Review: Doc Johnson’s Men’s Pleasure Wand


Let me start of by saying there seems to be a stigma around anal play when it comes to men. Many assuming it is an act exclusively for gay men to enjoy. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is because if it feels good for them; I hate to state the obvious guys, but we’re all built the same. Not only is the male “g” spot located inside the rectum, but many doctor’s and sex experts agree that male anal play is safe when done correctly and prominent in both gay and straight men.


I read an article like this about five years ago and it changed the way I define sexual pleasure. I started out slowly like, but once I found my prostate I had an orgasm like no other. I had no idea my body was capable of providing so much pleasure. Therefore I wanted to try with something built for that purpose when I stumbled upon Doc Johnson’s Men’s Pleasure Wand. When I received it in the male I was ecstatic to put it to use along with some water based lubricant I purchased alongside it.



The toy itself has a circumference of 2.83 inches with a usable length of 4.40 inches and is body safe. You can get it in red or charcoal (mine is red) and is waterproof. The curved top is for prostate stimulation and has four different speeds for vibration. With an easy removal pull ring has a perfectly position scrotum massager or as I like to call it – the taint tickler.


Unfortunately this product is all talk. Once I inserted it in, the vibrations were dull and the scrotum massager never really stayed in place. On top of that, the cord connecting the massager and controller was constantly getting in the way; making me have to contort my body. The curved top never really hit my “g” spot when fully inserted. However after much manoeuvring I was able to have a fulfilling orgasm with my body twisted in a strange position.


In conclusion, I’m certain there are many better prostate massagers on the market; you just have to find the one that fits right for you. It can easily be cleaned by running it under warm water, but that doesn’t redeem the fact I had to put a lot of effort into enjoying myself. I’m giving this a 2.5 out of 5 based on the fact it did end up doing what it was meant to do, but I haven’t used it again since.


Happy cumming,




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  1. So interesting, for a second i thought i found something that did it both but i guess ill pass on this one.

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