Trojan Bareskins – The Best Condom On The Market


When I first started this blog it was meant specifically to tell the stories of my crossed of “Fucket List” items, but over the past few months it has evolved. Of course I’ll still be telling those stories, but there has been a larger spectrum of content lately, steering this sex blog into a direction that I’m excited and happy with and I hope you are as well based on the number increase behind each new post, I’m assuming you are? The reason I mention this is because this post will be The Fucket Lists first ever product review. Shall we get on with it then?


Let me start out by saying I am not being paid to endorse this product, nor was I sent it for review purposes. Trust me, we’re not at that level and if we were to receive anything, you’d be the first to know in a brag-like fashion. No, this all started when “J” and I ran out of condoms. It was a cold winter’s night when we walked down the street -opting not to take the car – in search of condoms. The gas station unfortunately didn’t have any, but too our luck, the drug store was open for another ten minutes. We made our way in straight to the “family planning” aisle and started our search for something new to try. To our surprise there was a Trojan package that featured four different kinds of condoms. Why not try them all? We thought as we paid for them at the counter. “J” wondered if the guy behind the counter was thinking we were on our way to fuck. I know many guys are embarrassed to buy condoms but strangely I’ve never had any problems with it. I say this as a usually anxiety-ridden person.


We got back to her house and began reading about each condom. Some promising “her pleasure”, while others mentioned their rippled design. (Side note, this was actually the night we crossed off “Shower Sex” off the list). I honestly can’t remember which one we tried first, but it wasn’t all that good. It wasn’t until after the shower that we ripped open the “Bareskins” condom. I’m not claiming to be huge, in fact I’ll be the first to tell you I fall under the average category, but this condom fit snug around my shaft. The latex was thin enough to give me more of a sensation than the average condom. It was almost as if it was designed for my cock.


“J” liked the Bareskins condom as well, commenting “it feels like you’re not wearing a condom” as she rode me. It was the closest to no condom as you can get and as a result, we had some of the best sex we’ve ever had that night. After sex, “J” stroked me with the condom still on and I could feel the naked sensation of my sensitive head being rubbed. The two of us were in such awe of the condom we found, we took turns feeling it on my cock – coated in “J’s” cum – before taking it off to finish the job… no pun intended… Alright a little pun intended.


Now of course I haven’t tried every condom that exists, who has? But, Trojan Bareskins is by far the best condom in my opinion. I would give it a five out of five stars. Actually, scratch that, this is a sex blog. We should have a custom rating system aside from stars. I give this product a five erections out of five. Run out, pick up a back and get your fuck on. Happy Fucking Everybody!


PS. Send me free stuff Trojan!



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