Review: Paloqueth Butt Plug Training Kit


  • Includes 4 anal plugs (instead of the usual 3), 1 lube shooter and 1 enema bulb.
  • Great for anal play beginners and can be used by both male and female.
  • Suction at bottom to secure you won’t need an embarrassing trip to the ER.
  • 100% waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Made of soft and silky silicone making for an easy insertion.
  • Made with no PVC or harmful chemicals.


Amy and I have just been getting into anal play more; in fact when we first started dating she made it clear no butt stuff would be had. Once I convince her to let me try rimming her, she loved it and wanted to continue exploring it further. That’s why we were thrilled when Paloqueth sent us this anal play training set. All the ones online feature three different plugs ranging from small, medium and large, but this coming with four to make the progression into anal plugs that much easier. Speaking of easier it comes with a enema bulb to clean yourself out with warm water beforehand in case your worried about mess or you have bowel issues. Included was also a lubricant applicator to get your anus really lubed up for first timers to experience less pain then one would usually.

This is a product you can use as a couple as we have. Amy has never hand anything inside her anus before so what we did was she laid on her back (you can position yourself whichever way you feel most comfortable with) and I sat with her legs over my thighs. I applied lubricant to the smallest plug and teased her by rubbing the tip all around the rim of her anus. I slowly moved it inside her and I mean really slowly; just a little bit at a time. She didn’t tell me to stop once which I was sure would happen at least once, but soon enough it popped inside her. Amy was shocked that the whole thing was inside her. We continued to have sex with the anal plug in and she had a much stronger and quicker orgasm than usual. We look forward to continue progressing sizes until we can reach our goal of having anal sex.


Easily cleaned up like most of Paloqueth’s toys with warm water and soap since it is water proof. What Amy did was wash it in the bathroom sink with warm water and soap and then left it to sit and dry overnight before putting it away.



This is great for beginners in anal play and comes highly recommended based on our own personal experience. If you’re thinking of trying anal play solo or as a couple, there is no better product to start with. Just use at your own partners discretion if you do plan on using it as a couple because one bad experience could end any future anal plans.



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