a real vagina. Of course nothing will ever be as good as the real thing, but this product came damn close. Inside the box was the actual masturbator toy, some water-based lubricant, a vibrator and an extra battery.




  • Sleeve made of high quality TPR for the realistic feel.
  • Body safe material.
  • Bullet vibrator.
  • Squeezable panels to increase tightness.
  • Easy to use.
  • Removable sleeve for easy cleaning.





If you pull out the sleeve, there is a small pocket on the side where you can place the vibrator to add even more pleasure when using. Lubricant is a must, but makes it feel all the more real. I tested this product twice for “research purposes” and enjoyed it both times. It does feel realistic without the warmth of a real vagina and grips nicely around my shaft. In fact if you read my blog you’ll know I have a hard time ejaculating, but on my second test of the product I was able to reach climax – meaning this product will get the job done. The vibrations really did add to the experience, but it is just as blissful without. There is a cool feature on the bottom of the masturbator in which you can screw it on to something (e.g. a wall) for a hands-free sexual experience.




Feel free to get the full experience of the masturbate cup by ejaculating inside as it is easy to clean up. At first it seemed impossible to clean by looking at it, but it was as easy as pulling out the sleeve and turning it inside out. The material is strong enough to do so, just be gentle and you won’t rip it. I rinsed with soap and warm water and it is as good as new.




For my first experience with a male masturbator, it was definitely a positive one. I plan on using it again when ever the occasion arises. In fact this doesn’t have to be a solo toy; use it with a partner to steam things up in the bedroom. I highly recommend this product and is well priced for anyone on a budget. I look forward to experiencing more Paloquth products!



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