Review: Trojan Vibrations 2-in-1 Vibrating Ring + Finger Massager


“J” and I needed to pick up some condoms as we ran our latest pack dry. At the local drug store she led me to the family planning aisle. I grabbed a pack of our usual condoms, but as always “J” took notice of the toys. Pre-sex me walked past this aisle plenty of times without a second glance, but now the small selection opened a world of possibilities; expanding my curiosity.


“We should get something,” said “J”.


“What do you think we should get?” I asked.


We had previously purchased a vibrator from the same store. The two of us enjoyed it, especially “J” since it added a new found pleasure to sex. This time it was the top shelf where I noticed the cock rings. We had discussed many times in the past about trying one out and from what I knew, it was just a different sized rings that went around your shaft; a way to keep you hard. Then we spotted the 2-in-1 vibrating cock ring by Trojan. I knew right then and there I’d be getting it. How could we not give it a try?


The Trojan 2-in-1 doubles as both a cock ring and finger massager. The product is described as combining two powerful vibes in one compact design. I wouldn’t go as far to say it has “powerful vibes”. It can be used with or without a condom; for reference we used it with a condom. Textured for maximum sensation, the ring has a battery life of 20-minutes.


The cock ring aspect was dull and didn’t add much to intercourse. We tucked the ring under my testicles and around my shaft, but the vibrations were minimal at best. As for “J”, it also didn’t do much since you basically have to stay still for the vibrator to be felt against her clit. If you like thrusting during sex, this product isn’t for you.



However the one redeeming factor of Trojan’s 2-in-1 was the finger massager. “J” absolutely loved it and I loved using it to get her off. I’ve used it on her when we’re just lying next to each other and when I’m going down on her to add that extra flare. I press the massager against her clit as I curl my fingers inside her; leading to an instant reaction.


In conclusion (wow, this sounds like an official review) we decided to give it a 3 out of 5 based solely on the finger massager. I should also note the battery life lasted far beyond twenty minutes. For only $10, you can’t really go wrong on this product, but if you want something with a bit more power, you’ll be wanting to shell out some more cash.


Happy cumming,




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